We seem to be down to 3 main-spec healers in Eff (mah guild).  Strangely, this was not caused by anyone leaving the guild, but rather by some healers deciding they’d rather do other stuff, and others being largely unavailable.

So, we’re down to 3 main-spec healers, and one has been out of pocket due to RL lately.  Before that, I went on vacation.  So for most weeks in the last 2-months, we’ve had to sub in an off-spec healer.  This makes the off-spec healers cranky, and, to be honest, it makes the healing fall a little behind.  Nobody’s that awesome on their offspec.  I sure as hell am not.

What we need:  One (1) Main-Spec Healer who:

… really likes to heal.  Seriously, we don’t like drafting unwilling victims to team heal.

… is not a priest.  Yeah, we already have 2 on Team Heal and 1 as an off-spec sub.  We’re bursting with priests.

… likes being part of a TEAM.  One night, mah husband, who apparently wants to sleep in the cat pan, told me that Laral is our strongest healer.  I passed on the compliment, and Laral’s response was: “There is no best healer.  There is only Team Heal.”  Which is true.  We stick to our assignments, keep people alive, and try not to stress about meters.

… doesn’t mind sitting out now and then.  I’ll be honest, sitting out rotation for healers hasn’t exactly happened much in the guild’s history because we always seem to be one short.  But if we actually had enough, I suppose it would be possible.  Even so, it would be rare.

So, uh, do you want to join our merry misfits?  We’re 6/7 on Firelands now (which isn’t saying much post-nerf).  Again, check out the guild info page which has all you need.  Our raid times, our logs, blah blah.

Questions?  Send me a message or email our fearless leader alas [at] kissmyalas [dot] com.


There is no Best Healer. There is Only Team Heal. — 15 Comments

  1. When your husband remarked about that, he was mostly focused on a few specific fights where single-target disco tank healing really shines and makes me look awesome on the meters. If you actually parse the logs for all of our fights, it’s clear that we have fights where holy priest raid healing is tops, or where shaman off-tank plus some raid healing rules.

    In essence, the point about being a part of Team Heal is maybe the key point above. We like to work together like a well-oiled machine, which means that no single healer is truly key (that’s been a major part of our being able to keep going with people using their healing off-specs lately). If you’re looking to be the hero and top healing meters, then our Team Heal isn’t the place for you. But then, that sort of person probably isn’t a good fit for our guild anyway.

  2. The truth about Team heal!

    Zel rules with an iron fist and the others are just too afraid to speak up! Laral answer was motivated by fear and nothing else.

    Fight the power! Fight the healers!!!

  3. My first visit to your site :)
    The title caught my eye, had to come and read it while I was doing my usual blog trolling.
    I reckon if you had 3 priests in Team Heal that would be cool – imagine writing about how you did the whole of Firelands with only priests healing – pfft who needs mana tide, beacons or tranquilities?
    Can’t help it, had to link you! Good luck on Rag :)

  4. What healer should do the best for your team?
    A raid one or a tank one?

    I really really effing want to be part of the Eff guild :(

    • We at Eff are firm believers in PLAY WHAT YOU WANT rather than what the team “needs”. People will burn out on classes they are not thrilled with. In a small team, the needs can change even if ONE person needs to step out for a few weeks based on RL. Since it’s pretty much impossible to pinpoint “needs”, we just work with what we have. If 3 mages show up, we run with 3 mages. For most of T-11 we didn’t have replenishment EVER. And we still kill stuff.

      On Team Heal, this means we all end up taking turns at different assignments, depending on the kill. For example, whether we will be spread out or clustered will make the decision of which healer will be best as our raid healer for that encounter. You’d think as a Holy Priest, I’d always be on raid healing, but sometimes it’s better to assign someone else.

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  6. Good luck! You want a paladin and a druid. Then the rest of team heal can get drunk and let the foolish newbies keep the mages alive. And the tanks. You don’t really want to heal the mages or the tanks, right?

    Gotta admit a bit of me says “oh, that wouldn’t be the worst place for the baby druid alt I want” but then the bigger part of me says “no one who is lead of her own heal team should join a team as strong as Team Heal”. ‘Sides I don’t think raid times would work for me anyway. So good luck and remember – druid and paladin. Make it so.