Guys it’s like one of those SAT problems…

Hot lava: jumping fail

Tornadoes: ___

(a) pudding

(b) 17th century

(c) a big word you’ve never seen before but looks slightly dirty

(d) running fail

And the answer is OMG SAT FLASHBACKS ARRGH.  I mean (d).

I am just the WORST at those stupid Alys tornadoes.  And, I’m embarrassed to say, I never even saw them before they were “slowed down” in the nerf.  Pre-nerf, it must have been unbearably twitch reflexy for all but the most coked-out ferrets.

So, uh, since I super-suck, I cheat, and through cheating I live.  I keep desperate prayer on cooldown and save it for lava runs.  I inevitably get to low health through my own stupidity and need my insta self-heal.  Also, I use body and soul for the speed boost.  My bubble isn’t that strong, but it helps.  I haven’t had to use Guardian Spirit.  Yet.  With my luck, I’d croak right as the buff ran out.  Or croak, it procs and saves me, and then I subsequently re-die.  Because that’s just what I do.1

Now, if I were a non-healing class, I’d maybe have to L2P.  Ok, no I wouldn’t.  I’d still use something cheaty like dispersion.

I’d truly like to have better reflexes and save my “oh shit” cooldowns for other things.  But that’s not in the cards for me without some serious robot devil hands.

Score! Now I can beat tornado-frogger!

Better a live priest without any cooldowns left than a gnome-shaped splotch on the floor.

  1. Fact: I re-die at least 50% of the time I’m battle rezzed, though in fairness, many of the subsequent deaths are not my fault.


From Hot Lava to Tornadoes — 9 Comments

  1. Seph’s tip for tornadoes…..

    Pick one (or run through one with a shield on yourself). Keep running. When others pass you by on either side, pick one, turn (you can do it using a keyboard or mouse) and follow it instead. When another passes you turn and follow it instead.

    Keep following ones that pass you, shielding and renewing yourself as you go. You end up all over the place in a mad figure of 8 style move, but you live.

    Bugger everyone else – it’s up to them to keep themselves alive :) Get a warlock to give them sweeties.

    Good luck!

    • Yeah the raid leader told us that he “just turns left” every time a tornado passes, and I was thinking “Oh no, what if I’m Zoolander!”

      I also failed by accidentally zooming my camera too far out so it was above Alys and her fat dragony ass got in the way as she flew over… and I couldn’t see and died. I CANNOT WIN.

    • I’d second Seph’s suggestion — it makes it radically easier. I just keep turning to one side (left) every time a tornado passes on that side.

      I imagine it leaves poor Ano-the-character rather dizzy though. Still, better bilious than charred, I say.

  2. It’s also worth noting that it seems that you don’t become a gnome-shaped splotch on the ground. For some reason, when you die to a tornado you end up as a little gnome skeleton floating just above night elf head-height. Very strange, and does not appear to happen with non-gnomes who die to tornado fire.

    That’s not really at all helpful for avoiding the tornadoes, but I believe it to be truly useful information nonetheless.


  3. They’re slow enough now that if you chase one you might actually catch it (especially since you’re a healer a likely grabbing a feather or two) but it’s sound advice – just slow up if you have to. Also try to avoid ducking between them, you’ll probably just get damaged from both. If you’re going to eat it, bubble/self heal and run through one.

    Failing that, race change to something with longer legs!

  4. Chasing them has always been the safest method. As a healer you should have at least one feather, making the chasing part no problem. After that, try to remember they orbit the middle; you’ll have to chase them in an arc. If you have 2 or 3 feathers you might even be able to follow a single tornado through the whole phase.

    Lastly, keep your camera in a tomb raider-esque position so Alys doesn’t get in the way.

  5. I also am terrible at the tornado mechanic, but after I died the first time to the tornadoes, one of the other healers said just follow me. So that’s what I did, literally to her surprise. /follow for the win. She avoided the tornadoes and I healed everyone up. If there’s someone you can trust to keep you out of the tornadoes, use him/her.