I’ve been playing EVEN LESS lately than usual.  Hey, George R. R. Martin isn’t going to read himself, nor is Dr. Who going to watch itself.  However, I had already cut out “nonessential” activities to accommodate my casual gaming.

Shit I Didn’t Do Before

  • Dailies
  • Cap VP
  • Holiday Events
  • Achievements
  • “Fun Runs”
  • Collecting of Mounts/Pets/Etc

That’s a lot of stuff that is quite time-consuming, if I do say so myself.  But wait, I cut out even moar.

Shit That I Don’t Do Now

  • Get any VP outside a raid 1
  • Gather and Craft 2
  • Get Online Just to Blather with People3
  • Auction House
  • Alts At All (not that I spent much time on them before)

Now, this is not a sustainable model, by any stretch.  When the next patch comes along, I’m going to have to step it up.  But, for now, I can maintain this holding pattern and still manage to raid.  I should point out:

Shit That I Still Must Do

  • Don’t Flake on Gear Upgrades.  This means:
    • keeping track of rep as it accumulates so I don’t miss an upgrade by weeks cause I wasn’t paying attention
    • remembering (with spreadsheet) which drops are good and which are not. 4
    • get VP gear as the VP comes in.5
  • Enchant and Gem all New Gear
  • Reforge ALL THE THINGS when new gear comes along.  Hey, can’t be a slacker and eff up my 12.5% haste.6
  • Make sure to have consumables for raid time
  • Read the logs after the fact
  • Read strats/watch videos
  • Keep Addons Updated
  • Remember to sign up (it’s easy to forget if you’re not in game much)

That’s still a decent amount of work, even if most of the tasks are only necessary when I get new gear, which happens almost never.7

  1. It helps that I get near cap post-nerf just by raiding.  It also helps that I just got my last desired VP piece this week.
  2. Except the occasional herb run through Vash.  I find it relaxing.
  3. It helps that Team Heal is on GChat.
  4. So you don’t *COUGH* bid on the wrong damn staff and have to trade it 2 minutes later and redo all the gear lists…
  5. I may have finished the VP grind for my main spec, but there’s always the shadow set. Unspent VP does nobody any good.
  6. Reforge Lite is one-click awesomeness.
  7. I went a little footnote-wild in this article, I know.


From Casual to Casual-er — 6 Comments

  1. I’m sad I hardly see any of the old gang on anymore when I log in. I do tend to come in sorta late, but still.

    “I went a little footnote-wild in this article, I know.”


  2. I’m not playing my Warlock much outside of raids either at the moment. What with only missing something silly like 140 VP after clearing Firelands getting the last few points isn’t worth it (since I don’t need anything from them anymore anyway).

    Having suddenly lots of spare time due to being unemployed I am playing alts though. In between watching lots of TV shows 😛

    I’m playing quite casually though, not bothering with doing anything I don’t feel like doing. I’m sure there’ll be enough of that once the next patch hits 😉

      • I thought you were at war with team tank?!?! Well crap, wish I had known we were at war this weekend when I kept doing wacky thing like cast chain heal and puddle and using band aids after Alys knocked us back before there was anything to dps. I should have been just letting team heal do their effing job rather than trying to help the raid as a whole. Last time I do that.

  3. That is definitely one of the nice things about being at the “backside” of a content patch–no scrambling for mats, VP, gear, or 101 things that *must* be achieved to be awesome.

    Enjoy your reading!