Woot!  Transmogrification!  Awesome.

I’m excited!  Remember how when you got a new piece of gear, you could not WAIT to see how it would look?  Sometimes it was awesome.  Sometimes it was not (remember the Outlands clown suits?).  But it was usually different.

I set forth to find the coolest gear evar, at which point I remembered that my priest is a gnome, and the gear must look good… on a gnome.  This is a very difficult proposition.  There are a lot of perfectly nice outfits that look ridiculous on a gnome.  So here are the criteria for transmogrifying a fantastic outfit.

  • Less skin.  No low necklines, belly cutouts, leg cutouts, low back, or, god forbid, side-of-boob showing.  Sometimes a shirt can fix this.  Sometimes not.
  • No vests.  Robes ONLY.  Please, do not make me look at teeny gnome legs.
  • Less ornamentation.  On a tiny gnome, very ornate or intricate designs just get lost and end up looking… well, silly.
  • Smaller is better.  Huge shoulders look ridiculous.  Big hats look like a bobble-head.

With that in mind, I hit the wow model viewer.  As might be expected, the robes that were modest and solid-colored were primarily the low level ones.  Which suits me just fine, since I don’t want to look like everyone else.

The Aurora Set. Very cute. I might put a shirt under it for the low neckline.

I’m going to be lazy and send you to the World of Wardrobes Aurora Set page to find out where to get these items.  They have the links to all the pieces of the set AND pictures of how it’s going to look on YOUR toon.

(At this point I was thinking “I know!  I’ll post something revealing that looks hideous on a gnome!”  Except… trust me, you don’t want to see it.  It looks like a toddler who just raided mom’s lingerie drawer.  Like those damn halloween costumes for little girls that are getting skimpier every year, don’t even get me started.)

Now, because I’m a dork, I’m creating a SILLY set.

We're going to pretend that my hair doesn't clip in the wow model viewer.

This outfit is pretty easy to get (on the AH).  All BOE Greens, no farming required:

I know that many people are hitting up the “super awesome” tier gear.  Anyone out there like me who has a transmogrification plan that is off the beaten path?


Transmogrification And Dressing Your Gnome — 20 Comments

  1. That Aurora outfit is great! I’d be curious to see if you came up with other outfits when you were browsing – the Gnome stature does create some interesting difficulties, I imagine. (Oh also I think you can turn off hair in WMV to get rid of those annoying clipping issues.)

    • I came up with a lot of things I liked, but I’m not about to FARM for anything. So it will have to be green stuff. Also the low-level greens seem to have smaller shoulders.

      I also like the Gossamer set, Abjurer set, Mistscape set (similar to Abjurer but with better hat and bulkier gloves… might mix and match the two). (You can find them modeled by a sissy elf on Disc Action’s Page.)

  2. Technical note: there’s a checkmark in one of the Model Viewer menus that will let you turn off the hair so that it won’t clip the hats like that.

  3. As a fellow (male) gnome priest, I don’t know what I will be mogging into. I’m contemplating incorporating tier 8 into it, although I’m not even sure about that. I’m especially undecided about the head…something simple, not overly big (which is nigh impossible).

    Although, now that I see the shirt, I might transmog my dwarf into Al Borland.

  4. These are exactly the kinds of outfits I’m planning on gathering. (Note to self: must get started.) I have no interest in Tier gear that I didn’t earn with blood, sweat and tears. I’ve never even done enough consistent raiding from anyone patch to gain more than 2 or 3 matching tier pieces. I’d feel like a poser wearing it now.

    Like you, I just want something that looks nice & simple and flows really well with Elfi’s build and hair color. Even though I change Elfi’s hair color every couple of months. Yep, I will be grabbing all the low level stuff. And I’ll like it.

    • That robe has a great style for gnomes. You can find that model in blue (Abjurer and Mistcape sets) or red (well crap, now I can’t find it, but I’m pretty sure it’s a blue tailoring recipe).

  5. Like Elfindale and others, I’m not interested in tier sets I didn’t earn. Since I only started raiding on my druid in Ulduar… that doesn’t give me a lot of choice, especially since we’ve had a couple of pretty ugly tiers. (10-man T8 is gorgeous but the idea of farming Yogg until he bothers dropping my token… yeah, no.)

    My guidelines are… a bit different from yours. I want at least a slutty/trashy outfit… and they are damn hard to find in leather! My thinking is along these lines: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/alonsus/aushra/advanced (pictured, my shammy in hotpants \o/) I haven’t bothered farming anything else, I’m still checking out blogs for outfits. (Then again – ANYTHING looks better than T12.)

  6. I have a similar issue being a troll. While I love priest tier 5 & 6 for example (and earned several pieces fair and square back in the day), they just look like they were made for a worshipper of the Light. Troll priests aren’t like that, and it just doesn’t look right. So my transmog set is going to be a robe from ZA, Horde tier 9 shoulders and gloves, and a BoE green hat from a troll rare in Arathi. It will make me look appropriately trollish.

    • There are so many outfits that are “trollish!” Unfortunately, some of the earlier revealing sets look hideous with any shoulderpads. Anything from the Zul’s will probably have the look you want.

  7. I recently spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME in BC heroics, farming up the tier recolor “sets” for my druid. I’d feel a bit odd wearing actual tier from raids I didn’t do, but I played the crap out of those heroics! And I can barely pick out a RL outfit that matches, so I figured that’d be easier than trying to come up with something myself.

    Although I did have some luck with an outfit for my Draenei priest (http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=25957:14140:4729:24395:18409:9999:18486:14166.26), so I’m thinking about trying to put together a set for my druid that would match the Lifebinder. Love that staff. So glad I saved it!

  8. I find for planning what I’m going to be Transmogging, the addon MogIt is great. You can sort by color, slot, level, etc and build a wishlist. Nice thing is that it shows where to acquire the item too.

    Now, as you’ve suggested you’re playing less than before, MogIt might not be a good idea. I killed half an hour just looking at Robes and color schemes based on said robes for my Mage on the weekend.