I’ve been displeased with my thoroughput lately.  Well, I know, Holy Priests need a buff, and we will, but still… need more.  Plus, for the first time this expansion, my mana is under control.  Probably because things have been nerfed to high hell.

On Friday, I raided with my mastery-heavy build with only the 12.5% haste, buffed.  This turned out to be quite painful because for the first time in a long time we did not have the 5% haste buff.  The. Horror.  (Which is what prompted me to try a haste-heavy build.)

On Saturday, I reforged all the things and raided with a haste-heavy build.  My goal was to be able to hit the 12.5% mark unbuffed, but I was just shy of that.

I’m comparing logs for Beth (Friday) and Majordomo Jerkface (Saturday) because I did a similar total amount of healing and both of them have similar AOE HEAL ALL THE THINGS phases.

Friday (Mastery build). Echo of Light was 13.1% of my healing and 30.8% overheal.

Saturday (Haste build). Echo of Light was 11.9% of my healing and 30.3% overheal.

What does this mean?  It’s not conclusive that haste is better than mastery by any stretch.  However, the shift from mastery to haste did not harm my performance.  I’ve since swapped in a couple of haste-heavy sidegrades I had sitting in the bank, and we shall see how it goes next week with an even-m0re-haste set.

But HOLD ON THERE, you say.  This is post-nerf.  Generally speaking, at the start of an expansion, when things are extremely difficult and nobody is geared yet, holy mastery is less overheal because people are generally at lower health and benefit from more ticks of the Echo of Light HoT before being “topped off.”  Or they are never topped off because the healers are struggling.

A fair point.  The furthest back the logs go is August 26, well before the nerf.  For Beth’tilac on that date, Echo of Light was 12.2% of my healing.  And overheal was 32%.  Just because we were earlier in the expansion AND the fight went on longer (so more healing was needed at the end) did not affect the overheal of mastery.

Now, don’t go running off to reforge all the things to haste just because MY logs are supporting the change.  You need to look at your own logs.  It’s quite possible that Echo of Light won’t be that much overheal for a different team that has a different healing style.  We tend to be a nervous bunch and try to keep people close to topped off.  We also don’t do hard modes.  And, we have a druid hotting all the things.  Any of these factors can change how effective your Echo of Light is.


Holy Priest Mastery Versus Haste (Fortunately, No Math) — 2 Comments

  1. I was able to go as low as 20% overhealing with Echo of Light on a fight like Beth’tilac. It was beautiful! That was also because I was using HW: Sanctuary frequently and that fight will go a long way towards blowing up your EoL numbers.

    Like a few other masteries that are out now, EoL does great on the fights that it is designed for and it’s horrible on the fights that it’s not. It’s very touch and go. You stand to get more from haste, than if you just geared for mastery. If you had a way to re-forge for each encounter, I would say it could pay off. Most of us don’t do that and for good reason.