They fixed Holy — 6 Comments

  1. I never knew it wasn’t. I stayed holy the whole time in Firelands, even when everyone else’s guild made their priests go Disc. And guess what, I was always top on the meters, depending on the fight it was either myself as a Holy Priest or my guild’s Resto Druid. Now however with the Resto nerfs and our buffs I can say they might have overdone one or the other.

  2. There were fights where you could stay holy in Firelands and be “OK.” There were also fights where you could go discipline and feel like you were contributing a lot more to your raid than just a Renew on the tank.

    Believe me, I was one of the firmest advocates of staying holy throughout Firelands. But, I realized that were some things holy just not compete with. I couldn’t heal myself and my orb buddy on Heroic Domo as holy. I couldn’t keep *anyone* alive as holy on Baleroc. I was bored to tears on Shannox.

    While I’m elated that holy has received a much needed buff, I do still strongly encourage holy priests to keep that discipline off-spec, just in case. I think that’s one thing I’m proud to say that I took away from this experience – that there’s nothing wrong with admitting that another spec doesn’t something better and being able to make that call.