Fortunately, I got over my fear of “internet people are ax murderers” long ago (I kinda married one), so when guildies are in town, HELL YES I want to see them.

And then there’s that weird dance.  Like, I don’t care if they plop down a tent in my living room for a week, I got nothin better to do.  But they don’t want to impose and be an ass (which I get) and I don’t want to be needy like OMG I NEED COMPANY /CLAWSCRABBLE… but once we got over the initial awkwardness, it all worked out ok.

So, this week Takk (a rogue in our guild) is in town, and Twig has decided he’s her new BFF.  She cried when he left last night.  CRIED.  And asked about him this morning.  I think she might have a fit when he leaves town on Friday.

Also, it’s pretty damn cool to meet your guildies in person… I mean OBVIOUSLY you have the same interests and know each other.  You’ve talked for HOURS.  It’s much more fun than awkward coworker conversations.

And in general they’re normal.  They’re usually not Francis-like supernerd.  In fact, none of my online friends that I met IRL has turned out to be a total weirdo.  Normal.  Srs.  OK, well normal if I consider myself normal if slightly socially awkward… so we’re all ending up on the same end of the normal spectrum, mostly.

But I’m babbling. Maybe it’s because Twig woke me up at 5am and THEN asked me where her new friend was.  Hrm.

Back to guildies.  Alas, our fearsome GM (ominous music here) will be here at the end of the month and it will be FUNSIES.  I even made sure to schedule Mama Murloc to visit during that time so I have a babysitter (this is a very clever ploy, no?).

I’m gonna try really hard not to food poison any of them with my cooking.   In the meantime, your homework is to meet a guildie IRL.


The Month of Guildies — 11 Comments

  1. Twig is too adorable!

    We are so looking forward to our visit. Except for the part that involved my in-laws. Ew.

  2. I’m concerned that, since you haven’t posted for a few months, internet people actually are axe murderers. Please tell us you haven’t been made into a lampshade?

  3. I’ve met more people from the game, in general, than I have guildies. Come to think of it, the last guildie I met was my healing lead that I was romantically involved with at the time, who ended up leaving me for my good friend the arcane mage shortly after. They are now still together and raiding in some God awful guild together. Not that I keep track of that or anything.

    Anywho, I love being able to put the name with the face and I also take the opportunity to enjoy that whenever I can. Post pics!

  4. I’ve always had good experiences meeting people I game with. I met a gaming buddy after gaming with him across games and genres for over 7 years – it was a little awkward but then we started in with our inside jokes and it was great from then on.

    Meeting some of the more recent guildies was pretty cool too; guild leader, his son (our raid leader) and our resident troll (who I chat with daily).

    All good experiences so far.

    Too cute about Twig :)

  5. meeting guildees in rl can be fun. I have met my GM and one of our best DPS, also I am dating one of my guildees now lol. Quite interesting indeed. But I agree, most people are “normal” in a sense. But when meeting them, you can see sometimes why they chose the character they did at times. XD

  6. I met my girlfriend in WoW, and we’ve been together coming up to 3 years now :) I’ve also met a couple of others and it’s always interesting to see what people are like in person, and how it differs from their /g or Vent personality. It’s also nice to really put names to faces, as even if you’ve seen photos, people still don’t quite look how you expect (I usually get “you’re really tall!”, for instance).