You knew this was coming since it has been suspiciously quiet around here after we got into SWTOR beta.  We’ve unsubscribed from Wow to play SWTOR.

Will we be back? It’s entirely possible.  It’s also possible we won’t.  For now, though, we’re going to give SWTOR our full attention.

But first, I want to say Thank You…

My TEAM HEAL –  You guys crack me up every single raid.  We never snipe, we never fight, and we just complement each other.  This is the strongest heal team I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of.  I can’t say that any of us is the “cornerstone.”  That’s a good thing.

The Effers – You are all awesome.  Instead of trying to find like-minded people on a server, we found like-minded people and brought them to the server.  It has been incredible being part of a team that has the same drive to succeed and similar priorities about balancing gaming and real life.

The Wow Blogosphere – We are such a wacky bunch.  I’ve loved reading your thoughts, commenting, and discussing.  Though our opinions are diverse, there is a core of respect for each other and genuine friendship.

The Commenters – I’m not sure if I could have blathered on to an empty room.  You were invaluable – especially when you disagreed with me and forced me to rethink my position.

The Readers – The silent majority is the reason why I write.  So that you might find something useful or amusing within the chaos.  Thanks for sticking with me.

The Future

As I mentioned before, I have a new blog for SWTOR.  (The husband is blogging a bit too at his guild’s website.)  Now, if you’re not playing SWTOR why would you read my blog?  You wouldn’t.  I don’t expect that you would.  But if you ARE playing, maybe you DO want to read it.  No pressure.  It will be the same old shit that I do here plus uh… blasters and hawtpants.  Don’t ask.

And with that… MRGLMRGL!


Moving On to a Galaxy Far Far Away — 21 Comments

  1. Sad to see you go, Zelmaru :(

    I’ve been a follower of this blog (and your previous one) since I started blogging myself. I’ll miss reading your thoughts on WoW.

    Have fun with SWTOR!

  2. Is it bad that I’m kind of happy about this? I’m not cancelling my WoW subscription just yet, but I’ll soon be focused on playing SWTOR too and I like the idea of bloggers whose writings I already know and like immediately providing me with commentary on the new game!

      • Thanks but I don’t know yet. I think that I’ll want to take some time out at first to do nothing but simply play without thinking too much about it, if that makes sense. However, if my Dragon Age adventures are any indication, the story development will eventually make me want to talk about it regardless.

  3. Aww, Zel, I’ll miss you. I already have Hawtpants of the Old Republic bookmarked, though, and will peek in on your adventures there from time to time, even though I won’t be playing SWTOR myself (only room for one MMO in my budget and brain, and WoW is still it, for me and for now).

  4. Well…..damn. Its hard to find a good site that not only stimulates but entertains at times. It will be a sad day for blogdom (and I am sure Murlocs all over Azeroth) to see this place close down.

    Thank you all for your time and sharing your experiences and knowledge. I hope that your time in SWTOR is as fun for you as your time with us in Azeroth.

  5. I’m going to miss your blogging about WoW. I’ve enjoyed reading it ever since I stumbled upon it rather randomly, and you have a fun, quirky voice to your blogging. I’m sure SW:TOR fans (i.e. people who understand what you’re discussing!) will enjoy your new blog.

    Enjoy SW:TOR!

    • It’s kind of a bummer because with a topic blog, if you change topic, you lose contact with a lot of people. Right now, since I’m not playing WoW, I’m not reading WoW blogs. I really miss the writers themselves but I’m not interested in what they’re talking about anymore.

  6. Aw, I’ll miss you around here Zel! I may well do a bit of Swtor myself at some time so I’ll be lurking on the new site – best of luck with it :)

    • If I understand correctly, the Aussies are coming up with unofficial servers so before you roll, you might want to figure out which ones they are.

  7. I’m very sad to read that you’re leaving World of Warcraft, but I hope that you find as much success and fun in Star Wars. You were certainly a one of a kind personality and you have supported me and my work a lot. I can’t thank you enough for that. Hopefully you make as much of an impact on your new blog, as you did with this one. You will certainly be missed.

    Don’t be a stranger.


  8. Awww! Oh noes! not MP! I will miss you guys! Your blog is always an inspiration to many of us, very informative and fun for sure. well just keep in touch with us in twitter at least please add and follow me @amerpriest you take care and I wish you all good luck in your new venture. God Bless and Happy Holidays! <3