So, as you might recall, the husband and I quit wow and started playing SWTOR.  Our guilds eventually crumbled and, while I stayed on, he lost interest.  (As a side note, no, gamer couples don’t need to play the same game, but it certainly makes things nicer.)

But AHA, Wildstar was coming out.  So we tried that.  Our enthusiasm was short-lived when we got to 50 and realized that raiding was not very accessible.  There was a lot I liked about that game, but that was a deal breaker.

We resubbed to WoW. Three years later, seriously, it’s three fucking years later.   We are loving it, which is pretty damn unexpected.  We started new toons and I’m playing a monk.  Monks are badass. (Note, I did not boost and probably will not – because then I’ll be at 90 and have no fucking clue how to play.)

What has changed in 3 years?  Well me!  I was forced out of my comfort zone and learned to play without mods.  I played melee dps.  I briefly played the kinetic crazy that is Wildstar.  And all that made me a better player overall, especially at moving out of the bad.  I still can’t tank worth a crap.  Nobody’s perfect.

And, get ready, Twig grew up a bit.  She’s 6 now and quite the little Minecraft gamer.  She has also learned some of mommy’s less polite vocabulary.  Oh well.

See you in Azeroth.


What Just Happened? — 6 Comments

  1. Welcome back! :)

    I tried WildStar for a while as well, but I didn’t even make it to level 50. It was a nice enough game, but not enough for me to pay two subscriptions. Especially once I realised the raiding scene in it definitely wasn’t for me.

  2. Welcome back. Seeing you pop back up in my feed was a welcome surprise.

    I also tried Wildstar for a bit, loved the housing side and the various plushies but didn’t like the rest enough to keep at it.

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