Step 1: Collect underpants.  Seriously, that joke never gets old.

After underpants acquisition is complete, I’m a bit at a loss.  Things are so different now, I’m starting from scratch.  It doesn’t matter that I’m playing a new class because all the classes are new to me right now.

Step 2: Find a guild

Hey guzy, I’m a lvl 52 monk with no gear and no post-cata experience, but I used to be good at this, honest.  PICK ME!

Step 3: Look good

I have never transmogged anything because that happened right around when I left.  I need to do this!  My gnome is wearing a plunging neckline and it’s fucking embarrassing.

Step 4: Oh right, level and get raid-ready.

The pesky “work” part of all this.

At least this time, for raiding purposes, Twig goes to bed and stays asleep.  And I can play when she’s awake without worrying that she’s going to cover herself in flour or any other such nonsense.

6.0 is next week!  Hold on to your butts!


Getting Back Into The Game — 4 Comments

  1. Nice to see you back, Zel!

    You’ll be leveling for a bit, but once you get back to raiding, get thee to the Twittery and hit up @Hinalover for WW, @SunnierBrew for BM, or @Healiocentric for MW stuff. I don’t remember if you ever played Druid or I just subbed to your blog because I liked your writing, but bug me (@alarondruid) for druid things. 😛

    • Yes, I indeed played a druid! I was also subbed to your blog (along with all my other wow blogs) before the great Google Reader Debacle of Whenever They Shut It Off. I’m slowly rebuilding my feed reader and blogroll.

  2. Gah, every short stint where I have returned to WoW, I have wanted to get a transmog set together. Problem is that every piece I want is a rare drop from a different BC dungeon, so I am exactly 0% towards my goal. Oh well, I am sure the WoD models will not be ridiculous /end sarcasm.