This weekend, a lot of pugging occurred, and I remembered why I hate pugs – people are assholes.

The majority of people were innocuous enough.  A few were even good.  And then there were the assholes who, realistically, were few in number but it felt like there were so many because of how unpleasant they were.

Remember, also, I was running as a healer with thehusband as a tank, and there’s only so much dumbassery 3 dps can cause.

The Hunter Who Needed

So we’re running some Blackrock nonsense for the millionth time and WHOA, a nice purple cloth hat dropped.  Now, I hadn’t seen anything that nice drop like ever in a pug, and I’d been pugging for days, just amazing.  We had a mage in the group.  Isn’t that nice. So, while I would have taken it for healing purposes if nobody else could use it, I chose greed because we had a mage and I am a leather-wearing monk.

It did not go to the mage.  It went to the fucking hunter who also rolled need.  The mage exclaimed something profane (and totally justified) in instance chat, at which point I noticed the loot rolls.  Oh hell no.

I stopped the group.  I just fucking stopped the group and thehusband and I said “You either give that back to the mage or we vote kick you.  We’re waiting.”  Sure enough, the hunter gave it back, and we carried on.  I guess the DPS queue is pretty long after a kick.  The mage whispered his thanks, and I said “No problem.  He was being a dick.”  We ended up doing another instance with that same mage (minus the hunter) and everything went well.

I am relieved, now that we are in outlands dungeons, that the loot interface would prohibit a hunter rolling need on cloth.  Because, seriously.

The Mage Who Pulled

Wait, why are we in combat?  Who pulled that?

Answer, the mage.  Politely, thehusband says to the mage “Please don’t pull, (mage’s name).”  Mage continues pulling.  Sigh.  Husband says, less politely, NO SERIOUSLY STOP PULLING.

To which the mage responds “Well then go faster.”

I wanted to kick that mage so bad.  Here’s the problem: You can’t kick someone in combat.  We were always in combat because the mage was pulling.  And for some reason the other group members felt compelled to assist Sir Pullsalot, meaning I couldn’t just neglect to heal him and have him croak on his own accord.

In between battles, I tried to kick him and failed because there was a 5-minute lockout.  I’m not sure what the 5-minutes are for.  Someone can very well be a total dick in the first four minutes.  Maybe we were locked out of booting him because he had been booted from every previous group since the beginning of time.

The best I could do, since I couldn’t kick him, and he wouldn’t seem to just die without healing, is that I put him on my ignore list so I would never be matched with him again.

The Tank Who Ran Fast

I decided to run an instance when thehusband was not around to tank.  This was a mistake.

The tank did not care about my mana.  The tank did not care that the entire group could not physically run fast enough to keep up with him.  The tank sure as shit didn’t care that he was pulling one group and then running into another, expecting the dps to just handle all the things on the move.

The only way I remotely kept up was to use my rolls.  I regularly ran out of charges.  I do have the extra-charge roll talent.

We wiped.  There was no reason to wipe.  But we wiped.  This was stupid.  It took more time to recover from a wipe than to just damn well kill the groups in an orderly fashion.

The Death Knight Who Was A Death Knight

I’m sure there are a lot of people who know what they are doing with their death knight.  I’m happy for them.  But those people sure as shit were not in my pugs this weekend.

Upon graduating to the outlands dungeons, we were rewarded by having at least death knight in every group who thought he was invincible while simultaneously having no fucking clue what he was doing.  Yay I’m pulling aggro.  WHEE where’s my pet?

For most morons, starting off at 55 is probably a mistake.  I shudder to think of these idiots in possession of a lvl 90 boost.

The Mage Who Hit 60

Upon reaching the end of (yet another) Hellfire Ramparts, a mage who had been courteous throughout the run said that he was SO close to 60, and would we mind queueing for another with him.  Sure, we said, and queued again with him.  He was happy!

We got into Ramparts.  3 pulls in, he dinged 60.  Before we could “grats” he fucking dropped group.

Cool Story, Bro

That was my weekend.  Morons galore.  Hooray.


Hell Is Other People (In Pugs) — 8 Comments

  1. > ‘To which the mage responds “Well then go faster.”’


    Seriously, it’s about the most inconsiderate and selfish thing someone can do. First off, they always just start pulling things if they’re not happy. They never ask (never mind politely), either. And like you said, the other members of the group sadly seem to be pulled along for the ride.

    It was this kind of attitude that put me off tanking after giving it a try for a while. I just got fed up of not being given a chance to actually learn how to play my role, and then getting abuse heaped on me on top of that.

    > ‘The Tank Who Ran Fast’

    Pretty much what you said. Monk roll is a (literal, in many instances) lifesaver. In the right circumstances, it can be kind of fun to try keeping up with a tank who’s rushing through a dungeon, but it really depends on the tank’s attitude whether I enjoy it or not. If they ask nicely beforehand if I’m ok with it, or they at least show some sign of being aware I (and my mana) exist, I’m usually ok with it. It’s when they treat the rest of the party like we’re NPCs (if they acknowledge our existence at all) that it gets on my nerves and I find myself encouraging “oops it seems you died, my bad” scenarios.

  2. The timer is because you have kicked other people too often. It is to prevent you from abusing the kicking feature.

    It is total BS because you could be on a brand new toon that hasn’t kicked anyone and still have a timer.

    You did the right thing by putting him on ignore. You won’t get him again in your random group.

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure I hadn’t kicked anyone, except *once* before (a few days earlier) when the person went offline and never returned. Thehusband also got the 5 min lockout for the evil mage.

  3. Yea, that stuff drives me nuts too. I’d offer to take at least some of the suck out of pugs, but don’t appear to have any characters in that sort of range. :(

  4. While playing my warlock, if I pull, I try to tank it. It happens. Usually the tank doesn’t mind as long as I don’t wipe the group.

    While tanking as bear, I don’t mind other people pulling either, as long as they take the consequences of me not pulling the mobs off them. Sorry magey, you pulled, you tank. 😀 I’ll only care when that player dies and they run for my healer…

    As for dropping at 60, that’s bad form, but most likely that DPS slot was filled immediately with another DPS eagerly waiting in the 30-45 minute queue.. If it was your healer…

    • Nah, it wasn’t the healer. It was a DPS. However, he should have been EFFUSIVELY grateful that we requeued with him, since otherwise he’d be waiting another 30 minutes. He was not effusively grateful, as evidenced by his selfish behavior.

  5. I can just hear Zel in Mom voice, “Young hunter, if you don’t give that hat to the mage RIGHT NOW, we’re going to pull this group over and you’ll be SORRY.”

    And Twig’s like “Listen to her bro, she’ll double down on that shit.”