Monday I was happily roflstomping through the outlands instances.  Last night, I got my ass handed to me.

Things may be balanced for endgame, but they are a bit off for leveling.  Sure, I heal for less.  A lot less.  But that is supposed to be because of something something deliberate decision making.  No, there was no deliberate decision making because the tank STILL could get killed in a few hits.  Old style damage spikes, new style healing.  This leads to SPAM SPAM OMG SPAM on the tank and having the dps unceremoniously die if they got aggro.  Sigh.

To add insult to injury, the graveyard is pretty damn far from that stupidass underbog.  That was not fixed when they decided to make things ridiculously easier for everyone in cata.  I feel sorry for people who are new, did not play through BC, and get one of these tricky to find dungeons via the dungeon finder.  We had to talk a group member through it last night.  “Ok, so you walk out to the middle of the lake and there’s a star thing and in the middle you dive down and there’s a pipe…”  Hell, I had trouble finding the pipe and I knew basically where it was.

I’ll talk about new character models later.  Still recovering from the epic beatdown.


Outlands Dungeons in 6.0. You are Not Prepared. — 2 Comments

  1. Good to know as I was leveling my druid over the weekend in those very same instances (level 65 as of logging off Sunday). I ran my main through the new Iron Tide quest chain but haven’t logged into my druid since then.

    • Apparently people were also getting one-shotted by broken mana wyrms. But those are silly elves that I don’t care about. Today supposedly there was a fix earlier this morning – they shut down the servers around 10am. I’ll try again, but I’m not holding my breath for a roflstomp. I’m fine with anything that’s not a wipefest.