This weekend, I’m doing utgarde whatsit for the 50th time1 and some enterprising person had a… thing that turned us all into Stitches!

Yep, sneaky.

Look at us!.

First, the rogue went invisible, which is hilarious as a giant monsterbeast.  CLOMP CLOMP, I am sneaking up on YOU!

Totally invisible

Totally invisible.  Also I became overzealous with the name blurring and blurred myself.

The best part was the monk roll.  It was more of a launch forward, belly first.  WHEE.  While I did not capture that, you can see the warrior charge here:

There, you see, he's INVISIBLE


Feel free to admire the awesomeness of my UI.  Its is ok to be jealous

  1. You will see me complain in the screenshots – why do they even CALL it “random” if I get recycled to the same one every time?

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