The night before 6.0, I hit 64 and got a new monk ability, healing sphere.1  Haha, I said, that’s going away tomorrow.  And it did.

But here’s the fun part: Detonate Chi, the new ability that “replaces” healing spheres, is also learned at 64.  I gained Detonate Chi and I’m like… what am I supposed to do with that?  I have zero healing spheres to detonate, and won’t until 80 when mastery kicks in.

Sure, I have healing spheres proc… in Windwalker spec.  Greaaat.  No Detonate Chi there.

So I have this ability for 16 levels that does absolutely nothing.  How on earth does that even make sense?  Am I missing something?

Meanwhile, I didn’t get my jade statue until 70.  Now THAT made my healing not suck.  I was struggling mightily at 68-69 because my healing could not keep up.  The healing is balanced around the statue, and right before it, it’s horrible.

I don’t think you can even do fistweaving effectively without that statue, because it doubles your trickle of healing.  So… stance of the spirited crane is pretty much gimped for healing purposes until 70.

At the end, when you’re going to raid, nobody gives a crap when you got an ability.  You just have it.  But for those of us who are working their way up, these discrepancies are glaringly obvious.

  1. I am convinced they called it “sphere” because “balls” LOL! I’ve been calling them “chi balls,” which is incorrect, but makes me giggle.  Yes, I am aware there are actual chi balls in windwalker spec that contain a charge of chi rather than healing.  Shut up.


The Destination Looks Good. The Journey Makes No Sense. — 2 Comments

  1. They’re clearly balls, because it’s much more fun to say “Everyone remember to stand on my balls when you can” in a raid.