The last 2 nights have been plagued with instance crashes.  We’d be a couple bosses in and I’d disconnect.  I was afraid the first time that it was just my connection and that the group would die without my awesome healing capabilities.  But, no, it was everyone.

Random disconnects I can deal with.  But when they reset the damn instance, that makes me a bit stabby.  And I just want to hit 80 so I can get my chi balls (snicker snicker).  But last night I had to log off because it was apparent that we were not going to finish anything.  Two nights of frequent crashes is frustrating.

Part of the reason I returned to WoW is that it’s a solid game that generally has few bugs.  Like mac n cheese out of the box – tasty but not too exciting and at least you don’t have to worry about a random hair in it.  Fun story, in a European country that shall remain nameless which I visited, I sometimes found long hairs in delicious baked goods.  It was a risk I was willing to take for deliciousness.  But in my mac n cheese?  Oh hell no.

Blizzard, fix yer shit or I might start complaining even louder on the internet.


Instance Crashes? Seriously? — 1 Comment

  1. Honestly, I expect this out of the pre-expansion patch as they get the kinks worked out before the big day. Granted, I haven’t been doing much delving, but until the patch everything was pretty stable. So I’d expect a return to that level of stability in, say, a month or two at most. We’ll probably have a week of blessed stability just before the expansion hits, naturally.