Dear PUG Hunters,

Since getting back I’ve leveled up a warrior as a dungeon finder partner with Zel. I tank, she heals, no queues. Here I am with an awesome helm.



Since I’ve pretty much just done PUGs since level 30 I’ve noticed a few trends in your class that I feel I need to point out. Now I know there are good hunters. I’ve seen them, I’ve raided with them. But based on the hunters I’ve seen the last few weeks in PUGs, I am starting to realize the good ones might be the exception than the rule.

What I find annoying can best be summed up with three examples of bad play:

The Tale of Mr. Fluffy
One thing that happens more than it should is pets have some kind of taunt on. This makes sense when questing. It does not make sense in dungeons. In the wilds of Azeroth, a hunter would prefer angry things hit its pet, than its shiny mail armor which happens to be the second toughest armor in the game. Heaven forbid anything bleeds on it.

Anyway when in a group you (the hunter) have someone who signed up (the tank) to take the bloodstains you normally put on your pet. That person has a design for each pull, where they want the baddies to stand, where the baddies should face. When Mr Fluffy or Porkchop or Fartingbearlol taunts, that whole system your PUG tank is working for has been derailed. Bosses have AoE cleaves, and you pet can endanger the nice rogue who set up for back stab action.

The Tale of the Coke Fueled Ferret

The second bad bit of play I see involves a jumping hunter who thinks they can decide on the speed of the pulls. Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe I noticed the healer is low on mana. Maybe I’m waiting for a patr… Oh fuck you did it. Shit shit shit. Now I have to taunt it off you and okay I got this. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PULL THAT OTHER GROUP FOR? SON OF A B—


The Tale of the Clueless Pull

So the first two tales are so generic they are ubiquitous. This last one is just too perfect to leave in general terms. In a PUG for the Throne of Tides we had a paladin who was pretty cool, and a hunter who seemed kind of clueless. It was fine because he actually didn’t fall into one of the first two problems. We had a wipe or two as we all struggled to remember the mechanics of the bosses and were headed down a hall that had these nasty little goblins with poison spears. If the tank rolls into the pull they all throw a poison spear at him and it is easily half to three fourths of the tanks health. The other mobs in the hall are these horrors things that do a nasty ground slam.  We managed to get to the second to last pull towards the third boss in the place. The paladin and I asked the Hunter if he could send his pet in to take one for the team (meaning “pet dies from the yucky poison rather than the tank”). He didn’t get what we were asking so we told him to have his pet attack, figuring this last pull of goblins was particularly bad and better to have a dead pet than a dead tank. So off his pet ran…to the two horrors just past the goblins, thereby pulling the two hardest pulls in the place at once. After the wipe the hunter dropped group. The paladin and I were just dumbstruck. Even when you give them instructions to pull a group, they still manage to screw it up.

The conclusion that I’ve drawn here is that when I see a hunter come up in my group I am preparing myself for the worst. I don’t want to, but collectively you’ve pushed me to say that hunter is BELOW warlock in my class estimation at the moment. If you turn off taunt and just not pull, I think you can regain my esteem, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sincerely yours,



Open Letter to PUG Hunters from your PUG tank — 14 Comments

  1. “Now I know there are good hunters. I’ve seen them, I’ve raided with them”

    My first reaction was, “Awwww, how sweet.” /buffs nails


    My refills are ready tomorrow.

    • Grimm you weren’t the first hunter I raided with. Before moving to Azuremyst I had the pleasure of knowing two hunters who were competent, and funny. But you’ve been the last great hunter I’ve run with.

    • Long running theme of the blog stemming from the rivalry between locks and mages. In general I’m not much of a fan of pet classes to begin with, but at least hunters don’t compete with you for gear. In fact it is more humor than anything. In WotLK I had a warlock alt who cleared Naxx a few times, and I’m debating using my preorder for WoD on boosting a lock to 90.

  2. The pet with the taunt on is mostly just forgetting to turn it off rather than leaving it on on purpose. As a solution to this, I have a pet that I use specifically for PUGs so that I don’t have to remember. I’ve never, NEVER pulled a group before the tank on purpose. Sometimes, I just get really into the killing and don’t notice I’ve either targeted a new group or that the group is waiting for one reason or another. I have no explanation for the last thing. It’s not hard at all to have your pet target a specific target and attack. I like to think of myself as a relatively good Hunter, but everyone makes mistakes and I am by no means perfect.

    • The simply fact you are aware it is an issue and try not to do it puts you in the upper echelon of hunters based on what I’ve seen in PUGs. Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh that! I thought it was something else like dumb warlocks in groups (I am aware of them more than I like).

    Besides, everyone knows warlocks trump mages :-p

    (you should totally boost that lock, they are super fun)

    • When I lock, as a purely academic affair, I play affliction because 1)pets suck 2)destro is just a mage without the awesomeness of being a mage. There is something fun about piling on dots and watching your juggernaut of DPS gain steam. Is Affliction still that or has it morphed into something drastically different than it was in WotLK/Cata?

      • Warlocks got a massive overhaul in Cata. All 3 specs can technically spec to have no pets. Affliction was amazing in Wrath, not so much (at least for me) anymore.

        I switched from being all Affliction, all the time, to playing Destro and loving it. I used to laugh at Destro locks in Wrath and made them out to be wannabe mages. Don’t get me wrong, they are still similar, but Destro is just far more fun.

      • The class refresh in MoP changed a lot of things. Demon is more demony, destro is more destro-y, aff is more aff-ly. The flow from WotLK has changed for Afflock, but most afflocks I know are pretty happy with it.

        I don’t think Demon has a pet-less option any more. They replaced that talent with something called “synergy” instead of “sacrifice”, just for Demo locks. Everyone else keeps the Sac option. Yet another way to make the Green Fire quest more difficult for Demon locks. Thanks, Obama.

        MoP Demon was a bit of a pain, with two different rotations depending on whether you were in demonform. The button squish of WoD has eased that a bit, but not a lot.

        Destro in MoP after the refresh became unfathomable to me, at least at to the point that I didn’t feel up to spending the time to learn it.

        There’s a lot of spec differentiation now.

        • Destro is easy:

          Immolate – always keep it up
          Rain of Fire – always keep it up (no longer have to channel it)
          Hit Conflag when up
          Spam Incinerate when you have Conflag charges
          Use Chaos Bolt when you have 2 or more embers
          Use Shadowburn under 20% health on target

  4. I certainly did the first one as I was learning to be a hunter, and sometimes when returning to the game after some time off. Having devoted tank and dps pets helps that a lot.

    The second one I only do if I know the tank and want to eff with him. Usually my shooting something is preceded by a Misdirect on the tank or followed by a Feign Death because it’s not very fun to die when my goal is to eff with someone else.

    Another way hunters can be more annoying – Disengage now works out of combat and can be talented to have only a 10 second CD. Now I can throw myself off of anything at anytime.

  5. “In the wilds of Azeroth, a hunter would prefer angry things hit its pet, than its shiny mail armor which happens to be the second toughest armor in the game. Heaven forbid anything bleeds on it.”

    Hey man, I worked hard on that transmog! I gotta keep it lookin’ GOOD.

    Also, linking to you because awesome.