Dear Blizzard,

I know you listen to me because I’m important, right?  Well here’s what you need to do to make pugging better before I tear my hair out.

1. Better Notification of New Spells

Back in the day, you went to the trainer anxiously hoping for a new spell, and when you got one, you were so psyched that you read about it and slapped it on your hotbar, and, most importantly, you knew you had a new spell.  You had to know.  You just bought it.

In the post-trainer world, there needs to be some in-your-face notification that You Got A New Thing but not necessarily a trip back to the trainer.  Either you have to buy it on the fly for a nominal fee, or you get an obnoxious popup.  When I level, it goes by so fast that unless I’m watching the scroll, I could miss it.  The name of new spells are buried in the list of unlocked instances.  And once the new spell is learned, it just goes in alphabetical order into the spell book, with no indication that it is new.

Here is a good example why we need a spell notification: I met a level 60 warlock that did not know he could summon other players.  Did not know that summoning was a thing warlocks did.  At 60.  For real.  And, as dumb as I thought this guy was, I could see how he could be plodding along and just plain miss it.

Another time, the group stood around stupidly while I was dead on the floor because I had a mass rez debuff.  I said to the monk that he could rez.  Like just normal rez, no mass about it.  This was a big surprise, apparently.

2. Spirit Healers Right Outside The Instance Door

In the group finder world, it’s a safe bet that nobody in the group has any idea where the instance is located.  It’s also likely that none of them have wiped on said instance because instances are pretty easy, and because leveling is so fast you are unlikely to get the same one too many times.

Well, then, when you do manage to wipe by some miracle of stupidity, and you’re in a random area of Zangarmarsh and it’s not particularly intuitive that you have to walk out to the center of the lake and swim down a pipe.  If you weren’t here in 2007 or so, you’d have no freaking idea.

Also, I never did find the door to maraudon.  I had to wait for the rest of the group to run back and resurrect me.  It was embarrassing.

In conclusion, these are my reasonable demands.  I mean requests.  Totally requests.



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