Guess who is 6 years old, has an ever-changing number of teeth, and just got a wow account?  Yeahhhhh…

It’s every parent’s dream, when your kid can start farming gold for you. And by “farm gold” I mean “swindle us out of all our gold to fill up the pet journal and the toy box because, seriously, pets and toys.”

We find it highly amusing to listen to her yell at the bad guys, or more often hear her character say “I need a target” or “I need to get closer.”

And, if you’re wondering, I locked that shit down so hard with parental controls.  Especially when I considered that she might be walking through Goldshire.  Granted, her reading isn’t that good yet, but there are questions that I do not want to answer.

I locked her out of Real ID, obviously, but also “muted” her account which means she cannot hear any players saying anything in any channel ever.  We can group with her, although she cannot see group chat.  We were allowed to send her mail, but I suspect any messages along with the mail items would have been stripped.

I also set “playtime limits” which amounts to me cutting it off during the night so she doesn’t sneak out of bed to play video games at 2am.  This has happened.  I was both annoyed and proud.

Stay tuned as I feebly try to curb her swearing at the screen, because I have no idea where she picked that up… (I blame Star Lord.)


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