Whew!  I’ve been spending so much time doing actual playing (and other real life garbage) that I’m not doing any blogging.  Shame shame.  So here’s what is going on in the world of me:

I decided to make my druid my main.  I do love druid but it was largely process of elimination, as I went through the other healing classes and decided that some of their mechanics were just a deal-breaker for me.

I leveled from scratch because I’m too cheap to transfer my druid and THEN race change (Worgen turned out to be NOT my thing).  And I don’t want to blow my lvl 90 boost quite yet.  That thing is worth $60, even if I got it bundled in the expansion.

Remember how I said that leveling a monk was painful because of the order you learn the spells?  Well, druid is not as bad, but still pretty bad.  You know when you get your first aoe heal?  Level 74.  I shit you not.  Until level 74, you’re screwed. And that first aoe is Tranquility, for emergencies only.  You don’t get Wild Growth until level 76!  OK, maybe they’ve screwed with the other classes in a similar manner, but I HATES IT.  I don’t care that I get a piddly lifebloom early if I have NO aoe tools until my mid-70s.

Outside the world of healing, I love the hell out of druid.  The new travel form combo is the most awesome thing ever.  Sure, I grumbled at first, but then I went flower picking.  So my birdie dives into the water, becomes a seal, gathers the kelp, hops back to the surface and…. turns back into a bird.  Having bird was always better than a mount in that circumstance, since you could jump out of the water and spam the bird button until you got it to take.  No “swimming to shore and resummon” shit.  But the smooth transition from seal to bird in one silly jump is enough to make me a convert.

I still hate how the reindeer looks.  I expect to turn around and find Santa hitching a ride behind me.  But I’d rather have a fast-travel glyph than a cheetah glyph, so I’m stuck with Rudolph for now.

Anyway, the druid is level 90.  I haven’t even set a toe in Draenor.  Sigh.  I’m super-behind. which is OK, since I’m still on gaming training wheels after a 3 year break.  Probably nobody wants me in the first round of raiding.

Coming up in the world of blogging, which I will totally do, at some point, honest:

Druid Weak Auras.  I made some.  I tend to avoid button-looking ones since if I wanted to look at buttons I’d just look at my action bars.

Grid2.  Yes, I’ve abandoned Grid for his much more attractive younger brother.  It’s not hard to set up, and I don’t have to worry about plugin updates.  I went very minimal this time – no icons, almost no numbers.


Checking In — 2 Comments

  1. Totally with you on Druid travel form. The stag thing drives me up the wall, and they absolutely need to just roll the speed boost glyph into the other two rather than making them exclusive. It’s about the most pointless, anti-fun game design choice I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    As for WoD, dive in! So much has changed at this point that being out of it 3 years shouldn’t be an issue. My guild on Blackhand has a guy like that as well as a Rogue who’s literally brand new to the game. We’re currently two bosses deep in Highmaul, and it’s freaking wonderful. So don’t hold back because you think you’d be a drag.

    • I actually glyphed the stag to allow a passenger so I could drag Twig around the Darkmoon Faire, but then it felt SO SLOW. I hate having to decide between fast deer and fast swim, not due to glyph incompatibility but due to lack of glyph spots (fast deer wins, but ow).

      BTW, that minor glyph that gives you the cat-fall-damage-reduction is super-useful, even when I’m playing in cat spec and it might seem redundant, precisely because it does work in travel form or when you’re on your mount.