So I’m an alchemist.  I was leveling by gathering the appropriate plants, crafting, training, finding out what more plants I needed, going back to gather them.  This was, obviously, annoying and time-consuming.  Damn you, goldthorn!

I heard that Draenor had catch up crafting, which I was really excited about, but then when I trained it all my recipes required fish.  Wait, let me rephrase that – except for the daily transmute thingy all my recipes required more than one fish and nothing else.

I had avoided fishing in the past because, well, it looked super-boring, but it seemed there was no way of getting around it now.

I was right. Fishing does totally suck.  It’s very boring and those dumbass fish take up too many slots of inventory – the big ones, the small ones, their stupid flesh, and their dumb bait for each variety.  The fishing quest is a pain in the ass, but getting +15 is really worth it because now that I hit around 400, I’m getting a skillup maybe every 5 fish.

Well this is "fun".

Well this is “fun”.

At this point, if I ever change servers or factions, I’m paying good money for that transfer because there is no way in hell I’m ever doing this shitty grind again.  Looks like I have a druid main 4 lyfe!  DURID IS 4 FISH!


Fishing Sucks — 3 Comments

  1. I haven’t really looked at all my crafting recipes yet but there are some decidedly ODD combinations in there. My tailor will need herbage. Apparently my alchy needs fish. Will I need wildlife to forge a gun on my engineer, or red meat for the really good gems? Perhaps four carts of lumber for my enchanter to make raiding enchants. It’s just weird.

    My understanding was that crafting was going to be simplified in WoD, but it’s pretty much a mess. Even GETTING the professions is harder and more tedious than it was in Pandaland. Heck, I haven’t made my first bandage yet – scorpion parts? FOR REALS? Bah.

    Someone at Blizz must have seen the cooking UI for Wildstar and said, “Hey, let’s do that, but have it make less sense, and make it for all the professions.” In which case, gg, Blizz employee. Mission accomplished.

  2. Yeah, I think they wanted to make the professions more interdependent, like Wildstar or GW2. I guess maybe that creates more of a market for mats, but who knows.

  3. I’ve found the best way to fish for long periods of time is to set up some kind of “always on top” video player and watch TV shows or movies in a window right next to where the bobber is. You get into the rhythm of clicking on the bobber every time it bounces, and you realize two or three episodes later that your bags are totally full of fish and you’re going to make so much money selling them to all the other people who don’t want to fish because it’s boring.

    The professions used to be WAY more interdependent than they are now. A tailor couldn’t make a shirt without asking a blacksmith to make some buttons for them. A leatherworker needed agility potions to make those gloves, and bolts of cloth to make those pants. All it really accomplished was to convince people to make more alts, or just never craft those things.