I always said, wistfully, when I was retrieving Mouse instead of raiding that ONE DAY this child will farm gold for me.

That day has arrived.  Well sort of.  She’s not great at combat yet.  But garrison farming she can totally do.

And, get this, she thinks that garrison farming is fun and that we’re doing her a favor by letting her login as us and plod through our mines and gardens.  She empties the garrison cache.  Then she follows that stupid dog to its treasure (more garrison resources).

She’s even learned how to send out our idiots… um I mean followers.  I explained about matching traits and for the most part she gets it.  Maybe it’s not the optimal matching but what do I care – I’m not the one having to do it!  As long as she’s at least making the effort to get them to around 70% before sending them off, I’m fine with it.

I’ve paid my dues with many sleepless nights.  I deserve to take a nap while my spawn handles my online chores.

If only she’d learn to fish.

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