Due to the annoyances of real life, I haven’t been doing much more than sending out my idiots to get me goodies in my garrison.  At least they can slog away getting me gear while I can’t be there.

I have no idea how someone could possibly keep up with more than one garrison.  Mine is at least a half hour a day, even when I’m being super-fast.

Master Plan

Master Plan is the best addon ever invented ever.  Seriously, it takes all the work out of missions.  I liked, at first, assembling my teams carefully based on traits, but that gets old pretty fast.  Also the “yay we win” screens are annoying.  Master Plan gives you suggested teams for missions and fast mission completion.  Yes please.  It looks like Blizzard is streamlining the interface in Patch 6.1 to look more like Master Plan.

Trading Post

The trading post is great.  Don’t think of it as generating resources for your garrison.  Think of it as trading shit you don’t need for shit you do need.  Every day, they take a different resource.  I got level 2 (totally worth it), so I can have 14 work orders at a time, meaning I can simply SKIP the days where they take resources that I don’t have (particularly draenic dust and sumptuous fur) and it still keeps cranking out boxes from the previous day’s orders.  Now, I need sumptuous fur to keep the hubby happy, so when Trader Yula arrives, I stock up.  She sells the furs for 20 boxes.  This works for just about any resource that you need: remember which idiot sells it for 20 boxes, buy it up on that day of the week.  MAGIC.

Lumber Mill

What the… why are you guys just standing there?


Nice photobomb, Pinchington


I got the tier 3 barracks because I had too many followers.  In exploring, I realized it has a tiny basement jail with one prisoner, no doubt illegally detained.



And there’s the stink bucket.  Great.


The UN will be sanctioning me right and left for prison conditions.  There goes my trade agreement for sumptuous furs.


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