A bunch of other bloggers noticed this post at the wow forums, and it blew my mind.  Read it.  GO NOW.

It’s all important but here is what struck me:

People hate the sense that a reward dangled right in front of them will be lost permanently if they fail to act. The Garrison chores are a perfect example of this… Not doing the task to get the reward makes you feel like you’re stupidly giving up a gain.

Oh. Snap.

Granted, I don’t have much time to play, but when I log in, I first do my garrison stuff.  There are a bunch of dots on the map and blinky things telling me that my idiots are done.  And it’s right there, so I should stop being lazy and just get it.

No no no!  This is not what I want my limited game time to become.

Garrison, it’s not you, it’s me.  I need a break.

If I feel a compulsion to gather rewards right in front of me, and I do feel that compulsion, the trick is to make the rewards not be in front of me.  This week, I will log out of the game in Ashran. When I log back in, I will not be there to see the dots of unpicked resources taunting me.  I will find other ways to amuse myself.

But not fishing.  Fishing sucks.


Garrison Hiatus — 1 Comment

  1. Oh, my stars and garters. I love the drop-in euphemism “centralized criticism” for “concentrated loathing” in the opening.

    I don’t know why people get dragged into that sort of thing. I do things that are fun or, if I’m raiding, make me more raidy. Doing “chores” is something I do at home, such as cook supper (which yields food) and wash dishes (which yields things that hold food). And I already have a job, which pays money for doing things, as opposed to pixels or bongo bucks.

    I mean, I understand how it happens. I’ve done it. I still do a form of it on the AH. But it’s useful and the inner geek (and the outer geek) enjoys spreadsheeting the monetary data I collect in the process.

    But yeah, if it ain’t fun, don’t do it. Somebody – I forget who – said it best: “WoW like nobody’s watching.”

    It’s good advice.