I managed to talk people into messing about on the horde side with my incessant QQ about being super-bored with the alliance.  7 years in wow, all alliance, I think it’s time for a change.1

As another change of pace, I decided to try to level my troll druid as balance rather than feral.  At level 10 I picked balance and went off to blast the shit out of things.  I had a nice sun/moon thingy tracker and was ready for action.

I got into combat and this giant fucking orb appeared over my head.  I have to turn THAT off, I said to myself, I just need to find out which addon it is.  Blizzard effects off, check.  It’s not supervillain.  It’s not droodfocus it’s… At which point I alt tabbed out to Google F Search and discovered to my horror that it’s just baked into the game above your character’s head and it will always be there without any way to suppress its idiocy.

I ran screaming for the nearest druid trainer so I could swap back to feral.  Experiment over.  Since I failed to take a screenshot of the godawful ball of evil in my haste to get rid of it, here is a dramatic reenactment, for posterity:


Epic art!

  1.  P.S. Fuck you, Varian!


The Balance Druid Deal-Breaker — 3 Comments

  1. It’s actually better that you got out now. Balance leveling in the 80s and 90s is fucking PAINFUL, especially since my usual method, instance leveling in resto, isn’t viable from 90-100.

  2. A few classes have things like this going on, although in the case of Mages, it’s an untrackable buff / condition. All met with a gigantic shrug, of course.

    • I keep hoping that an addon author will be able to remove everything I don’t like out of the game at some point and I’ll be staring down rainbows and lollipops instead of gross dragons.