I mean heirlooms.  Totally.

Finding myself with some money on the alliance side and with pocket lint on the horde side, I thought I’d take a stroll over to the pants-vendor to help myself out.  Everything was cheaper.  OK, that’s new.  After buying pants and stuff, I thought that I’d better find out just how to get the chest etc – I knew darkmoon, but didn’t know how many tickets.

And then, after consulting Google F Search, I found out that I’m a moron (or have been way too busy to read patch notes due to this “RL” thing) because there’s a crazy dwarf selling all the things in Ironforge!  Off I went to Ironforge to go SHOPPING.



After I spent way too much money, I realized that my toons on my old server (from 3 years past) should have some money.  Oh, they did.  MOAR BUYING!

Dps gear - less hawt.

Dps gear – less hawt.

However, then I wanted to upgrade a few pieces.  The upgrade tokens cannot be used by a toon lower than level 90.  My old server’s toons are level 85 with a bunch of spare cash, while my sole level 100 toon on another server is close to broke.  Lots of woe there!  Was I going to have to level up one of the 85’s to 90 so I could use some upgrades?

The answer is nope!  Heirlooms are still mailable to any toon on the account, and that includes the upgrade pieces.  So I buy the upgrade with my lvl 85’s cash, mail it cross-server to my level 100, and my level 100 applies the upgrade in collections TA DA!!!

I’m feeling all smug.  Well, except the part where my troll looks like a moron, regardless of upgrades applied.


Feathers? Really?

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