I’ve been happily using Grid2 since my return to WoW and now I’ve taken it upon myself to write a guide for it.  Because, hey, Vuhdo and Grid-prime have guides.

An example of the EPIC ART in the guide.

An example of the EPIC ART in the guide.

Here it is.  Still working on grabbing all the screenies, and as with all guides, it evolves.  Enjoy!


Grid2 Guide Up — 5 Comments

  1. Ohh that’s a super useful guide 😀

    And… it’s tempting me to try out Grid2 now, speaking as a die-hard Grid-Prime user. The ability to add arbitrarily positioned- and shaped- boxes/etc. looks really useful.

    I think the only thing holding me back is that in my current setup I am using GridLayoutByRole, so I have tanks in one ‘group, then melee, then healers then ranged. If Grid2 does that, it looks like I’m switchin!

    • I’ve been pretty vanilla in my group setups, so I have no idea whether that option is available. I should probably investigate (and then update).

    • So there is an option to layout by “role” but I don’t know if that separates melee from ranged dps. I’ll have to test when I’m in a raid or whatnot.

      • So I gave Grid2 a go and… I like it! Especially the way the indicators are so much more customisable, it really helps to get it showing the information I need.

        I tried the layout by role, and it’s ok. It’s not quite as smart as GridPrime’s plugin version, as it doesn’t differentiate between ranged and melee (I think it just goes by assigned dungeon role, rather than looking at a player’s actual spec), but it’s good enough for my purposes I think, since it’s only really druids and shamans that have both a melee and ranged spec.

        • The free-form indicator placement (combined with test mode) really sell it for me. Every time I see a cool plugin for grid-prime (particularly gridstatusgermination) and think “oh yeah, I could do that”, I boot it up with the shiny plugin – and give up after 15 minutes of toe-curling swearing.