One obvious disadvantage to being a raiding newb so late in the game, besides lack of gear, is that everyone else has had months to practice the same raid encounters.  I suspect patience with noobs who don’t know the mechanics is pretty low.

Today, I start raid prep (I’m only level 98, but as Gerald says, “we must be ready”).

we must be ready

“I am invited to a party”, Mo Willems is the author, go get this book for your kiddo, for realsies.

Cramming the info from 10 raid bosses into my brain all at once won’t be a problem, right?


Oh Right, The Studying — 3 Comments

  1. Wait, I thought there were only two rules you needed to know about raiding:
    1) Don’t stand in the bad!
    2) See Rule #1.

      • I’ve never been able to get that to work. The hunter just hits Feign Death everything goes back to the tank. And that’s assuming that you didn’t end up in a random group where the hunter makes sure to his pet’s Growl turned on through the whole dungeon.