I’m saying “raiding occurred” and not “I raided” because the latter statement would imply that I contributed to the raiding.  I completely did not.

I am always out of mana.  Obviously, I’m undergeared, but the mana situation this expansion makes me think that they are purposely trying to annoy me.

The party line: “[W]e still want healers to think about their mana when deciding which heal to cast, and so the mana costs and throughputs of many spells are being altered to give players a choice between spells with lower throughput and lower cost versus spells with higher throughput and higher costs.”

What it means: “Here are all these cool abilities.  Just kidding, you can use them maybe twice per fight or you’re in the wonderful world of running on fumes.”

We must translate from Bullshit into English whenever possible.


Raiding Occurred — 4 Comments

  1. Bah, you know that with Blizzard it’s only a matter of time until you’re back to spamming your biggest heals and nothing else while your mana bar barely moves. They love their rollercoasters. 😉

  2. What’s really funny is that the latest Q&A included priceless questions like “When are you going make Mana matter again?” Apparently a lot of classes (just DPS?) don’t have a mana problem at ALL.

    • Those dumb dps! I noticed when I was boomkinning there was barely any movement on my mana bar. Ever.