Between gearing for raids and raiding, I also did random stuff around Azeroth.

Can I have a flying mount just like this?


Seriously, boomkin look just about adorable in any conveyance.

I was flying around getting the parts for my music box.  Why?  Eh, why not.  It’s not usually the kind of thing I bother with but I was pretty tired of the music while fishing.

I got to steal a boom box from some crazy dancing orcs.  They were not happy when I took it and they proceeded to pound on my face.  I was laughing so hard I had trouble remembering any bit of rotation with which to kill them.


To celebrate my descent into common thievery, I went to my garrison and drank some goblin nitro fuel.  According to the tooltip, it will set you on FIRE if you go near fire, but I did not believe it.  It does in fact set your head on fire and it hurts like hell.


I was embarrassingly close to dying in a fire.

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