Timewalking is so awesome.  It was the perfect mix of nostalgia and gearing.  If LFR brings out the worst in people, timewalking brings out the best.  I did not encounter a single asshat, and most people were polite and downright chatty.

I get why it is limited time, I truly do.  The gear rewards are too good for the level of difficulty (it’s slightly less difficult than a heroic but with gear of a significantly higher level) and if you have something available all the time, you don’t get the crowds to make a snappy queue.

However, by limiting these events, I think Blizzard missed an opportunity to appeal to casual players and new players.  This sort of dungeon is a huge deal for people who are leveling.  Imagine you are leveling up and joining a guild, and trying to get to know all the guildies.  Unless a guildie has a toon within two levels of you, you can’t run a thing together.  And leveling happens so fast that even if you are leveling with the same people, it is very easy to get out of sync.  Something like timewalking could allow social people to, well, be social.  Sure, I ran my main through the event (5 times, for the garrison rewards), but I also ran my level 72 shaman through and was able to easily hold my own in a group full of 100’s and the occasional 90+.

Timewalking would also create a bit of variety.  Do you know how many times I ran Skyreach when I was level 99 and all my buddies were level 100?  A LOT of times.  I would have killed to have some BC dungeons to add to the mix.

I can’t wait until the next Timewalk weekend!

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