I do not like shipyards.

There, I said it.  While I’ve had my ups and downs with garrisons, I have never actively disliked them.  Shipyards, I hate.

And this is the thing that everyone hates: You can lose ships.  That’s not ok.  I won’t even do a 95% mission because even that 5% chance just isn’t worth it.  Especially the mission that has a reward of, I shit you not, 195 gold.  Yeah, I’m not risking losing a ship to bring home 195 gold.

I thought I’d be able to deactivate ships, like followers, when there are too many.  Nope.  It’s destroy those suckers, no backsies.

The kicker is that you have to actually leave your garrison and haul ass down to the second table at the shipyard.  So I have to send out my idiots on one table and then run to a pretty much identical table to send out naval idiots.  It doesn’t take that long but it’s very annoying.  I don’t need even more time added to the equivalent of game-chores.

Is there anyone out there who actually likes the cursed things?  If so, is there something about the stupid shipyards that I’m missing?  Enlighten me.


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  1. Lucky for you, when you trudge through the tedious process of getting your shipyard to level 3, a recent hotfix means that (possibly pending more server restarts) you will get a new shipyard table wedged in next to your old garrison missions table. Now, that would have been much more helpful starting back at the level 1 shipyard, but then we would not feel like we were being rewarded for putting up with the tedium that the current wow developers are calling “content”.

      • @Zel – Ayup. You had a garden patch, which consumed around 30 minutes a day to tend, plus a bunch of dailies. It was instanced.

        As far as I’m concerned, the Garrison is an extension of that.

        • Yeah, I pretty much agree with Grimm on that one. The biggest difference for me is that if you didn’t like the garden, you could just completely ignore it and go on with whatever you did enjoy. Plus, the instancing was really small, just around the garden patch and small building, so that if you were gardening you would regularly run back into the frequently crowded and busy non-instanced Halfhill village.

          In Draenor, I’ve felt like the garrison and it’s accouterments have been shoved in my face at every turn, and it’s only gotten worse now with Tanann Jungle and the shipyard.

          The software developer in me is aghast that they would put all that work into building garrisons while saying that we will be leaving it all behind us next expansion. The player in me will be quite happy to never go back there again.

  2. No, you’re not alone, I hate my shipyard. People talk to me about this crew is better, everyone has their ships on epics already and getting that waystone building so you can get something that can instantly complete missions. BLAH.

    I am super slow with my ships, I am constantly worried about losing epic ships and I dread the run between my garrison and the shipyard. And cache’s? Well you can forget it, I must be the only person who can’t be bothered getting my free loot because I dislike the missions that much!