Since coming back to Wow, healing feels different.  This seems to be my healing “rotation”:

  • keep things up, refreshing before expiration or immediately following expiration
  • cast something (immediately) in response to a proc
  • cast things on cooldown1

I am not liking this at all. If I’m spending most of my time robotically keeping things up, casting something as soon as I see the buff proc, and spamming whatsit on cooldown, then I’m not actually making the decisions that Blizzard wanted healers to be making in this expansion (other than the few-times-a-fight use of oh-shit buttons).

The penalties for screwing up the sequence are severe – usually me running out of mana and being sad.  If nobody even needs heals, robot actions still need to be performed (resulting in overheal) or things will drop, leaving me in a piss-poor position for when the healing suddenly ramps up again and I can’t afford the gcd’s to reapply all the things.

Now, blizzard had the right idea with talents such as Pool of Mists (Monk) and Echo of the Elements (Shaman).  Instead of hitting an ability on cooldown, you have 2-3 charges to play with and there’s more strategery involved in when to weave it in.  You’re probably casting these things roughly on cooldown anyway, but have the option of varying it up a bit if necessary.

I wonder if I picked the wrong class.  I wonder if healing has just morphed this way for all classes.  And I wonder if things were just always this way and I was being dumb and didn’t notice.

  1.  except Wild Growth which you should cast almost never, or you’ll be out of mana.  It might as well be an “oh shit” button.


Keep [Thing] Up and Refresh [Thing] When It Expires, Cast [Ability] When [Thing] Procs, and Use [Other Ability] On Cooldown — 5 Comments

  1. When I was running Disco in Cata and Panda, that’s pretty much how it always went for us. It was a largely robotic progression of things to keep up and running so that nobody took too much damage, or received the indirect HoTs that my things that shielded provided.

    Granted, Panda Disco was a bit more Smite-y than Cata Disco, but it didn’t really feel hugely different.

    But what you’re describing sounds perfectly familiar to me, so I’m guessing that the healing model for whatever you’re running has gravitated towards whatever it was they based Disco off of.

    Beats me as to why – I hated Disco in Panda. But I hated looking like a Newb running Holy even more.

    • Currently, I’m druiding and I hate being starved for mana. I’m not happy about disc being the same way, as you described, but I also wasn’t planning to go disc because raids aren’t really good with more than one disc. Go holy or go home!

      • @Zel from what I’m hearing, mana management is an issue for Holy priest as well. I haven’t tried healing for the silver yet, but I’m told that Spirit is king in the silver qualifiers, much as burst damage seems to be for the DPS silver.

  2. I think it’s always the difficulty with a druid because you want to throw rejuv’s on everyone and it just becomes stupidly expensive. In reality, you don’t HAVE to keep everything up – I only keep it up on people taking damage like tanks – and there is no way I cast WG on cooldown or my mana would be like water in the desert.

    It’s funny you know because you wonder if it’s morphed like that for all classes. But really, what you’re describing is the druid class! And having only played druid, I feel like my life has been keep these hots up, refresh them and hit my Oh-POO buttons when things get hairy (ie NS and regrowth/HT or tranq).

    Actually, that sounds a lot like an affliction warlock to me… except with dots rather than hots.