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  • Casual Raiding and Raid Healing
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  • Alts
  • DPS and Tanking
  • All the news that’s fit to mock

Why “Murloc Parliament”?

Murlocs have to have government too.  It is incredibly amusing to intersperse mrglmrgl in parliamentary debate.  Read about Murloc Government »




Zel is always a healer, currently Troll Druid.  She has addon addictions and issues. Twitter: @Zelmurloc

Character Portrait Zelosha Jenkins <Wiping with Style> of Uldum -US Level 87 Troll Druid
Character Portrait Zelina Jenkins <Wiping with Style> of Uldum -US Level 52 Goblin Shaman
Character Portrait Zelii <Red Tear> of Moonrunner -US Level 100 Night Elf Druid
Character Portrait Zelsha the Patient <Red Tear> of Moonrunner -US Level 96 Gnome Monk

ArcaneTinkerTank (Gnoble)


ArcaneTinkerTank (AKA Gnoble, Zel’s Husband) was a gnome mage and obsessed with all things gnome – and is taking a walk on the wild side as a goblin warlock.  He is currently paladining on the side.

Character Portrait Toxicasset the Kingslayer <Wiping with Style> of Uldum -US Level 87 Goblin Warlock
Character Portrait Victae the Patient <Wiping with Style> of Uldum -US Level 56 Blood Elf Paladin
Character Portrait Gnoblemage the Explorer <Red Tear> of Moonrunner -US Level 100 Gnome Mage
Character Portrait Smallwall the Kingslayer <Red Tear> of Moonrunner -US Level 92 Gnome Warrior



Twig is our 7-year-old who now has Opinions.  She likes to keep us from raiding, and has been doing so for years. She will occasionally hijack the blog for kitten-related posting.  All about Twig »