On couples, kids, friends, and raiding in "pairs".

All guilds have “pairs” who prefer to do stuff together.  We have a father/son team, a father/daughter team, a few couples (oh wait, girls don’t play WoW!), a set of brothers, some RL friends, and in-game BFFs.

The problem is […]

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Radio Silence

I’m mostly without computer for the weekend (still family in town), so no blogging.  By the magics of the intarweb, I’ve managed to schedule some of my yapping and yammering to appear on this site later in the weekend for […]

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Healing Basics

The Mechanics of Healing

For any healing class, the overall goal is the same: to see who needs heals, for how much, and to be able to provide that heal in the most effective (quick and/or mana efficient) manner possible. […]

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