Oh ha ha

After the anniversary debacle, Husband and I put the Twig to bed and decided to run some randoms.

He suggested, “Why don’t you make a margarita?  We have the mats.”

Me: “Seriously… did you just say ‘mats?'”

Good […]

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Radio Silence

I’m mostly without computer for the weekend (still family in town), so no blogging.  By the magics of the intarweb, I’ve managed to schedule some of my yapping and yammering to appear on this site later in the weekend for […]

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Hello world!

Hee hee, my first post.  I’ll just leave the default heading.  Works for now.

Crankyhealer (that’s me) plays 3 healers: An awesome druid, a slightly less awesome discipline priest (until I can be a gnome, that is), and a semi-retired […]

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