The Casual Raider’s Handbook: Professions

Today we’re going to talk about professions.

Now, I know that Elitist Jerks have very definite opinions about which professions will maximize your performance in raids.  I’m talking today about practicality.

TL;DR – It’s Herbalism and Alchemy, hands […]

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Personal Responsibility and the Decision to Raid


I’ve heard a little rabbling lately about how burdensome it is to go through the crap needed to be raid-ready.  Which is true – it’s burdensome and annoying and a long-ass grind.  However, for your amusement, let me put it […]

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“This isn’t in my contract” – when the raid changes plans, what are your options?

Scenario 1

You sign up for ICC. At go-time, the raid leader announces that there aren’t enough people signed up to do ICC, but if we pull in some casual players, we can do a lower-level instance like Ulduar. Let’s […]

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