Twig does not get sarcasm

Last night, Twig did not want to go to sleep.  Thinking herself clever, she announced:


Which would, of course, cause parental intervention to search for said bug and then reassure that there was, in fact, no bug.

I was not fooled.

“Really?  An imaginary bug?” I rolled my eyes.


“Twig, there is no bug.”


“Ok, ‘shoo bug, go away’.  See, Daddy got it,” says Gnoble half-heartedly.



Sigh.  Children do not get sarcasm. Now she firmly believes that there is such a thing as a “majury” bug and it must be terrible.

Despite a healthy fear of bugs, Twig insists on sleeping with these bug bath toys in her bed every night.

Test Drive: Mik Scrolling Battle Text Fan Update for 4.1

Edit: the official version on Curse has been updated by the author for 4.1 as of 5/4/11.

Who loves Mik Scrolling Battle Text?  Me me me!  But the last update was 6 months ago.

There is a FAN UPDATE for 4.1 on Wow Interface.  It works like a dream.  I test drove it last night with no complications.  All my old settings were still there.

So go get it!


Yes, I recycled some old screenshots.  Sue me.

My New Nemesis: The Amani Kidnapper

That’s right, folks, I have a new nemesis.  It’s the Amani Kidnapper, currently found in the new Zul’Aman.

This predatory creature SNATCHES young gnomes without warning for an aerial tour of the boss platform.  To add insult to injury, this so-called kidnapper does not even OFFER candy.

Well, apparently this kidnapper also is biased in favor of the tall races.  Or maybe it thinks gnomes are delicious.  I am not sure.  All I know is that I got to go hang-gliding every freakin time this monstrosity appeared.

Not cool.  Not cool at all.

What’s Your Discipline Priest Spec? And A Question About A Shadow Guide

Disc Specs

Second verse, same as the first… I’m now finishing up a Discipline Priest Guide that should look pretty dang similar to the Holy Priest Guide.  I am too biased about what I consider to be the top specs and need help finding perspective.  What’s your discipline spec and why?

Shadow Guide – maybe

After finishing the Disc guide, because I feel the need to torture myself, I may take a crack at a Shadow guide.  However, this would not be a guide for the uber shadow priest of uberness.  It would be a shadow priest guide for priests who are primarily healers and need to not fail at their shadow spec.  Would there be interest in this?  Or should I leave shadow priesting to the experts?

What’s Your Holy Priest Spec?

So I’m writing a Holy Priest guide, which means I’m obviously nuts.  But I need your help.  I want to see what Holy specs you are using and why.  Not everyone is running with my particular raid makeup.  Some of you are running hardmodes.  Some of you are doing 25′s.  Some of you have favorite specs for running heroics.

I looked on those sites that tell you what the most popular specs are.  The so-called most popular holy spec did NOT include Lightwell.  To me, this is horrific.  But maybe a lot of people skip it.  I just don’t know.

Help me help you by posting your Holy Spec(s) and maybe a brief explanation of why you chose what you did.

Parliamentary Papers

Damn it’s been a while.  Yes, I’ve been reading, but work has been kicking my ass.  Not to mention that with MMO Melting Pot out there, I sort of feel like the “link other people’s articles” angle is probably covered.

Bigger than Kologarn wrote Secretly Disabled WoW Player (Hates You).  You know, I can’t even summarize.  Go read.

Totem Forest reminds us to Click the Damn Lolwell.

Kae from Shades of Kae teaches us how to get Full RSS Feeds from Truncated Feeds.   I have converted ALL my truncated feeds using this method, which means I’m actually reading more blogs.

That’s all I have for now.  Work continues to kick my ass.

How To Keep Interlopers Out Of Your Healer Channel

First the raid leader, then part-time healers, and all of a sudden you have a crowd in your formerly-pristine healer channel.


Unfortunately you have to use slash commands.  Sigh.

Getting the Powah

First, make sure you’re a moderator.  These channels have the annoying habit of resetting when everyone is out of the game, and the first person to get into the channel is the moderator or owner or whatever.  Hopefully that person is not a dirty DPS.


/chatwho 3

(or whatever number your chat channel is) .  You will get a list of names.  One of them has a star.  The person with the star is the channel’s lord and master, for now.

That person can do the kicking, or if he/she doesn’t “have the stones”, the person can pass you the powah with:

/mod channelname yourname

Now you’re in prime kicking position.  (You can unmod someone with /unmod channelname playername.)

Alternatively you can be given ownership with:

/owner channelname yourname

What’s the difference for kicking purposes between owner and mod?  Probably nothing.


It’s incredibly easy

/ckick channelname playername

BAM!  Kicked.  The person can come back.  I guess.  But probably won’t bother.

Other Than Kicking

You can mute:

/mute channelname playername

However, seriously, if someone is pissing you off enough to mute, why let him/her stay in the channel at all?  You can unmute with /unmute channelname playername.  (rly?)

You can ban with:

/ban channelname playername

And, cleverly, unban with /unban channelname playername.

How long does a ban last? No idea.  If channels expire when nobody is in them, and then are re-created, the ban will be lifted when the channel is empty OR the server resets.

You can set a password with:

/pass channelname passwordyoupicked

Again, the stupid thing expires when everyone logs off.  Are we seeing a pattern here?  I think you have to be an owner, not just a moderator, to mess with the channel password. (To join a passworded channel, do /join channelname password.)

Being Nice

Instead of hollering at the healers to join the channel and possibly having them misspell it, you can issue an invite.  Isn’t that polite of you?

/cinvite channelname playername

Says a guildie “oh hey you can do that?  Cool.”  Yes, very cool.

Our Dumb Policy

Or “why I looked up how to boot people”

The healers have found even the smallest amount of “non-healer creep” into the healer channel to be distracting.  For example, a healer who is not raiding with us that night, or a part-time healer.  So we’re starting to limit the healer channel to ONLY the people healing the current encounter.  Which means booting the shadow/disc priest every time he changes specs for a boss, and then reinviting him when he specs back to disc.

Yes it’s harsh and mean and evil.  ATT calls it myopic.  “What if you need to coordinate with the raid leader?” he says.  “Surely the raid leader should be in there for strategy.”  I still say no.1  So far we do very well deciding things in the healer channel as a team and THEN communicating the TL;DR version to the raid leader.  It’s pretty streamlined that way.

For a complete list of slash commands, see the Wowwiki list of slash commands.

  1. I wouldn’t be trying to goad him into writing his own article, would I?

The Casual Raider’s Handbook: Night Before Raid Checklist

OK, don’t be fail on your raid prep just because you don’t have time.  Here’s a handy (mental) checklist that I go through every week so I’m not totally WUT at raid time.

1. Gear


  1. Enchants
  2. Gems & Belt Buckle
  3. FULLY REPAIR before the raid

Ok, last week you got a brand new hat.  You were tired after the raid and totally blanked on enchanting and gemming it.  And by next week, you forgot that you hadn’t done it.

Don’t do that!

The night before, AUDIT YOUR TOON.  You can do this from the armory.  You don’t even have to log in.

You hit Advanced, then  look at the bottom of the screen and you see the audit.

This is my raiding main, and unsurprisingly I pass.  The audit tells you whether you are missing enchants, gems, or a belt buckle.  It takes into account whether you have special crafter-only enchants.

Now, this is my fail alt.  I saw that there were 6 missing enchants!  Mousing over the missing enchants, it shows me which pieces I should fix.  I am also missing a belt buckle.  The auditor also reminds me that I have a crafter-only enchant that I could do.

(Note: The crafter-only enchant thing is sometimes dumb. It keeps telling Rhii that she needs to do parachute cloak rather than +50 intellect.)

It doesn’t hurt to check this once a week, just in case you’ve totally spaced on fixing up a new item.

2. Consumables


  1. Stat Food
  2. Normal Food
  3. Flasks
  4. Potions

There’s not much to say about this.  Don’t depend on someone to make a feast.  Don’t depend on a mage table unless you have a ton of mages.  Bring one flask for each hour a raid is expected to last, and one extra just in case.  And a mana or health potion can save the day.

3. Check Your Addons


  1. Update your addons
  2. Don’t do anything new and freaky

Make sure your stuff is updated, but don’t suddenly “try something new” on raid night.  Do it on a night when you’re just doing heroics.

You want the very latest version to avoid foulups with the latest WoW version, but you don’t want to hold up the raid to fix your addons.  If you can update your addons when you get home from work, way before raid time, that’s best.   Unless you’re raiding on patch day, and there’s a danger of your addon not working, don’t hold up the raid to update.

4. Know The Encounter


  1. Study
  2. No really, study

You are wasting everyone’s time if you don’t.  I recommend both a write up and a video, to reinforce the message.

If you studied up last week, you should STILL do a refresher before the raid unless your target is on farm.

5.  Be Ready At Go Time


  1. Be online early OR
  2. Park your ass at the instance the night before
  3. AND, need I remind you, BE REPAIRED

Being ready at go time does not mean logging in one minute beforehand, demanding a summon, and then not accepting it because “I gotta grab something from the bank…”.  It means being at the instance, totally ready to go, zoning into the swirly door one minute beforehand.

If you can’t be online early because you are putting the kids to bed, get your toon loaded up with consumables, repaired, fully ready, and then park outside the instance.  It’s not like you need the rest xp.