Test Drive: Lightwell Geespot

This weekend, I tested out Lightwell Geespot.  Previously, I did not want to use this addon because it lacked a config menu, and I was not about to muck about in the LUA.

I’m going to say that this was a LIMITED test drive in the sense that I did not want to annoy my guildies with senseless blather.  For this reason, I primarily used the “announce to self” feature.


For announcing to the group, I would still recommend Raeli’s Spell Announcer.  However, for enhanced, detailed information for yourself, I recommend Lightwell Geespot.


You hit /lwg to get the config up.  The first page is a weird stats page that has potential but doesn’t appear to be working properly.  Just hit the “configuration” button.

Here’s the config menu:

Channel Options

Now, here’s the problem with the channel options.  You can select self, group, raid, say etc – but unlike Raeli’s you cannot use “smart announce” that outputs to raid when you’re in a raid and outputs to a group when you’re in a group.

Announcement Options

About the above options, in order…

Whisper the player who used lightwell above the threshold. This option will send an annoying whisper to a lightwell clicker that they used the lightwell above the health threshold, and that some of it was overheal – and you know, overheal is bad.

However, I’m not going to be doing a damn thing to discourage lightwell use.  I’ll worry about overheal when all the charges are actually getting used.  See how there’s no screenie?  I’m not annoying my guildmates with this.

Verdict: Not recommended, unless reducing lightwell overheal is an important strategy for your raid team.

Announce who improperly used lightwell. This announces in a specific channel who clicked the lightwell when over the health threshold – unlike the above option where it whispers the clicker

Can you imagine this spamming in chat? Ew, annoying.  Your ass would be kicked out of the raid.

Verdict: You can use it as self-only if you want that information. Do not use for announcing publicly. If your raid values reducing lightwell overheal, use the whisper option, above.

Announce who used a lightwell.  Hells yes, this is what it’s GOOD FOR.  Now, Raeli’s Spell Announcer does tell you who used the lightwell, but it does NOT tell you how many charges are left.  Observe the comparison:

As you can see, RSA does the job but does NOT give you charges left.  Lightwell Geespot gives you charges left.  No contest for this!  (I turned off RSA for this and now only use Lightwell Geespot to show me who used the lolwell.)

Remember, folks, if you announce this to the raid, you will have your fingers broken by the raid leader.  Promise.

Verdict: Highly recommended for self-only. Do not use for announcing publicly.

Announce when lightwell has been placed.  On the upside, this announcement gives a lot of information (number of charges and average heal).  On the downside, it’s not customizable.  I am continuing to use Raeli’s Spell Announcer for lightwell placement.

I have it here set to announce to myself only.

Verdict: Recommended for announcement to raid, unless you have another announcer addon that you prefer.

Announce when lightwell has faded.  Sure, why not.  Again, I’d only announce this to self.  The raid does not need to know when the lightwell fades – only when it is placed.

Of course, there are plenty of ways of tracking lightwell expiration, but this is another reminder.

Verdict: Take it or leave it.  Use it if you find it helpful, but other addons are just as good for noting when lolwell fades.  Do not announce to the raid.

Effing Update

I know you guys are DYING to hear what’s happening in Eff…


Charlie Sheen is No Longer Lowest

The lowest guild rank is now “Alashole.”



Uh yeah, we’re 9/12.  The progress seemed glacial, with one new boss every couple of weeks, but lately it isn’t taking us very long to master a new one.  Of course, now we’re to the rly hard bosses…

Raid Rostering

Early on, we had to scrub raids pretty often if someone couldn’t make it.  Now we’re at a comfortable 13 regular people for 10 slots.  We created a “sit out” rotation that is hopefully fair to everyone.

I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty details of this sit-out rotation because the sitting out is rarer than you’d think.  Once in a blue moon we have 2 people sit out at the same time.  More often it’s one person on rotation.  But it’s also likely that we have nobody sit out, because something “came up” at the last minute and our scheduled sit-out ends up subbing in.

I’m pretty happy with the scenario of sitting out once every few weeks rather than having to scrub a raid every time 2 raiders go on vacation together or so-and-so’s boss issues an irrational edict.

Team Heal Rules!!!

First, I am quite a vicious tyrant about the healer channel being ONLY for healers who are currently in the raid as a healer.  That limits the voices to 3, and makes it much easier to coordinate.  And snark.  But mostly coordinate.

We work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and have a fluid approach.  Each of us has done tank and raid heal duty, and we shift assignments every freakin fight based on what is best for that fight.


Alas has imposed the master looter duty upon a few of us who were “volunteered” into it.  Nobody should have to raid lead AND administer the lewts.  While we flail a bit with KSK (despite Alas’s excellent guide), we muddle through.

Boring Banking

Flasks and Such

Props to Grimmtooth who is providing flowers which become flasks and go into the guild bank.  We’re maybe halfway to the cauldron achievement, and we’re not spending exorbitant AH prices.  (I almost threw up when I saw how much volatile lifes were going for.)

Now that Grimm’s switched to engineering for rocket boots or other such nonsense, I’ll have to get new farming minions.


The BOE thing was somewhat of a debate.  So, if you’re IN the raid and the BOE drops, you can get it same as any other BOP item that drops.  But what if you’re not in the raid?  There was discussion, and we ultimately decided that everyone had a week to request the item.  If you want it and it’s appropriate for your spec, you get “suicided” in the suicide kings rank, as if you had won it during a raid.  If nobody requests it, it gets sold to fund the gbank.

Bank Repairs

These are to be used ONLY for guild raiding purposes.  Alas will break the fingers of anyone who is caught repairing from guild funds at other times.  And except for accidental screwups, it works fine.


We rule, y’all are jealous.  Jealousy is natural.

How to Install Alpha and Beta Versions of Addons

Today, we’re going to learn to download the latest alpha – which is useful information to have after a patch, when the release version is broken. I am using Grid as an example for illustration only – the release version of Grid works fine.

I don’t recommend running alphas or betas unless the release version is totally not working.

1. Find the Development Site

Curse isn’t going to have the alphas or betas.  However, they list the development site!

In this case, the dev site is WowAce, but Curse Forge works roughly the same way. Except the background is black.  But the layout is exactly the same.

2. Don’t Download From the Front Page of the Dev site

See the download link on the front page?  You’d THINK it’s the most recent version.  But it’s not.  It’s the most recent release version.  Which is NOT why you’re poking around the development site, is it?

3. Find the Version You Want

Usually it’s the most recent version.  But maybe you want the beta released immediately before the most recent alpha.  Scroll down and click on the version you want.

4. Download from the VERSION page.

See, now we’re on the page for the specific version of the addon that we want.

You can download from any of the links on this page, it will work correctly.  You can even use the Curse Downloader if you’re into that sort of thing.

Portal 2 according to Twig (spoilers)

Daddy, let’s play robots.

Daddy jumping!

There’s blue paint.  Daddy spill paint! There’s orange paint.  There’s white paint. Daddy make a mess!

Oh no, bird take potato computer.  Go get it!  Get potato computer and put back in the machine!

Robot so cute!

It’s the MOON!

Robots singing!

My Uneasy Love of Cauterize: A Chimichanga Story

Rhii and I have had a long history with the fire talent Cauterize. When Cataclysm was new and shiny and Eff the Ineffable started running 5 mans, Rhii would often be my healer and I’d often die from Cauterize. For the longest time it seemed that the talent was the number one gnome mage killer localized to my WoW account. But the thing I kept remembering was that it was only activated when I was going to die anyway, so I looked at the extra time as “EFF YOU MOBS!!” revenge time instead of a second chance to live. Rhii and I fretted over it in different ways completely anchored in our positions. She fretted that she didn’t realize that I had a DoT on me that was slowly ticking towards my doom, and I fretted because I should almost never die from cauterize be it because of healer love or my own Ice Block. The problem for both of us was realizing when the Cauterize was in play. That healer dumb dps tension was forged in January and came back last Friday when we made some serious raid time work on Chimaeron who I call Chimichanga.

For those who are not familiar with the fight it is largely a healer check and a tank taunt check. DPS for the most part just needs to be able to know when to stack and when to spread, and help out with save your ass abilities when you can. The challenge in this fight largely centers around Finkle’s Mixture which sets a threshold of health. If healers can consistently keep you just above 10k and get you back there quickly when you get hit you will do fine.

So we started this fight and I thought I’d run arcane because a reduced cooldown on evocate would help out a lot being able to self heal more often. The problem is most of the time your healers are better at getting you above 10k than you are at timing self heal abilities to get there yourself. Do not interpret that as “never use self heals” just that this fight requires you to put a lot of faith in your healers. We go through a lot of tries. We work out cooldown rotations for tanks and healers, work out our taunting issues and as a complete minor problem for the raid (but major to me) is I keep dying pretty early in the fight.

We come to the last couple attempts and I announce I’m switching back to fire because I’m more comfortable with it and when learning a fight you should do what you are more comfortable. Over vent Rhii says “Gnoble I’m worried about cauterize…” in a tone of voice that you would expect from your mom when you say you were going to forget traditional college to be a professional hackey sack player.

But here is the thing, Caurterize saved my life. I know that it did and as a result I lived long enough to make major contributions to Chimichanga’s death. As our heal team gets more comfortable with this fight I fully expect it not to be activated very often or at all, but in this learning phase when I’m hearing Zel hyperventilating in the other corner of the home office, I know that Caurterize is like a second coating of Finkle’s Mixture, and it will pretty much only be used when the healer didn’t get you above 10k fast enough before the next massacre.

It might still make Rhii a bit nervous, but in the end a fire mage needs to take ownership of cauterize and his ability to clear it with ice block. If you can manage that you will increase your survivability in this fight a good amount.

Test Drive: GTFO Helps You GTFO

I admit, I thought I did not need an additional buzzer that says “GET OUT OF THE ICK, MORON” when I have:

  • Bigwigs
  • GridStatusRaidDebuff that shows the ick in my raid frames

But no, GTFO isn’t redundant at all, at least not with those addons.  Unlike DBM, that has a loud trumpety sound when you are standing in something awful, BigWigs is set up differently and is not as blatant.  So while the warnings of things to come are, IMO, better in Bigwigs, the “GET OUT, MORON” warnings are a bit subtle.

GTFO is awesome because it has different sounds for “You are in the ick” and “You are standing next to someone with the ick”.  It also has an independent volume control AND a test mode so you can fiddle with the volume and get it perfect before you start up your raid.  The sounds are pretty distinct and do not blend in with the various pings and blings from other addons.

Click to embiggen

It works for ANY ick anywhere – in raid encounters, instances… any ick.  (There’s a tick box to turn off alerts for “trivial content” where the ick is unlikely to do you much harm – such as ick in an instance way below your level or standing in a campfire.)

The best “surprising use” I found for this addon is that if you need to take a tick of “ick” for strategic purposes in a raid (we just started the Ascendant Council), you can be sure you actually GOT a tick of ick by the reassuring buzz of sound in your ear.  Yes, there is a problem of being in the ick too SHORT a time and not getting a tick (horrors).

As someone who often gets healer tunnelvision, I need all the help I can get.  GTFO is an extra nudge toward better raid (and instance) awareness. Definitely recommended.

Parliamentary Papers (Blog Resurrection Edition)

Just when they thought they were out, we pulled them back in.

Mortigan has been back for a little while now, but his sarcasm appears to be intact.

Non Squishy Heals.  Our pally healer friend is back and diving into the 20 day blogging challenge.

Pixelated Executioner.  Arms warriors rejoice!  Pixelated Executioner is back with armsy goodness.

Oddcraft.  Vrykerion just could not stay away for long.  Apparently WoW is just too damn weird.

Grid Plugins for Atramedes and Chimaeron

Raiding is srs bzns.  While DBM and Bigwigs are good about letting you know raid stuff… sometimes you want those things in your raid frames.

Now, most times, GridStatusRaidDebuff will do the trick.  But sometimes you want more info.


If you haven’t done Chimaeron yet, the short version is that 10k health is a big effin deal.  It’s a huge break point.  And Grid’s low health status works on a percentage of total health, not an actual number of HP left.  Setting “low health” at 10% is a sloppy approximation.

GridStatusChimaeron allows you to set a status for “below 10k health”.

Now, you can show the indicator for below 10k health however you want.

  • You can use an indicator (box) somewhere in the frame.
  • You can color the health bar hot pink.
  • You can color the border around the Grid Frame.
  • If you’re like me, you will set it up so that it shows health as a number somewhere on the frame (I used row 2 of center text).

Any of these options are fine.  Just make sure that it’s set at high enough priority so that it shows when necessary (mine is only superseded by death), and make sure it is noticeable.

Now, GridStatusRaidDebuff does have a sub-10k icon warning built in… but you might not have that plugin.  You might want an extra reminder.  This is just another option.


How hawt is a sound indicator right in your raid frames? Oh it’s hawt.  Much better than a list off to the side.

First, you set your sound thresholds.  I don’t even have the sound indicator showing before 40%.  Then I have different colors to let me know when it goes over 60% and over (gulp) 80%.


  • You can use an indicator (box) somewhere in the frame.
  • You can color the health bar (I wouldn’t recommend this… too distracting).
  • You can color the border around the Grid Frame.
  • If you’re like me, you will set it up so that it shows health as a number somewhere on the frame (Again, I used row 2 of center text).

Just make sure that it’s set at high enough priority so that it shows when necessary, and that it’s shown in a way that is useful to you.

GridStatusRaidDebuff does NOT have any debuffs for sound that I’m aware of.

Also, this addon can also be used for Cho’Gall… which I haven’t gotten to yet.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Shadow Priest Guide Up

Hey… I made a shadow priest guide.  I know very little about shadow priesting (though I did study up for the sake of the guide), so I expect SCATHING comments about how WRONG I am.  Primarily, this guide is for holy and discipline priests trying to have a viable DPS spec.

Also, because you non-healers might be afraid of a page entitled “healer addons” (the. horror.), I split off the addons that are used by pretty much everyone into their own page.

That is all.  Carry on.

Twig does not get sarcasm

Last night, Twig did not want to go to sleep.  Thinking herself clever, she announced:


Which would, of course, cause parental intervention to search for said bug and then reassure that there was, in fact, no bug.

I was not fooled.

“Really?  An imaginary bug?” I rolled my eyes.


“Twig, there is no bug.”


“Ok, ‘shoo bug, go away’.  See, Daddy got it,” says Gnoble half-heartedly.



Sigh.  Children do not get sarcasm. Now she firmly believes that there is such a thing as a “majury” bug and it must be terrible.

Despite a healthy fear of bugs, Twig insists on sleeping with these bug bath toys in her bed every night.