Clique Binding Sets and You

Today we’re going to talk about “binding sets” in Clique.  Don’t be scared.  It will be awesome!


So, you notice that when you bind your clique keys normally, it just says “default.”

That’s your default binding, as in… it’s what the spell would naturally do if you just cast it (with a mouseover, because clique does that automatically).

A spell's gotta do what a spell's gotta do.

This means….

  • A healing spell is going to heal friendly targets, because that’s what it does. If you try to heal a hostile target, it will either give you an error message or heal YOU (if you have the setting checked in the Wow interface that casts a spell on yourself if you have no appropriate target.)
  • A pew pew spell is only going to work if you mouse over an enemy, and you’ll get an error message if you try to use it on a friend.
  • A multi-purpose spell like Penance will heal if you have an ally moused-over and will pew pew if you have an enemy moused-over.

Default should be appropriate for 90% of what you’re doing with clique… but let’s explore some other stuff.

Stuff That Does Not Use a Target

Have you tried to use clique with something like Holy Nova, Mass Dispel, etc – where you don’t have a target.  However, the binding won’t work unless you hover over a frame (any frame). Epic fail, right?

There’s a fix for that. Right click on the binding and select Enable/Disable Binding Sets.  At which point you will be able to select “Global bindings (no target).”

You can select it without unselecting default.  That’s totally fine.

Now you can use your binding with your mouse anywhere on the screen.

Sharing Bindings

Let’s say you want shift-click to be Flash Heal, but when you mouse over an enemy, you want shift-click to be Smite. You can do that, no problem!

Leave Flash Heal as default, and then change Smite to enemy (and unselect default).

I don’t recommend doing this with a spell that is multi-purpose, like Penance, that already has an “enemy” component. It’s doable, as discussed later, but why would you want to?

The Rest (and why I don’t use them)


Your heals should work fine in the default setting, and there’s no point in setting your heals to “friend”.

Not only is setting the heals to “friend” unnecessary in most cases, but may limit your spell abilities without you realizing it. For example, Wild Growth CAN be targeted on a mob and splash AROUND that mob. In fact, it’s the best way to make sure both the tanks in front of the mob and the melee behind the mob get hit. If you set your Wild Growth binding to “friend”, you can’t center it on the mob anymore.

If you have a multi-purpose spell like Penance or Dispel Magic, you can set it to “friend” rather than default to effectively disable the offensive capability of the spell when you mouseover a hostile target. This could ONLY possibly be useful if you are accidentally harming mind-controlled targets with your penance, but that happens so infrequently.

Out Of Combat Only

You can use out-of-combat to “share” a binding. You can bind rezes and buffs to the same bindings you use for heals in combat.

DO NOT DO THIS! Often, you do not get into combat until you cast the first heal… and you can’t cast the first heal because you are out of combat and your binding wants to rez.

Hovercast Bindings (Target Required)

I’ll be honest. I can’t get this one to work. Clique already casts on your mouseover. I thought this one might prevent you from having to use [@mouseover] in a custom clique macro, but nope, it doesn’t do that either. Steer clear.

Parliamentary Papers

Whut?  We haven’t done this in like FOREVER.  Onward!

Jasyla at Cannot be Tamed has a bunch of awesome charts comparing healing spells by class. Oh and she moved to self-hosted, so if you haven’t updated your feed or bookmark, get on it.

Psynister talks about Overlooked Changes that have occurred in the shattering.  A bunch of these were a surprise to me. (Hint: dual spec is even earlier and cheaper.)

Gauss displays Cataclysm Print Ads that are snarfle-worthy. Check them out!

Don’t think we’re missing the new cata class spec and gear guides that are coming out – they are being added (probably weekly) to the appropriate class page.

Who has 8 fingers and is part of Team Heal?

This gnome right here!

The leveling game has been redesigned. My favorite race has a new class. Time to roll an alt. Meet Walkitoff the grumpiest pint of healing you ever saw (until you meet my wife formerly known as The Cranky Healer).

So here is my initial take and rules. First off I’m taking all my cloth heirlooms and giving it to the gnome. Sorry Charlie, it may not be a “pure ” leveling experience, but I have stuff to do. I’m leveling discipline.

I see you walking around with the loot I want and I’m like SMITE YOU! Oooo-ooo-ooo.

The silver in my pocket just isn’t enough so I’m like SMITE you and SMITE her too!

It seemed like a nice blend of healing and DPS. And I’m just going where the quest givers tell me. So far that has been the Gnome starting area, general Dun Morogh, Loch Modan and starting the Wetlands now. And if I feel like it, I’ll random dungeon queue for a heal spot.  I will in all good faith attempt to complete the quests I am given not abandoning them regardless if they turn gray to me. (I’d like to note that I’ve done these zones rather recently as we leveled lowbie alts when determining if Alas’ Guild was a good fit for us.)

On the Quests

There are fewer than before. Some are new and relevant to the world changes. Some have been tweaked. For example previously you needed to kill Wendingos for hides. Now, just go kill some and come back. It speeds it up and makes the whole process take less time. Quest hubs that have two or three quests are almost always directing you to the same area so the bears you have to get bear rump from are mingled with the spiders you need to kill. Very nice for efficient and directed gameplay.

There are also generally fewer mobs in a group. Previously, the troggs you have to kill for the early Loch Modan quests were close enough together you had to overpower them some if a pull went bad. Now they are spread out so much that accidentally pulling two seems highly unlikely. The breadcrumbs leading you from one quest hub to another are pretty straightforward.

They are generally more fun than before. You feel like you are accomplishing things and making progress.

On the Zones

Everything seems to have a purpose. They do a very nice job of directing you with quests to see all of the zone. Just by doing the quests it is completely probable you will get the exploration achievement in the process of doing all your things. The changes from the shattering are also evident in sometimes subtle ways. There are caves I remember from before that were Frostmane Troll stomping grounds. But with Azeroth’s ground opening up more, the Troggs have over run that cave and now you quest through seeing all these Frostmane Troll corpses littering the ground.

The drained Loch is also pretty impressive. You see remnants of the dock, the shoreline etc. It feels like something important has changed. Other things have shifted slightly like the Orge area is further west than I remember, but it feels fine.

Lots of flight points. Perhaps one of my biggest complaints about the Old old world was having to walk everywhere as a noob before having a mount, now major quest hubs and even some minor ones have their own flight point. The Gol’Bolar Quarry Mine for instance has a flight point. It is a small thing, but it helps a lot.

On the Abilities and Skills

This is not my first priest. I have previously leveled a priest to 30, twice before losing momentum. So far, I feel you get a healthy pace of introduction to new abilities as you go. In fact, at the very beginning you don’t even have a heal, you just have smite.

By level 10, I chose discipline and it made me feel very powerful throwing penance at things’ faces. Having lots of experience as a mage and a decent amount of time playing  a lock, caster DPS feels natural to me, and through the 27 levels I’ve played so far I don’t feel gimped at all despite playing a healing class and in a healish spec.

Previously, at this point in my leveling life, I would have been shadow, because the old wisdom was “shadow to level, anything else would take too long”. I like that I feel I have a choice in what I play and not feel penalized for not going down a given path. What I am really curious about is if a Discipline spec at max level could be a viable dps spec.

On the Dungeon Finder

At level 16, I queued up to see how I’d do at healing. I ran Ragefire twice and Deadmines once. My group was 4 gnomes and a human hunter (we ran through two of them) and then the Human hunter dropped and we got a Night Elf Hunter. I didn’t find healing (and bear in mind I have heirlooms) that challenging at that level, so I figure a true beginner would probably not be a huge liability if they went healing early in the game.

Ragefire is still pretty boring, kill trash get the boss. The deadmines got a major facelift which is weird since I thought of the Old World dungeons it was one of the better ones especially at the late teens through early twenties.

The best part is that it auto prompts you that a quest is available in that instance as you go. So maybe there are some additional quests you’d pick up in Westfall I don’t know, but completely ignorant of that I still had 3 or 4 quests presented to me.

The boss fights are more complicated than before. There is a real sense that they are teaching you not to stand in the ick early on. The bosses are new, the geography is the same. And the final boss was a good choice for the redesign.

How Powerful Am I?

As of last night I have only died once through 27 levels.

And what killed me?

Freaking Deathwing. I was about to log off for the night settling into the inn and boom! Dead. I was kind of annoyed since I had the “perfect game” going til Zelmaru told me people are complaining about not getting the achievement and have tried camping in places to get it.  So then I felt like a jerk. In case you are wondering, I was in the Wetlands in the inn in the marsh up north near that crappy windmill.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty happy playing and leveling a priest. Zel says she loves Discipline but doesn’t like the idea of a smite spec (healers heal not DPS!). But I’m thinking in a raid fight where 2 healers is too few and 3 healers is too many, a smite spec priest might slide in nicely. Not topping either meter but act as a great utility player. Or in a 5 man where the toons overgear it some you could smite it up and speed stuff along.

Chakra and Chastise for Dummies Take 2 (4.0.3a)

Ugh, this chakra shit is hard.

I’ve learned some stuff since the last guide and there have been some changes to the way everything works (4.0.3a). So we’re trying this again.

Never fear.  If I can do it, you can do it. Even with messy macros.

This is primarily focused on healing, not smiting or any of that junk.

(At the time of this posting, the wowhead tooltips for Chakra and Revelations weren’t caught up with reality, so I screenied tooltips in-game. In the name of science.)

How It Works

The “Chakra” Part

Hit Chakra.

Then hit a SPELL to trigger the Chakra state.  Different spells trigger different states. The names of the chakra state no longer match the spell used to trigger the state.

The CURRENT accurate tooltip, that Yours Truly screenied in-game.

The old tooltip. The chakra states had dumb but descriptive names.

To break it down for you:

Some spells will extend your chakra state through the talent state of mind. However, Chakra has a 30 second duration and a 30 second cooldown. There is no reason to extend your chakra state. You will probably just waste mana trying to hit a spell you weren’t already going to use. If an extension happens, great. But since you can refresh Chakra as soon as it expires, don’t go out of your way to extend.

With a 30 second duration and a 30 second cooldown, you can be in a chakra state all the time. You should be.

The “Holy Word: Junk” Part

While you are in a Chakra state, you can hit Holy Word for extra awesomeness. If you take the talent Revelations (you SHOULD), your holy word transmogrifies into SOMETHING depending on the state you’re in. At least we have fewer to remember, now that they took out renew.

CURRENT tooltip.

Old tooltip. For your reference. See, we used to have another chakra state.

Here’s how it breaks down now.

Continue Reading »

Do I really need to read theorycraft for my new alt?

We’re all starting new alts. And being good little readers that we are (hell you’re reading this) we want to make sure we are good at what we’re doing and not total noobs.

But at the same time, many of us are going for the “fresh” experience of a new wow player. To take the game in an organic manner and just learn by doing.

So, do you need to theorycraft? Maybe…

You Probably Don’t Need To Research Outside Sources If…

You are soloing. Hell, if you fail, you’re not affecting anyone else’s game.. so who cares?

You are under level 40. Ok, I picked that number at random, I admit it. But at the low levels, you can probably bumble along just fine without a guide. After all, when you have few abilities and few talent points, it’s hard to really “do it wrong.”

You are not dying a lot. A big clue as to whether you’re “doing it wrong” is whether you’re constantly corpse running.

You read the in-game stuff. At least read the tooltips and don’t just bluster ahead. If you don’t want to heal, make sure you didn’t choose a healing spec. DUH!

You already know the basics of the class. You’re probably ahead of the game with a warlock if you’ve played a boomkin. Caster DPS is basically caster dps.

You Absolutely Need To Research If…

You are raiding. Period. You will need to squeeze every ounce out of your toon, and just learning by doing isn’t enough. You need the math nerds to be the best of the best.

You are having trouble in instances with others.  If you’re a tank and are having trouble holding aggro… if you’re a healer having trouble keeping the group alive… if you’re a DPS and are having trouble keeping up with the others OR are having trouble using your crowd control abilities.

You change specs at a high-ish level. At level 30, it’s probably not a big deal. If you’re much above that, you’re going to need to read something-or-other to catch up on what all your abilities do, since you didn’t just learn them slowly and organically as you were leveling.

You see other people of the same class and level with shit that you don’t have.  All the other warlocks of your level have a demon you don’t? You’re asked to perform an ability you don’t have? Maybe you missed a quest along the way. Time to figure that out.

You croak a lot. Time to investigate how to cut down on that.

Whining Post of Whininess (AKA things for which I do not give thanks)

In no particular order…

  • Blood in the water is a dumb name. Sounds like it’s “that time of the month” and I need to get a note from the nurse to skip swim class.
  • Smite specs. Do not want.
  • Blizzard’s snark about old tree form. “Glyph of the Treant (new) allows druids to keep the original treant Tree of Life look… if they must. Must they?” Bee pit? Y/N/Hell Yes.
  • How the hell do I create a timer for my healing floor of healingness anyway? “Oh the sparkly haze is gone, time to reapply.”
  • Needing my authenticator to access raid calendar from the armory. I’ll take the risk that a leet haxxor is going to sign me up for shit I didn’t intend to attend.

That’s all folks. I’m not actually here (the magic of scheduled posts). I’m likely up to my elbows in cooking, and swearing a good bit, but probably not nearly as much as my momma.

A Peon Retrospective

Ah a trip down memory lane.

At around this time last year, husband was GM of a guild, I was in charge of all things recruitment, and it seemed we couldn’t be gone for a minute without things going crazy.  We worried about topics like mains and alts in raiding, timing of raid rostering, mods raiders are usingbehavior of new recruits, recruiting minors, and planning guild events.  I was generally irritable at being always “on call”, and suffering a bit of burnout.

Then we quit being GM and officer. It was glorious.

You really don’t appreciate being a peon until you’ve been an officer. Before, I would get all frustrated that shit wasn’t happening and I was like “I could fix that in 15 minutes.” And when I was an officer, I could and did fix it in 15 minutes, and it was very satisfying to actually have that shit get done rather than ask for it to get done and the officers wander off and not get it done. But I reached my breaking point and just got burnt out and tired.

Now, when shit doesn’t get done, I know full well I could fix it, but the aversion to actually doing it myself makes the frustration vanish. I don’t want to fix it myself, and the desire to not fix it myself is so strong that I don’t even care if it stays broken forever.

  • Nobody took a combat log? Whatever.
  • Someone’s showing up unenchanted?  I’m frustrated as shit until I realize that I have zero desire or… less than zero, negative desire to holla “hey, you need to flask and enchant and gem and all that shit, remember?”
  • If someone hasn’t studied up on the raid encounter, I’m not the one that has to go through the explanation. In fact, if it’s an encounter I know particularly well, I get to take a pee break.

Just this week, an officer left the guild. And for me personally, it wasn’t any different than a regular member leaving the guild. Sure, it sucks when someone leaves, but it wasn’t on my shoulders to go “oh shit” and reshuffle responsibilities and pick up strings, find raid replacements, etc. I didn’t secretly lament “why the crap did you have to do that right before I’m going to be afk for a week?” Nope. Not my problem. And if any drama or angst crops up because of it, I can watch with detached amusement from a quite safe distance.

Last year, when my mom came to visit, I worried about not being in game. This year I could give a shit. My computer can be turned off.

And with that, SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!

Are you suffering from threat-gen dysfunction?

You are not alone. Since 4.0.1 I have had problems being a tank.

My survivability on content I’ve run doesn’t seem to be an issue. Zel could speak more to that as she usually is healing me, but I definitely feel like I’m just as durable as before.

My problem has been on threat generation. I’ve always had some problem being an AoE tank. In wrath that was a weak area for warrior tanks. Some rose to the challenge without a problem, others had more stress on trash pulls than on boss pulls. Since the patch I’ve noticed that on boss fights threat seems to be more of an issue for me. Previously on a Patchwerk-style boss I’d take a quick lead on threat and just pull away the further the fight went on even against the best DPS in our guild. Now I can’t say that anymore, and it is frustrating. Anytime you are comfortable in a role and things change and you can’t do what you did before as well, it is a bit unsettling.

Why can't I get threat like before? It makes me sad.

So tanks trying to find themselves in this new world order, take comfort in the voice of other tanks who are less confident than they were a month ago. And like anytime I don’t know how to do something in WoW I use Google Fucking Search. When I feel I’ve got my groove back I’ll come back with a flowchart or a description of my system to help. Until then, stay strong and keep on shield slamming.

I Refuse to Smite.

Smiting is craptastic.

It’s a craptastic spell that has a lame animation. I’m not editing your face off, I’m smiting. Like holy death from above. Sissy slash is sissy.

Now what does Elitist Jerks say?  They say that they don’t know how it’s gonna pan out at 85, but stuff is so easysauce now that we should practice smiting builds. NO! That is the path to the dark side.

Do you think the Lich King is gonna give me a break from pre-bubbling for infest so I can throw a sissy fairy dust slash at his face?  Yeah I think not. We downed him for the first time last weekend and there was absolutely NO smiting involved.

Stay strong, non-smiters! To borrow from Alamo, “Disk Preest is 4 heels.” Focus not on our smites but on our giant penance.

“This isn’t in my contract” – when the raid changes plans, what are your options?

Scenario 1

You sign up for ICC. At go-time, the raid leader announces that there aren’t enough people signed up to do ICC, but if we pull in some casual players, we can do a lower-level instance like Ulduar. Let’s say you HATE Ulduar and are tired of Ulduar and just don’t wanna. You signed up for ICC. It doesn’t matter about gear (let’s say you don’t need gear from either instance) it matters that you signed up for X, and now you are about to do Y.

So what do you do? Do you go along with it because if you don’t, you spoil it for the other 9 people who are fine with doing Ulduar? Do you say “thanks but no thanks” and wander off?

Scenario 2

You sign up for ICC to continue to work on Sindragosa. At go-time, the raid leader announces that there aren’t enough people signed up, but if we pull in casual players, we can make a full raid.  However, you’re not going to try Sindragosa, as originally planned, but instead head to Festergut. Same instance, change of plans in which boss you are going to do.

Has your answer changed? Should it?

The Balancing Act

Essentially you are having to balance the needs of the guild against the needs of yourself. You don’t want to be a dick to other people, but you don’t want to spend your playtime being dragged to stuff that you didn’t want to do (especially if you have limited playtime).

Food for Thought

When you sign up for a raid, do you sign up for the activity itself, and if the activity changes, your sign up is void? Or do you sign up for a time slot, and the guild has you for that time slot, regardless of what you end up doing during that time?

If you sign up for an activity, how much of a change in plans is so much of a change that you are no longer expected to attend under the original sign up?

Does it matter whether some people still need something from the new activity? Does it matter what they need (i.e. a mount versus an achievement?)

If changes of plans were common, would you think twice before signing up for activities?

EDIT: Further reading!

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