Chakra and Chastise for Dummies Take 2 (4.0.3a)

Ugh, this chakra shit is hard.

I’ve learned some stuff since the last guide and there have been some changes to the way everything works (4.0.3a). So we’re trying this again.

Never fear.  If I can do it, you can do it. Even with messy macros.

This is primarily focused on healing, not smiting or any of that junk.

(At the time of this posting, the wowhead tooltips for Chakra and Revelations weren’t caught up with reality, so I screenied tooltips in-game. In the name of science.)

How It Works

The “Chakra” Part

Hit Chakra.

Then hit a SPELL to trigger the Chakra state.  Different spells trigger different states. The names of the chakra state no longer match the spell used to trigger the state.

The CURRENT accurate tooltip, that Yours Truly screenied in-game.

The old tooltip. The chakra states had dumb but descriptive names.

To break it down for you:

Some spells will extend your chakra state through the talent state of mind. However, Chakra has a 30 second duration and a 30 second cooldown. There is no reason to extend your chakra state. You will probably just waste mana trying to hit a spell you weren’t already going to use. If an extension happens, great. But since you can refresh Chakra as soon as it expires, don’t go out of your way to extend.

With a 30 second duration and a 30 second cooldown, you can be in a chakra state all the time. You should be.

The “Holy Word: Junk” Part

While you are in a Chakra state, you can hit Holy Word for extra awesomeness. If you take the talent Revelations (you SHOULD), your holy word transmogrifies into SOMETHING depending on the state you’re in. At least we have fewer to remember, now that they took out renew.

CURRENT tooltip.

Old tooltip. For your reference. See, we used to have another chakra state.

Here’s how it breaks down now.

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Do I really need to read theorycraft for my new alt?

We’re all starting new alts. And being good little readers that we are (hell you’re reading this) we want to make sure we are good at what we’re doing and not total noobs.

But at the same time, many of us are going for the “fresh” experience of a new wow player. To take the game in an organic manner and just learn by doing.

So, do you need to theorycraft? Maybe…

You Probably Don’t Need To Research Outside Sources If…

You are soloing. Hell, if you fail, you’re not affecting anyone else’s game.. so who cares?

You are under level 40. Ok, I picked that number at random, I admit it. But at the low levels, you can probably bumble along just fine without a guide. After all, when you have few abilities and few talent points, it’s hard to really “do it wrong.”

You are not dying a lot. A big clue as to whether you’re “doing it wrong” is whether you’re constantly corpse running.

You read the in-game stuff. At least read the tooltips and don’t just bluster ahead. If you don’t want to heal, make sure you didn’t choose a healing spec. DUH!

You already know the basics of the class. You’re probably ahead of the game with a warlock if you’ve played a boomkin. Caster DPS is basically caster dps.

You Absolutely Need To Research If…

You are raiding. Period. You will need to squeeze every ounce out of your toon, and just learning by doing isn’t enough. You need the math nerds to be the best of the best.

You are having trouble in instances with others.  If you’re a tank and are having trouble holding aggro… if you’re a healer having trouble keeping the group alive… if you’re a DPS and are having trouble keeping up with the others OR are having trouble using your crowd control abilities.

You change specs at a high-ish level. At level 30, it’s probably not a big deal. If you’re much above that, you’re going to need to read something-or-other to catch up on what all your abilities do, since you didn’t just learn them slowly and organically as you were leveling.

You see other people of the same class and level with shit that you don’t have.  All the other warlocks of your level have a demon you don’t? You’re asked to perform an ability you don’t have? Maybe you missed a quest along the way. Time to figure that out.

You croak a lot. Time to investigate how to cut down on that.

Whining Post of Whininess (AKA things for which I do not give thanks)

In no particular order…

  • Blood in the water is a dumb name. Sounds like it’s “that time of the month” and I need to get a note from the nurse to skip swim class.
  • Smite specs. Do not want.
  • Blizzard’s snark about old tree form. “Glyph of the Treant (new) allows druids to keep the original treant Tree of Life look… if they must. Must they?” Bee pit? Y/N/Hell Yes.
  • How the hell do I create a timer for my healing floor of healingness anyway? “Oh the sparkly haze is gone, time to reapply.”
  • Needing my authenticator to access raid calendar from the armory. I’ll take the risk that a leet haxxor is going to sign me up for shit I didn’t intend to attend.

That’s all folks. I’m not actually here (the magic of scheduled posts). I’m likely up to my elbows in cooking, and swearing a good bit, but probably not nearly as much as my momma.

A Peon Retrospective

Ah a trip down memory lane.

At around this time last year, husband was GM of a guild, I was in charge of all things recruitment, and it seemed we couldn’t be gone for a minute without things going crazy.  We worried about topics like mains and alts in raiding, timing of raid rostering, mods raiders are usingbehavior of new recruits, recruiting minors, and planning guild events.  I was generally irritable at being always “on call”, and suffering a bit of burnout.

Then we quit being GM and officer. It was glorious.

You really don’t appreciate being a peon until you’ve been an officer. Before, I would get all frustrated that shit wasn’t happening and I was like “I could fix that in 15 minutes.” And when I was an officer, I could and did fix it in 15 minutes, and it was very satisfying to actually have that shit get done rather than ask for it to get done and the officers wander off and not get it done. But I reached my breaking point and just got burnt out and tired.

Now, when shit doesn’t get done, I know full well I could fix it, but the aversion to actually doing it myself makes the frustration vanish. I don’t want to fix it myself, and the desire to not fix it myself is so strong that I don’t even care if it stays broken forever.

  • Nobody took a combat log? Whatever.
  • Someone’s showing up unenchanted?  I’m frustrated as shit until I realize that I have zero desire or… less than zero, negative desire to holla “hey, you need to flask and enchant and gem and all that shit, remember?”
  • If someone hasn’t studied up on the raid encounter, I’m not the one that has to go through the explanation. In fact, if it’s an encounter I know particularly well, I get to take a pee break.

Just this week, an officer left the guild. And for me personally, it wasn’t any different than a regular member leaving the guild. Sure, it sucks when someone leaves, but it wasn’t on my shoulders to go “oh shit” and reshuffle responsibilities and pick up strings, find raid replacements, etc. I didn’t secretly lament “why the crap did you have to do that right before I’m going to be afk for a week?” Nope. Not my problem. And if any drama or angst crops up because of it, I can watch with detached amusement from a quite safe distance.

Last year, when my mom came to visit, I worried about not being in game. This year I could give a shit. My computer can be turned off.

And with that, SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!

Are you suffering from threat-gen dysfunction?

You are not alone. Since 4.0.1 I have had problems being a tank.

My survivability on content I’ve run doesn’t seem to be an issue. Zel could speak more to that as she usually is healing me, but I definitely feel like I’m just as durable as before.

My problem has been on threat generation. I’ve always had some problem being an AoE tank. In wrath that was a weak area for warrior tanks. Some rose to the challenge without a problem, others had more stress on trash pulls than on boss pulls. Since the patch I’ve noticed that on boss fights threat seems to be more of an issue for me. Previously on a Patchwerk-style boss I’d take a quick lead on threat and just pull away the further the fight went on even against the best DPS in our guild. Now I can’t say that anymore, and it is frustrating. Anytime you are comfortable in a role and things change and you can’t do what you did before as well, it is a bit unsettling.

Why can't I get threat like before? It makes me sad.

So tanks trying to find themselves in this new world order, take comfort in the voice of other tanks who are less confident than they were a month ago. And like anytime I don’t know how to do something in WoW I use Google Fucking Search. When I feel I’ve got my groove back I’ll come back with a flowchart or a description of my system to help. Until then, stay strong and keep on shield slamming.

I Refuse to Smite.

Smiting is craptastic.

It’s a craptastic spell that has a lame animation. I’m not editing your face off, I’m smiting. Like holy death from above. Sissy slash is sissy.

Now what does Elitist Jerks say?  They say that they don’t know how it’s gonna pan out at 85, but stuff is so easysauce now that we should practice smiting builds. NO! That is the path to the dark side.

Do you think the Lich King is gonna give me a break from pre-bubbling for infest so I can throw a sissy fairy dust slash at his face?  Yeah I think not. We downed him for the first time last weekend and there was absolutely NO smiting involved.

Stay strong, non-smiters! To borrow from Alamo, “Disk Preest is 4 heels.” Focus not on our smites but on our giant penance.

“This isn’t in my contract” – when the raid changes plans, what are your options?

Scenario 1

You sign up for ICC. At go-time, the raid leader announces that there aren’t enough people signed up to do ICC, but if we pull in some casual players, we can do a lower-level instance like Ulduar. Let’s say you HATE Ulduar and are tired of Ulduar and just don’t wanna. You signed up for ICC. It doesn’t matter about gear (let’s say you don’t need gear from either instance) it matters that you signed up for X, and now you are about to do Y.

So what do you do? Do you go along with it because if you don’t, you spoil it for the other 9 people who are fine with doing Ulduar? Do you say “thanks but no thanks” and wander off?

Scenario 2

You sign up for ICC to continue to work on Sindragosa. At go-time, the raid leader announces that there aren’t enough people signed up, but if we pull in casual players, we can make a full raid.  However, you’re not going to try Sindragosa, as originally planned, but instead head to Festergut. Same instance, change of plans in which boss you are going to do.

Has your answer changed? Should it?

The Balancing Act

Essentially you are having to balance the needs of the guild against the needs of yourself. You don’t want to be a dick to other people, but you don’t want to spend your playtime being dragged to stuff that you didn’t want to do (especially if you have limited playtime).

Food for Thought

When you sign up for a raid, do you sign up for the activity itself, and if the activity changes, your sign up is void? Or do you sign up for a time slot, and the guild has you for that time slot, regardless of what you end up doing during that time?

If you sign up for an activity, how much of a change in plans is so much of a change that you are no longer expected to attend under the original sign up?

Does it matter whether some people still need something from the new activity? Does it matter what they need (i.e. a mount versus an achievement?)

If changes of plans were common, would you think twice before signing up for activities?

EDIT: Further reading!

Pocket Heals: “We’ve Not Enough People…We’re Going to ToC” “Wait…What? I Didn’t Sign up for That…”

Muradin Musings: Self-Interest vs. Greater Good

A Messy Workaround for Broken Holy Word: Chastise Mouseover Macros

~Edit 2/28/11: Simple holy word macros work again.~

So… courtesy of Google F. Search and Erinys (who commented as I was writing this, hehe), I have a working HW: Chastise Macro! I looked at all the versions of how to do this and found one that I could understand and use. Murloc Tested and Approved!

Why is this Macro Different from All Other Macros

This macro doesn’t just input commands. It acts, as if you, the user, actually physically “did stuff” with your keyboard/mouse. This macro is as if you did the the following 3 actions:

  1. target (clicking on) your mouseover;
  2. press the action bar button where you have placed your HW: Chastise spell; and then
  3. switch (click) your target back to whatever you were targeting before you decided to chastise.

The Macro Itself

You first have to take chastise from your spell book and drag it somewhere on your action bars.  So do that.  (Where on your action bars?  Stay tuned.)

In macro form, here it is.

/tar [@mouseover,exists]

/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1


But what does that mean?

/tar [@mouseover,exists] = “Target my mouseover, if I have one”.

This is not like “target=mouseover” because your target will actually shift (momentarily) to whatever you are mousing over, away from whatever you are currently targeting.

/click MultiBarBottomLeftButton1 = “Click button 1 on the Bottom Left Multi-Bar of my Action Bars.”

I admit, I am a fool when it comes to this. You need to put your plain ol’ chastise spell somewhere on your action bars and then call up the “spot” where you’ve put it.

Here’s the list of bars from wowwiki:

ActionButton#                Main Bar
BonusActionButton#           Dynamic bar that switches actions based on Forms
MultiBarBottomLeftButton#    Bottom Left Bar
MultiBarBottomRightButton#   Bottom Right Bar
MultiBarRightButton#         Right Bar
MultiBarLeftButton#          Right Bar 2 (to the left of "Right Bar")
PetActionButton#             Pet Bar
ShapeshiftButton#            Druid Forms, etc

Which is nice if you’re using the default interface bars, but when you’re using Dominos or Bartender – which bar is which? I ungracefully used trial and error to find a spot on a bar that worked for me. I ended up with “MultiBarBottomLeftButton1″ which was the first button on “Bar 6″ in Dominos.

Harpy’s Nest has a better way of finding out what button you’re using, but in a pinch, ye olde trial and error works!

/targetlasttarget = “Go back to the thing I was previously targeting before I switched targets to do that chastise thing.”

Although you could have been targeting nothing, in which case, you will still end up targeting nothing. Ideally this should create a seamless experience “like” a mouseover macro, although if you get lag, you may get a “blip” before reacquiring your target.


Woe is me, 4.0.3 (it rhymes)

Holy Word: Chastise

Remember how I got the holy word: chastise macro to work in all its various incarnations depending on my chakra state?

Not anymore.

Nope, now when I’m in a chakra state and hit my macro, big red letters on my screen gleefully inform me that I don’t in fact know that spell.

Wait, what?

In fact, when I’m in POH-Chakra and I hit the Holy Word Macro, I get a targeting circle, so it obviously knows what I’m trying to do. I’m obviously trying to place my floor-of-healing-goodness (that’s the technical term). But when I click my mouse to actually place the circle, “Spell not learned”. The hell it’s not!


My skinning is 450. Apparently, I now need 470 to skin the beasts in TOC-10. Really.

Everything is Tiny

I mean wtf, I set up all my addons to make my UI the scale I want it, only to have everything shrink. Epic. Fail. (As I stayed up way too late twiddling around with my UI.)

"How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read... if they can't even fit inside the building?"

30 sec Chakra Cooldown is Hawt

On the plus side, right now the only plus side, the 30-second Chakra cooldown makes switching states a breeze, and I’m always in a chakra state if I want to be. I also don’t have to worry about hitting the spell that extends the state because, whatever, I can just re-cast it right when it expires. I can’t wait until they combine the POH and Renew chakras which will make my life MUCH easier.

I got hit by a loathsome disease, but Arthas died instead.

Apparently the trick to defeating Arthas is to infect your disc priest with THE PLAGUE. As I felt like croaking hell on a stick, barely able to wheeze into vent, we killed him.

I’m not sure what was more exciting at that point: the kill itself or the swift and early end to the raid with the promise of imminent NyQuil.

Observe posts from guildmates Alas and Jinx, where screenies abound. I’m gonna get moar tea.

The Raid Drink of KINGSLAYERS!