Why Every Healer Should Care About and Track Hots

Non-Druid Total Hot Tracking

“But Zel,” you say, “I don’t HAVE hots, or rather, I have 1-2 piddly hots that don’t matter much. I’m not a druid. I don’t have to time my hots, be particularly careful not to overwrite them, or think about them much at all.”

That’s the reason you might not be tracking your hots in Grid/Vuhdo/Healbot, but I’m not talking about your hots. I’m talking about when you’re in a raid and you have to play nice with others. I’m talking about your hots and their hots, all together.

This is information you need to have. If a big boss ability is coming up, you need to know if your tank is hotted up to the gills (in which case you might not want to blow a save-tank cooldown) or is without a buffer at all. If you see that a squishie who just took a hit has 2 hots ticking on him, you may not want to direct heal him right away.

How to do this in Grid

This obvious easy choice is to use GridStatusHots + Text to give you the total number of hots (from all sources) on a target.  You will need to use TEXT – meaning that you either dedicate one of your center text spots to hot count, or use one of the following plugins:

First, configure your Total Hot Count

What’s the Lifebloom thing?

Do you want to count a 3-stack of LB as 3 hots or 1 hot?  For me, I think there’s a huge difference between a 3-stack and a single stack, but it’s up to you.

Then you place the total hot count somewhere there’s a text option.

“But I use Healbot/Vuhdo”

Too bad! Google F Search time.

Tracking Prayer of Mending in Grid Redux

This Guide Supersedes the Previous Guide.

Ok class, today we are going to learn about tracking Mending Frisbee using NUMBERS. If you want to use boxes, that’s cool too.

Shopping List

What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:

Mending Frisbee


You can have the colors change/fade

  • by stack or
  • by time left

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Tracking Power Word: Shield and Weakened Soul in Grid Redux

Since I published the last guide on this issue, one plugin has been abandoned while another stepped up to bat.  So, let’s try this for 4.0!

Today we are going to learn about tracking PW: Shield (and Weakened Soul) using NUMBERS.  If you don’t want to use numbers, ignore that part and you can just use regular old boxes that fade colors based on time left.

(You may need to get an alpha/beta from WoWAce, after any major patch.)

What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:

PowerWord:Shield (& Weakened Soul, its evil twin)

I like to see the time left on PW:S and WS, because:

  • I don’t want to overwrite an existing shield and waste mana
  • I don’t want to try to bubble over weakened soul and get the embarrassing message “you can’t do that yet.”

Seeing the boxes indicating whether something was there or not wasn’t enough.  I needed to know WHEN it was going to fade so I could anticipate my next spell.  I want to re-bubble the tank the second WS fades!

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Why GridStatusHots Updates are Awesome for Priests

Omg, guys, a real live plugin author (Bogenlampe of GridStatusHots) commented on this very blog and even added a feature because Yours Truly is persnickety. And a little bit embarrassed now. It’s also prompted me to be a “helpful pest” of myself on wowace if I should happen to find a bug.

But, back on track, GridStatusHots is not just for our leafy-lovin druid friends anymore. It’s gone beyond hots to solid tracking of “other stuff”, especially priest stuff.

Power Word: Shield and Weakened Soul

Remember when we had to use GridStatusPWshield for tracking PW:S if we wanted to use numerical countdowns? And remember how sad we were when the plugin wasn’t updated anymore?  Fear not, GridStatusHots does the same thing for you now – allows tracking of ye olde PW:S and WS with NUMBERS. Or fading colors if you’re into that sort of thing.

Power Word Shield (BUBBLEZ)

Weakened Soul

Fancy, right.  Now, there’s no option to show ONLY yours, but there’s no reason you’d ever want to do that! One bubble per target, one debuff per target. If you showed ONLY yours you’d either end up overwriting other people’s stuff or lose time with embarrassing error messages.

More on this later. Expect a revamped “tracking your shield” post soon given the change in plugins.

Mending Frisbee Pew Pew SPRONG

Now, GridStatusHots has always shown Mending Frisbee with a countdown. However, NEW FEATURES!

  • You can now decide whether you want to color by STACK or by TIME LEFT. Different preferences for different priests, eh?
  • You can optionally show ONLY YOUR mending. I love this feature. I’ll feel guilty though if I’m the only one on earth who cares about it.


Mending - color shift by duration

Mending - color shift by stack

Yes, there will be a total revamp of my last guide on this issue, since the last guide involved the now-abandoned GridStatusMending. Coming soon!1

Chastise – Hot

You know how Holy Word: Chastise gets transmogrified into a magical hot when you’re in Chakra-Renew? Well now there’s a tracker for that.

Holy Word: Aspire (Chastise Transmogrified)

I gotta confess, I first looked and remarked to myself “what the Google F Search is an Aspire?” but then I figured it out.

Not only does it work (I tested it kthx) but also HW: Aspire is counted in the overall “hot count”. If you are into that sort of thing.2

EDIT: So now I read that this spell is going buh-bye. Oh well. You should still use GridStatusHots.

In Conclusion

GridStatusHots. If you weren’t already using it, you have NO excuse now, because it just got awesomer for priests. Download it from Curse or, if you want the newest features, the Alpha/Betas from WowAce.  The curse release version may not yet have all the awesome stuff as listed above.

  1. Like next week soon, not “soon” meaning Blizzard’s idea of “soon”.
  2. which you should be – more on this later.

Cat Druid: Using Ovale with Custom Script (for Dummies)

I know you’ve heard about Ovale with Custom Script.  It’s in Fluid Druid’s guide as a next move suggester.

If you’re anything like me, you hid under your desk upon seeing all that evil code.  Ew!

Never fear, here’s your guide to using the scary code.


1. Download Ovale. That wasn’t too hard was it?

2. Copy the Code to Clipboard. Highlight the icky code.  Don’t read it!  Just highlight it beginning to end and copy it.  Control-C or right click menu.  (I’m currently using Leafkiller’s Code as listed in the above guide.)

3.  Boot up WoW.

4. Open Ovale’s Code Interface.

5. Delete Current Default Code. Control-A to highlight the current code and then delete/backspace.

6. Paste custom code. Control-V works just fine in WoW.

7. Save.


Show/Hide.  I would check Show in Combat Only and If Has Target.  That means it will only show in combat if you have a target.  Obviously then check “Hide if friendly or dead”

Sizing.  Fiddle around with the sizes of the boxes and the spacing until you like it.  There’s no right answer.

Numeric Display.  Yes.

Lock Position. Yes. Once you have it where you want it.

Vertical. Just changes the orientation of the boxes. If you like that sort of thing.

Two Abilities. No. Maybe it’s incompatible with the custom code, but it just shows duplicates of the abilities in extra boxes. Ick.

Scrolling.  This is foul and should not be checked. Unless you want to feel seasick with 8 different boxes scrolling around slowly at different rates.

Hide Empty Buttons. Yes.

The rest?  Eh, sure.  Why not?


Next Move.

Future Next Move. What Ovale thinks your next move will be. It is sometimes wrong because between now and when you finally have the energy for that move, you could crit and gain another combo point, changing the calculation.

Ability Timers.  Essentially a countdown for your bleeds and buff.

Long Cooldowns (available). Tiger’s fury and Berserk

Arcanetinkertank presents a glyph question in the style of a 5th grade science fair project


If you look at the minor glyphs for mages regarding polymorph, there exist two different ones which change your polymorph from a sheep to either a penguin or a monkey. In the interest of SCIENCE I will attempt an experiment to combine them into a new animal to be called either a Pengkey or a Monguin.

Upon hearing my bold SCIENCE experiment, Zelmaru informed me that it can’t be done. She cited an old Loverboy song (which apparently got plenty of airplay where she grew up) where the chorus was “A penguin and monkey DNA just don’t splice!” The air guitar riff she did after that was amusing and unfortunately she would not perform the song again when I had a video camera handy.

Not to be proven wrong, I have decided to do my experiment, and to make sure it adheres to the rigorous standards of SCIENCE, I have decided to follow the basic format used by SCIENCE students everywhere.


Use of both the Polymorph: Penguin glyph and the Polymorph: Monkey glyph will cause your polymorph spell to make the target into a Pengkey or a Monguin.

I typed monguin in GIS and much to my surprise several people have thought of this before.

Source: Biro Art.


1 Glyph of the Penguin
1 Glyph of the Monkey
1 Minor glyph not mentioned above
18 units of Vanishing Powder

In order to make sure that glyph position didn’t affect the outcome, I needed to make sure that every possible glyph slot combination was attempted. This required the 3rd glyph to overwrite the placed glyphs and the majority of vanishing dust to make sure I went through all possible configurations. I attempted 10 polymorphs per configuration to allow for the possibility of multiple outcomes.


The Pengkey or Monguin never materialized. The only result was a penguin every time. The Glyph of the Monkey never manifested itself in any visible form when both glyphs were equipped. This had an unintended side effect of disappointment and sadness in the researcher.


The conclusions I have come to from this experiment are as follows:

First, science is stupid. If I can’t have a Monguin or Pengkey because of “genetics” or “Dominate genes” or whatever you call them, then science obviously isn’t as cool as I thought.

Second, Penguins are superior to monkeys. This seems counter intuitive because monkeys live in tropical climates with abundant food and nice temperatures and penguins mostly live in colder climates and just eat fish all day. But the hard fact is despite these appearances, it seems that “science” tells us that penguins are dominant to monkeys. If they were equal monguins would be real, and if monkeys were superior than the experiment should have shown monkey every time.

Third, Zelmaru, and therefor the band Loverboy, was right. I need to be alone to consider the impact of this on my world view. (Loverboy being right, not Zelmaru).

It’s time to play… BEE PIT BINGO!

Check out what people sent in or posted on their blogs!  This is pee-pants funny.  You will have to click to embiggen.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  Remember, these will be archived on the Bee Pit Page for posterity, so it’s never too late to contribute!


Just a general “I hate people” bee pit.

Theanorak @ Mysterious Buttons

He posted it on his blog complete with an explanation

Alas @ KissMyAlas

Alas did a Guild-Themed card.

Those wacky Folks @ Looking for More

Analogue did a Bee Pit Golden Rule Card – have you done these things to others?

While Reversion made a comic:

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… wishes there were more boxes.

Traxy @ I Like Pancakes

… wants to throw all types in the bee pit.

Tarinae @ A Healadin’s Tear

… might have some unresolved rage

Syl @ Raging Monkeys

…submitted a pvp-themed card.

Button @ Uncrittable

Button educates us on Bad Tanks.  And when I discover a new blog, everyone wins!

Tracking tanks in Grid, revisited

OMG, have you seen the new raid leader tools? Raid leaders can do a role check (Tank, Heals, DPS) for everyone to select a role (no longer do we have to rely on the sloppy “heals in group 5″ technique.) If someone does not answer the role check, the raid leader can manually set the person’s role as healer, tank, whatever.

Assigning a person the ROLE of tank is NOT the same as assigning “main tanks”. The two are completely independent.  You can do one method or both methods.  Different addons, including different Grid Plugins, will register these statuses differently.


Once a role is assigned, that can be shown in Grid with GridStatusDungeonRole. It works exactly like has always done in 5’s when a role is assigned through the dungeon finder system.

How to set it up? We already did this!

However, this only works for the new “roles” in the raid. GridStatusDungeonRole does NOT register tanks designated as “main tanks” the old-fashioned way.


GridStatusMT’s has not changed at all in this patch. As we discussed before, GridStatusMT’s will show main tanks that are manually designated by the raid leader as “main tanks”.  It does not reflect the new raiding role check.

Using both GridStatusDungeonRole and GridStatusMTs

I am currently using both to cover my bases so that regardless of the way the raid leader chooses to designate tanks (either through role check or through old-school main tank designation) the main tanks do show up in my frames.


GridLayoutMT was JUST updated last night.  SQUEE!  Basically, it allows you a few configurations that display main tanks separately, including in 10’s.  Again, remember, this is ONLY for tanks designated as “main tanks” ye olde way, not for people who have the “ROLE” of tank.

If you are using this or another “main tank frame” monitor, you may request the raid leader to designate main tanks the old way instead of just relying on the role check.