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Since I got some questions about which addons I use, I went ahead and made a page.  I’ll TRY to update it as things change.

[Cataclysm] Holy priesting looks difficult

I had some happy illusions in my head about dual speccing Disc/Holy in cataclysm, and singing the happy “do-it-all-healer” song while merrily healing anything and everything with a flick of my talent spec.

Then I peeked at the latest cataclysm build rundown on and I realized that I am way too stupid to be holy.  This chakra thing, man, chakra!

As I understand it, in order to get the most out of “the chakra thing” you have to do the following:

  1. Make sure Chakra is off cooldown (ok, I can handle this part).
  2. Activate Chakra (so far so good, press a button, I can do that)
  3. Immediately cast appropriate spell to activate the right chakra state (uh oh…. potential for screwup)
  4. Cast the spells that your chakra state helps (otherwise why did you bother?)
  5. Make sure that you cast the appropriate spell that extends your specific type of chakra state often enough so you get multiple 4 second extends before expiration (hahahah I am supposed to do that?  I’m so going to screw it up and let the chakra expire)
  6. Cast that chastise thing that is different for each chakra state.  Make sure Chakra is still up.  Make sure you remember what chastise “means” in this particular chakra state.  (I’m hiding under my desk)

I don’t even know where to begin except to imagine the ways that I will horribly foul this up on a regular basis.  Chakra active 10% of the time?  Yep, that will be me.  Bonuses from Chakra state – 0?  Yep that will be me again.  “Oh shit, I activated the renew state when I meant to activate the AOE!  CRAP!” or “What do you mean that my chakra vanished right before I cast Chastise?” or “Chastise does WHAT under this chakra?  News to me!”

Mage Series: The Upcoming Mage Renaissance: Polymorphing is for Winners

I want to start off with an apology for the long delay since we last spoke about the future of mages. The site moving hosts, in game commitments with the Lizard and the Wookiee, raiding, and work have all contributed to the delay. But I’m a gnome of my word so we continue in our discussion of how to be a great mage.

Next to our trusty arcanefrostfireball topping the damage meters, mages are known for their affection for critters. Specifically the ability to turn foes into them for a short while. With the return of CC you will be expected to be a master of this long forgotten skill. Do not forget the lesson from kiting. When you have a crowd control target, it is your responsibility until the tank picks it up. So how do we make this easy for us?

Identify the Target

Before the pull make sure you and the tank know what is your CC target. I am a big fan of the marking tools default in the game and have them hotkeyed to my F6-F12 buttons. And I usually prefer the kill order Skull, X, then figure it out from there. I also tend to prefer to have my CC target be moon. It is like Monopoly. Some people want the race car others want to the top hat, in WoW I want to the moon. In a pinch I will settle for the star. Also it is really helpful if you set the CC target as your focus. I have a macro that is just /focus to get them a separate target frame.

If you notice I have the Sinew Wolf both as my target (stuff right above my cast bar) and as my focus (under my character bar on the left). No matter who else I target the one on the left will always be my focus. Unfortunately in WotLK I haven’t have to use it much so I never took the time to make it better looking. I fully imagine in Cataclysm I will have a UI overhaul and I will definitely make my focus work better with the overall design.

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One-week subscription to that “real life” game

My momma’s going to be in town this upcoming week and no gaming or raiding for us… not much to talk about blog-wise so updates might be sparse.  We will be enjoying our short subscription to that “real life” game as we attempt to catch all the latest movies while we have a free babysitter.

Parliamentary Papers

You can also access these posts via my shared google page.


Shy at Wow gives us 10 things every raider should know.  This should be common sense by now.  Unfortunately, people are still dumb.

Krikket talks about 10 qualities that she looks for in a raider.  More things that everyone should know, but also personality traits that make a good raider.

Spinks explores the myth that one raid endgame fits all.

Traxy talks about Halion Shadow Realm tanking… and gave excellent pointers on easy ways to avoid the cutter.  A must-read if you’re having trouble with this fight.


Icedragon did an awesome series on macros (Macros Revisited,  Advanced Macros,  Dual Macros).


Cassandri went insane.  Looking over that list of what you have to do, I’m pretty impressed.


Don’t stand in the fire?  Root and Branch has illustrations.

Geek Girl Diva reports that Hasbro made Jon Stewart his own Stormtrooper Action figure… with beardie too!

Just Call Me Infest-Master-Z

You know, my rapper name, yo.

If you remember Grandmaster B, you're totally old like me.

Well, we’re at Mr. Lich King.  Healer makeup is Tree (me) and two pallies.

“Zel,” you say, “that’s unpossible.  You need a disc priest for infest.  Don’t you know anything?”

Yeah, yeah, I know. But that’s what we had, so we had to suck it up.

Here’s how to single-handedly pwn infest as a resto druid:

8 seconds until Infest, start pre-hotting the group with rejuvs. Why 8 seconds?  Because you have to hot 8 group members in a 10 man.  The tanks are already getting heals anyway and Infest will just disappear from them like magics.  Ignore the tanks.

Now, you could start your hots earlier… but I have rapid rejuv glyph, so I only get… eh 12 seconds of ticks out of Rejuv.  I think the more powerful ticks on this fight are an asset, but that’s up for debate.

Then, when infest is cast, hit wild growth. The first tick is the most powerful and is immediate, so you don’t want to pre-hot this.  With any luck, the combination of a tick of Rejuv + the tick of WG will knock out infest before it has the chance to get evil, and you might have 1-2 people left to hit with a Swiftmend or Nourish.

Now does this waste mana? You bet! You’re hitting 8 people with Rejuv in essence for ONE tick of the spell at the right time. However, in my experience it wastes far more mana if you don’t take aggressive steps to nullify Infest in the first few seconds. It’s a bitch to keep up with after that. Better safe than sorry and proactively nip it in the bud.

Achieved! moves annoying achievement boxes.

I don’t know about you, but I have my healing bars under my feet.  Which means when I finish my daily, a stupid box pops up right on top of my healing frames.  When I get an achievement, a stupid box pops up there too.  Now, usually this isn’t more than a minor annoyance because technically the fight is over.  However, sometimes, there’s an achievement mid-fight, or there’s still healing to do after the fight (lingering debuffs).

Well, we have a solution to that!  It’s called Achieved.

There’s no fancy interface for config, so you’ll have to use commands.

Easy stuff, right?

First, you do /achieved drag to get your boxes into position.  You will get some nice “dummy boxes” to drag around.

Aren't they pretty?

Now you drag them where you want them to go.  For me, that’s at the top of my screen.  Nothing important there.

Once you’re happy with where they are positioned, right click, and they disappear.

But, because I have them at the very top, it’s important that they expand DOWN and not UP, or they will go off the screen.

So I do /achieved anchor top.  Now the anchor is at the top and they will expand downward.  If you want to put them at the bottom of your screen, you probably want to anchor bottom.

I’m pretty happy with the size of my frames, for now, but as you can see, you can scale with a command.

Because I’m going to use this config for all my toons, I do /achieved save. Later I can /achieved load to duplicate the settings on my other toons.

Need to move the lewt box?  Check out this article, as well as the solutions in the comments.

Beta Bloggers

So… we’re not in beta.  We purposely didn’t sign up because we just DON’T have the time.  For your beta fix, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Since I haven’t found a list of beta bloggers out there, I attempted to make one myself.  It’s on the sidebar now, and also reproduced in this post.  If you know of any more, holler and I’ll add them.

(Apparently you can’t see the list in feed reader because it’s javascript linked to my google reader. You’ll have to click through. Sorry about that. Alternatively, if you are firewalled or on a mobile, you can click my public page for the google feed reader beta folder.)