Parliamentary Papers (now with more high tech)

Don’t worry, parliamentary papers isn’t going anywhere.  I’m still going to be doing these posts, blah blah.

However, I have an alternative via google reader for the firewalled or mobile users.  You can now read the linked posts via my shared items page.  Nifty, eh?  Hell, you can even subscribe to my shared items in your reader.

And now the links:

(As I’m about to post this, I see that Alas has beat me to some of the same links.  That’s what I get for sleeping in.  What can I say, we think alike.  Slightly scary.)


DinoTam is awesome.  First, I wrote a lot of awesome stuff about DinoTam (ME ME ME).  Then Alas got the idea for a poetry contest (get your entries in!). And Reversion drew a pee-pants-funny portrait.

Halion, the Evil

Avenging Wrathy talks about tanking the twilight realm, while Kae gives us a short-version drawing.

Tanking, Healing, and not getting thrown in the bee pit

Anafielle at Righteous Defense presents both sides of the issue regarding  Offspec Tank Loot Priority.

Reversion of Looking for More talks about Tanking Triage… it’s like healer triage, but instead of not healing the DPS, you don’t pull the mobs off the DPS… and then you laugh.

Rhii gives us 5 ways to make your Pug healer love you, or not hate you as much.  Then maybe the healer won’t have to… “forget” to heal you.

Huh?  Really?

Healing with only tranquility?  Unpossible!  Beranabus found a way to do… spammable tranquilities! Seeing is believing, watch the video.


Malevica shows us detailed screenies of the new grid-like party/raid frames – which of course are super-important to healers.  Squee!

Finally, RP

Rivs talks about Why Good RP is dead.  An interesting read about cliques and attitude – follow the links in the article for various opinions and perspectives on this issue.

Adventures in Altland: Learning to love and hate the dungeon finder

Oh the joy that is the random dungeon finder. As a paladin I pretty much have no wait time since I do queue up as tank, dps, and heals every time. And despite how much I’d like to practice healing I get tank. Every time. Without fail.

Some observations:

First unless it is Scarlet Monestary, you will not finish the dungeon with the same people you started with. The number of original people will decrease based on the length of the dungeon. So gnomer will most likely be you and 4 new people by the end. Seriously you should expect to see more characters than cycled through Law and Order over the years.

In the Dungeon finder system there are two equally important groups. The hooligans up to no good, and the heroes who slaughter them and take their stuff. These are their stories.

Second people are bigger jerks it seems in leveling instances than in 80 heroics. You get plenty of jerks in 80 heroics, don’t get me wrong, but there at least seems to be some baseline of respect going on.  Like in a heroic the DPS will be jerks, but they at least will stick around because they have that carrot of the frost badges to keep them somewhat in line. In leveling pugs the behavior seems markedly worse. I’ve been told “BIGGER PULLS! OMFG THIS IS SO BORING!” Coming from the healer of all people. When dps says it, it is worse. I’ve seriously considered doing a macro to say this if I get the tanking role:

  1. I decide how big of a pull we do, not you.
  2. I decide the speed we go from group to group, not you.
  3. My mana and the healer’s mana is all that matters, not yours.
  4. If you launch obscenities, I will drop group right then even if mid pull.
  5. These are the rules, since I am tanking. If you don’t like them vote kick me now.

Third, I love the satchel of goods you get. A guaranteed blue everytime is awesome. But after doing SM graveyard 20 times I think I have every possible blue mail gloves combo pallies can get.

Finally an update on the merry idiots (Wookiee and Lizard). Lizard’s gaming rig was down for a week. So last night I ran them through Stockades a few times with the mage and gnomer twice. With refer a friend they went from 23-30 in one night. That mechanic is ridiculous. I mean, I am happy it is there, but how it can be stretched to this end is crazy. And once they introduced a three times XP boost you know blizzard knew some joker with a maxed out toon could get their friends through the twenties in a few hours. The downside for me is that my pally won’t be able to keep up with them for very long. I have two levels on them now. And as long as they don’t play together I can keep pace or speed ahead (heirlooms for the win!), but once they get into a run together it’ll be game over man. I guess if they get to far ahead I can roll a DK for Outlands with them.

True Dinotam Facts

Fun facts about everyone’s favorite “noble raptor”:

  • Dinotam’s tears cure cancer, but he doesn’t cry because it aggravates his dry skin
  • Dinotam fought extinction and Dinotam won.
  • Dinotam doesn’t sleep, he waits.  But only on a rock in the sun.
  • Hunters don’t kill people.  Dinotam kills people.  Don’t you forget it, huntards!
  • Dinotam doesn’t follow you.  Dinotam mind controls you in the direction he wants to go.
  • Dinotam eats nails for breakfast with a side of carrion, for flavor.
  • Superman wears Dinotam underpants.
  • Chuck Norris owns a Dinotam figurine.
  • The only thing more powerful than Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick is Dinotam’s SURPRISE BUTTSECKS attack.

Don’t forget to submit your Dinotam poem to the DINOTAM POETRY CONTEST!!!

Dinotam Sonnet

Apologies to Shakespeare

The noble raptor seeks a rock with sun;
Upon the rock he rests his scaly head.
Such laziness he does consider fun;
To perch upon a crag as if a bed.
He deftly preens his scales in the harsh light;
“A very dapper specimen I am!”
He smiles a toothy grin of sheer delight;
“There is no finer dino than Sir Tam!
I love to lounge about,–yet well I know
My awesome skills are needed elsewhere soon;
Although not yet have I been called to go;
My mistress when she calls, is quite the loon.”
The fearsome reptile from repose did rise;
To launch attacks of buttsecks by surprise.

Think you can do better? Enter the contest.

I should throw myself in the bee pit

I was a total jerk.  Totally.

Deathjerk and Rankwatch

I started a random on my priest, and rankwatch started spamming me that the death knight had multiple downranked spells.  I politely told him this in group chat, to which he responded that he had just hit 80 and “didn’t have the money” to train.

Now… this sort of thing grinds my gears, so to speak.  If you are going to be grouping with others, you need to put forth the basic minimum effort to do your part.  You don’t have to be wearing all blues, or be the best at your class… but training at 80 is something that you need to do before inflicting your craptastic DPS on the group.

I was feeling kind of snotty about this, especially since the tank was pulling like we had an overpowered group – and that clearly was not the case.  I looked at Skada and saw the Deathjerk was doing 400 dps.

400 dps.

I kinda lost it.  Politely.  I said in group chat “[Name of deathjerk], the group is kinda carrying you.  I’d suggest that you train all your spells before you join another random.”  I wasn’t going to kick him or anything, but I didn’t want him to think it was OK to continue to expect other groups to carry him.

Tank says: “It’s ok, he’s in my guild, I don’t mind.”

So… wait… if the tank is ok with dragging your sorry butt through the instance, then we should all be OK with it too?

Deathjerk: “Yeah the only one who cares is you.  Why are you looking at my spellpower?”

Spellpower?  Really?

Me: “I care because everyone else in the group has put forth the basic effort to be ready for a heroic.”

And Deathjerk goes on and on about how I’m “stalking” his spells and nobody else cares, and blah blah.  He will NOT let it go.  Meanwhile his tank friend is still pulling like we’re overpowered.

Throw me in the bee pit now

I silently ported back to Dalaran and toodled around while they pulled without me and died.  Yep, total dick move.

But I wasn’t about to drop group.  Nope, I wasn’t about to get my debuff.  It took them a while to figure out what happened, and when they did, it was of course “Heals?”  Not like I have a name.  The usual.  Strangely, through the “figuring out what happened”, all other group members released and ran back except the tank.  I guess he was waiting on a rez.

I told them that they were just going to have to kick me, and they did.  Then I requeued immediately, and got a polite and easygoing group.

I’m not particularly proud that I was a total jerk.  But hey, sometimes you’ve just had enough.

Parliamentary Papers



Mana Obscura’s forums launched for Mages and Operation Totemspot launched for Shaman.  Check them out!

Other Blogs

Try the Melting Pot.  They grab articles of interest that they find around the blogsphere.  This can help you find new blogs you might want to subscribe to, or simply draw your attention to articles from blogs that you don’t normally read.


Using and Receiving Rebirth from Stories of O.  Useful for both the “rezzer” and the “rezzee”.

Just in time versus Just in case healing from Life in Group 5.  An excellent analysis of the current healing style and what the cataclysm healing style might be.


Deme the DK talks about working as a team with your fellow crotch-watcher (tank).

Saniel has a two-part series on tanking (Losing Aggro, Directing.)  My bad if I jumped the gun and there are more parts to the series in the works.

Current Events

Broken Toys has a brilliant take on the enforcement of Blizzard’s policies with regard to ERP.

Beta Peeps

Gazimoff (mage), Kurn (healing pally), Rhidach (tanking pally), Rilgon (Hunter), Derevka (Priest), Malevica (Healer!), Askevar (DK), Lissanna (druid), Jacemora (moar druid!), and Saunder (moar healing pally!) are in beta and are telling us all about it.  Go forth to their blogs.  Unless you hate spoilers.  Then don’t.

(If I missed a beta blogger or five, leave a comment!)

Edited for additional bloggers:  Gravity (DK tank), Relevart (Boomkin).

Sindragosa and Frost Resist Gear

Guess what, chicken butt?  I use frost resist gear on Sindragosa, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

But why?

Damage Reduction (Math?  Ew.)

Wearing 2 pieces of frost resist gear last night, I took 1950 damage per tick of frost aura.  A similarly-geared player without frost resist gear on took 2460.  So that’s like a 20% reduction, eh?  Something like that.

I didn’t look at other abilities.  I’m incredibly lazy.  I’m assuming they are frosty and would behave similarly.

Increased Health Pool

On Sindy, there were times when people were within a sliver of health.  Maybe they stood in the bad.  Whatever.  The point is that the extra health does make a difference.  Frost resist has nice stamina.

We don’t need no more stinkin spellpaur

Now that the Wrynn buff is at 30%, I have more spellpower than I know what to do with, and it translates into a lot of overheal.  I can afford to lose some spellpower and still keep my healing at around the same level.  For you DPS, the tradeoff isn’t as obviously beneficial.

How To Gear Frost Resist Smartly

Which Pieces?

First, you never want to replace your strongest gear pieces.  I would almost never replace the chest, since likely you’d be breaking up a tier bonus and… well hell no.  In my opinion, 1 pieces is nice, 2 pieces is really nice, but 3 is probably overkill.  I’d go for the belt and/or boots.

Gem appropriately

Now that you have your frost resist on, take a look at the appropriate caps.  Don’t just blindly gem your best stat.  If I lose 50 haste on the transaction, I’d better toss in some haste gems so my timing isn’t totally thrown off.  DPS, make sure your hit cap is still in the ballpark.

If you can’t keep your relevant caps with your frost resist gear on, maybe it isn’t worth it.  Maybe you want to drop down to 1 piece of frost resist gear.  Use your best judgment.

Also, keep an eye on your meta gem.  If you lose your one blue gem in the swap, you’d better replace it with something in your frost gear… or gem a nightmare tear elsewhere in your gear.  (I am guilty of forgetting this little issue.)

And remember, regardless of your gear, don’t stand in or get hit by the bad.

Dinotam Limerick

There once was a pet named Dinotam

Who misbehaved on the Deeprun Tram

The draenei he licked

The gnomes he kicked

And filled chat with “SURPRISE BUTTSECKS” spam.

Dinotam Haiku

Time to moisturize

Sprawled on a rock in the sun


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, catch up on the saga of Dinotam at KissMyAlas.

And I can totally do haikus any day of the week!