When Blogs go BAD, get a backup.

In attempting to change my theme (because it was not working in IE), some things went wrong.  Thinking myself ever-so-clever, I reverted to the last backed-up version of the site (that’s what backups are for, right?).  This glitched and deleted all but 8 of my comments.  That backup program is no longer my friend.

Fortunately – for me – I have a secondary backup program running.  Unfortunately, that is the “backup of last resort” and only backs up once a week.  So I reverted to 6/23 and everything since then was lost.  Well except the posts I salvaged from the feed reader and reposted, but the comments are gone.

I’m very glad I backed up my stuff, and have backup redundancies.  Hooray for being paranoid.

Grid Plugin Problems and Solutions

I don ‘t pretend to have  tested all these solutions, but I am gathering as best I can fixes for grid plugin incompatibility so we can all upgrade Grid without issues!

(being updated as testing progresses)

First: Grid Updates

WowAce seems to have the  latest version of Grid before Curse, but it ‘s an  alpha.

Tested Working Release Versions

Ones that I have had occasion to test,  not exhaustive list.

  • GridManaBars
  • GridIndicatorText3
  • GridStatusHots
  • GridIndicatorSideIcons
  • GridIndicatorCornerIcons
  • GridSideIndicators (now updated and working)
  • GridStatusHealTrace (wewt, was not working before)
  • GridIndicatorCornerPlus
  • GridIndicatorCornerText
  • GridIndicatorSideText
  • GridStatusShield
  • GridStatusRaidDebuff
  • GridStatusSelf (newly updated! 6/30)

Alphas & Betas of Plugins:

If you are having a problem with plugins, try downloading their most recent versions, though  alphas or betas, from wowace.  If you ‘re not having a problem, then, uh don ‘t.  The release versions  may still work (have not tested EVERYTHING).

  • Gridstatuslifebloom (curse.com ‘s is a  year old).  Source:  Comment on Grid Entry on Curse.com (that it totally works with new grid)
  • GridStatusMending (curse.com ‘s is also a  year old) Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
  • GridStatusRes Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
  • GridCooldownText
  • GridStatusSelf Release version broken.  Alpha is  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!New Release version 6/30!


Recently updated, it works now.  Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!
Open up GridSideIndicators.lua and put the following text as the first line:
local GridFrame = Grid:GetModule(“GridFrame”)
Workaround is no longer needed since the module has been updated.
Source:  Kurn ‘s Corner


Open up GridStatusPWShield.lua and:

1) Remove Line 3 (RL = …), you don’t need it and it may cause errors.
2) Add beneath or above Line 7: local GridRoster = Grid:GetModule(“GridRoster”)
3) Change the line with GridStatusPWShield = GridStatus:NewModule(…) to the following:
GridStatusPWShield = Grid:GetModule(“GridStatus”):NewModule(“GridStatusPWShield”)

Murloc Parliament Tested and approved!

Source:  Comment on GridStatusPWShield Entry on Curse.com

I will continue to update this as information comes in.  Please help by posting any additions or links in the comments and I will edit the information into the post.

Parliamentary Papers

What We Link

Ok, there ‘s been some confusion about Parliamentary Papers.  If I don ‘t cite your article, it doesn ‘t mean I don ‘t like you.  I probably  hate you.  With a blind seething passion and say “NO THOU SHALT NOT BE LINKED. “ Insert obligatory “j/k “ or “lol “ here.

The “point “ of Parliamentary Papers, if there is a point, is to point out articles that you  might not have read this week.  If  Larisa wrote something thought-provoking that I loved, I ‘m going to assume that most of you probably read it ““ so I ‘m not going to include it.

And I try to avoid guides because I ‘m already linking them elsewhere.  If someone wrote an  awesome guide, I ‘m going to most likely put it on the  Resource Page or  Healer Addon Page so you can find it when you need it, forever and ever.  Or at least until Cata when the pages get redone with brand-new info.  Parliamentary Papers would be ginormous if I linked all the stuff that I was adding to the resource pages every week.

This Week ‘s Reading

Elitism: I love Gnomes, they ‘re delicious talks about how  elitist players are like Arizonians.  It ‘s an interesting analogy!

Resto Druid: Kae at Dreambound talks about  when to use Nourish.  Some druids really hate using it at all, so this is an interesting look at when it is appropriate, plus a cataclysm preview.

Taming Druids? Dragonshade at Glimpses of Azeroth talks about  Dishu, the Druid-look-alike-kitty, while TheWowStorm cites  precedent for hunters taming druids.

WoW Spouses: Keredria at Tree of Life  revists WoW spouses.  Kind of like BFF ‘s in-game.. kind of.

The Ick: Redhawk at Redhawk ‘s Gaze talks about  Sickness and WoW, and when you should bow out of playing.

Star Wars Galaxies: Keen talks about  playing SWG on a Pre-CU server.  Holy crap, this made me want to fire up the old discs and find that beta server, wherever it is.  I loved this game back in the day.  I served as a player correspondent, and I met my husband through it.  I have not made friends in WoW like I made in SWG “¦ it just isn ‘t the same, community-wise.  I ‘m rambling, but this made me feel so nostalgic.

The Completely Accurate Guide to Healing Ahune

(Copied from Feed Reader)

Resto Druid

HoT up the group

Swiftmend any moron who grabs too much aggro

Run around at all times, making everyone else jealous that you can do your job and artfully avoid the big frosty spikes

Toss some wrath-thingys when he ‘s in the €œvulnerable € stage


Resto Shaman

Put down frost resist totem

Keep up Earth Shield

Riptide tank whenever it ‘s up, unless some idiot DPS got himself in hot water

Cast chain heal

Swear that people aren ‘t in range of each other

Get spiked a few times due to low mobility

Swear some more


Disc Priest

Bubble the group

Wait for bubbles to wear off



Re-bubble the group

Really? They got through the bubble on the tank?  That ‘s a first.  POM, Penance, Resume nap

Run in a zig-zag pattern so as not to get spiked (it works on MacGyver)


Holy Pally & Holy Priest

Hahah €¦ no clue.  I don ‘t play anything Holy.  Bacon?

Grid for Priests: Tracking Mending Frisbee using Numbers!

This guide is out of date. Please see the updated version for 4.0.

NOTE: If GridStatusMending is not working with your version of Grid, look HERE for a fix.

Ok class, today we are going to learn about tracking Mending Frisbee using NUMBERS.

Shopping List

What It Will Look Like

Once you have your corner text and side text plugins, you can have countdowns in the following places:

Any of those places you like.  I set mine up like this:


It may look teeny here, but it totally works in-game.1

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  1. PW:S is last week’s lesson.

Mage Series: The Upcoming Mage Renaissance: Kiting

Crowd control in Wrath has been a joke. The Devs have pretty much admitted to that, and if you look at the way they intend to rework tanking in Cataclysm you will see that crowd control will need to come back into our bag of tricks. Polymorph is great for beasts, humanoids, and the stray critter you find, but you unfortunately have more types of enemies than that. So how do you keep a target you can’t polymorph busy and not hurting you or your friends? Kiting.

What You’ll Need

Frost spells typically work best. But Slow in the arcane tree is very useful, and you have some things in the fire tree which might work out in certain situations.

  • Frostbolt (unglyphed because the glyph removes the slowing effect)
  • Frostfire Bolt
  • Cone of Cold (Nice AoE kiting tool)
  • Frost Nova (Never underestimate the power of a good root)
  • Slow (If arcane specced)
  • Mana Shield or Ice Barrier
  • Blink
  • Ice Armor
  • Plenty of room to run around without aggroing other mobs

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