Hell Is Other People (In Pugs)

This weekend, a lot of pugging occurred, and I remembered why I hate pugs – people are assholes.

The majority of people were innocuous enough.  A few were even good.  And then there were the assholes who, realistically, were few in number but it felt like there were so many because of how unpleasant they were.

Remember, also, I was running as a healer with thehusband as a tank, and there’s only so much dumbassery 3 dps can cause.

The Hunter Who Needed

So we’re running some Blackrock nonsense for the millionth time and WHOA, a nice purple cloth hat dropped.  Now, I hadn’t seen anything that nice drop like ever in a pug, and I’d been pugging for days, just amazing.  We had a mage in the group.  Isn’t that nice. So, while I would have taken it for healing purposes if nobody else could use it, I chose greed because we had a mage and I am a leather-wearing monk.

It did not go to the mage.  It went to the fucking hunter who also rolled need.  The mage exclaimed something profane (and totally justified) in instance chat, at which point I noticed the loot rolls.  Oh hell no.

I stopped the group.  I just fucking stopped the group and thehusband and I said “You either give that back to the mage or we vote kick you.  We’re waiting.”  Sure enough, the hunter gave it back, and we carried on.  I guess the DPS queue is pretty long after a kick.  The mage whispered his thanks, and I said “No problem.  He was being a dick.”  We ended up doing another instance with that same mage (minus the hunter) and everything went well.

I am relieved, now that we are in outlands dungeons, that the loot interface would prohibit a hunter rolling need on cloth.  Because, seriously.

The Mage Who Pulled

Wait, why are we in combat?  Who pulled that?

Answer, the mage.  Politely, thehusband says to the mage “Please don’t pull, (mage’s name).”  Mage continues pulling.  Sigh.  Husband says, less politely, NO SERIOUSLY STOP PULLING.

To which the mage responds “Well then go faster.”

I wanted to kick that mage so bad.  Here’s the problem: You can’t kick someone in combat.  We were always in combat because the mage was pulling.  And for some reason the other group members felt compelled to assist Sir Pullsalot, meaning I couldn’t just neglect to heal him and have him croak on his own accord.

In between battles, I tried to kick him and failed because there was a 5-minute lockout.  I’m not sure what the 5-minutes are for.  Someone can very well be a total dick in the first four minutes.  Maybe we were locked out of booting him because he had been booted from every previous group since the beginning of time.

The best I could do, since I couldn’t kick him, and he wouldn’t seem to just die without healing, is that I put him on my ignore list so I would never be matched with him again.

The Tank Who Ran Fast

I decided to run an instance when thehusband was not around to tank.  This was a mistake.

The tank did not care about my mana.  The tank did not care that the entire group could not physically run fast enough to keep up with him.  The tank sure as shit didn’t care that he was pulling one group and then running into another, expecting the dps to just handle all the things on the move.

The only way I remotely kept up was to use my rolls.  I regularly ran out of charges.  I do have the extra-charge roll talent.

We wiped.  There was no reason to wipe.  But we wiped.  This was stupid.  It took more time to recover from a wipe than to just damn well kill the groups in an orderly fashion.

The Death Knight Who Was A Death Knight

I’m sure there are a lot of people who know what they are doing with their death knight.  I’m happy for them.  But those people sure as shit were not in my pugs this weekend.

Upon graduating to the outlands dungeons, we were rewarded by having at least death knight in every group who thought he was invincible while simultaneously having no fucking clue what he was doing.  Yay I’m pulling aggro.  WHEE where’s my pet?

For most morons, starting off at 55 is probably a mistake.  I shudder to think of these idiots in possession of a lvl 90 boost.

The Mage Who Hit 60

Upon reaching the end of (yet another) Hellfire Ramparts, a mage who had been courteous throughout the run said that he was SO close to 60, and would we mind queueing for another with him.  Sure, we said, and queued again with him.  He was happy!

We got into Ramparts.  3 pulls in, he dinged 60.  Before we could “grats” he fucking dropped group.

Cool Story, Bro

That was my weekend.  Morons galore.  Hooray.

Getting Back Into The Game

Step 1: Collect underpants.  Seriously, that joke never gets old.

After underpants acquisition is complete, I’m a bit at a loss.  Things are so different now, I’m starting from scratch.  It doesn’t matter that I’m playing a new class because all the classes are new to me right now.

Step 2: Find a guild

Hey guzy, I’m a lvl 52 monk with no gear and no post-cata experience, but I used to be good at this, honest.  PICK ME!

Step 3: Look good

I have never transmogged anything because that happened right around when I left.  I need to do this!  My gnome is wearing a plunging neckline and it’s fucking embarrassing.

Step 4: Oh right, level and get raid-ready.

The pesky “work” part of all this.

At least this time, for raiding purposes, Twig goes to bed and stays asleep.  And I can play when she’s awake without worrying that she’s going to cover herself in flour or any other such nonsense.

6.0 is next week!  Hold on to your butts!

What Just Happened?

So, as you might recall, the husband and I quit wow and started playing SWTOR.  Our guilds eventually crumbled and, while I stayed on, he lost interest.  (As a side note, no, gamer couples don’t need to play the same game, but it certainly makes things nicer.)

But AHA, Wildstar was coming out.  So we tried that.  Our enthusiasm was short-lived when we got to 50 and realized that raiding was not very accessible.  There was a lot I liked about that game, but that was a deal breaker.

We resubbed to WoW. Three years later, seriously, it’s three fucking years later.   We are loving it, which is pretty damn unexpected.  We started new toons and I’m playing a monk.  Monks are badass. (Note, I did not boost and probably will not – because then I’ll be at 90 and have no fucking clue how to play.)

What has changed in 3 years?  Well me!  I was forced out of my comfort zone and learned to play without mods.  I played melee dps.  I briefly played the kinetic crazy that is Wildstar.  And all that made me a better player overall, especially at moving out of the bad.  I still can’t tank worth a crap.  Nobody’s perfect.

And, get ready, Twig grew up a bit.  She’s 6 now and quite the little Minecraft gamer.  She has also learned some of mommy’s less polite vocabulary.  Oh well.

See you in Azeroth.


Hi there!  I’m now playing Wildstar and reconnecting with a bunch of WoW people there, and I figured I’d reach out on this old blog in case people were still subscribed.

If you’re headed to Nexus, stop by and say hi!  (If you’re in SWTOR, you can also say hi at Hawtpants of the Old Republic or @hawtrepublic)

Moving On to a Galaxy Far Far Away

You knew this was coming since it has been suspiciously quiet around here after we got into SWTOR beta.  We’ve unsubscribed from Wow to play SWTOR.

Will we be back? It’s entirely possible.  It’s also possible we won’t.  For now, though, we’re going to give SWTOR our full attention.

But first, I want to say Thank You…

My TEAM HEAL –  You guys crack me up every single raid.  We never snipe, we never fight, and we just complement each other.  This is the strongest heal team I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of.  I can’t say that any of us is the “cornerstone.”  That’s a good thing.

The Effers – You are all awesome.  Instead of trying to find like-minded people on a server, we found like-minded people and brought them to the server.  It has been incredible being part of a team that has the same drive to succeed and similar priorities about balancing gaming and real life.

The Wow Blogosphere – We are such a wacky bunch.  I’ve loved reading your thoughts, commenting, and discussing.  Though our opinions are diverse, there is a core of respect for each other and genuine friendship.

The Commenters – I’m not sure if I could have blathered on to an empty room.  You were invaluable – especially when you disagreed with me and forced me to rethink my position.

The Readers – The silent majority is the reason why I write.  So that you might find something useful or amusing within the chaos.  Thanks for sticking with me.

The Future

As I mentioned before, I have a new blog for SWTOR.  (The husband is blogging a bit too at his guild’s website.)  Now, if you’re not playing SWTOR why would you read my blog?  You wouldn’t.  I don’t expect that you would.  But if you ARE playing, maybe you DO want to read it.  No pressure.  It will be the same old shit that I do here plus uh… blasters and hawtpants.  Don’t ask.

And with that… MRGLMRGL!

The Month of Guildies

Fortunately, I got over my fear of “internet people are ax murderers” long ago (I kinda married one), so when guildies are in town, HELL YES I want to see them.

And then there’s that weird dance.  Like, I don’t care if they plop down a tent in my living room for a week, I got nothin better to do.  But they don’t want to impose and be an ass (which I get) and I don’t want to be needy like OMG I NEED COMPANY /CLAWSCRABBLE… but once we got over the initial awkwardness, it all worked out ok.

So, this week Takk (a rogue in our guild) is in town, and Twig has decided he’s her new BFF.  She cried when he left last night.  CRIED.  And asked about him this morning.  I think she might have a fit when he leaves town on Friday.

Also, it’s pretty damn cool to meet your guildies in person… I mean OBVIOUSLY you have the same interests and know each other.  You’ve talked for HOURS.  It’s much more fun than awkward coworker conversations.

And in general they’re normal.  They’re usually not Francis-like supernerd.  In fact, none of my online friends that I met IRL has turned out to be a total weirdo.  Normal.  Srs.  OK, well normal if I consider myself normal if slightly socially awkward… so we’re all ending up on the same end of the normal spectrum, mostly.

But I’m babbling. Maybe it’s because Twig woke me up at 5am and THEN asked me where her new friend was.  Hrm.

Back to guildies.  Alas, our fearsome GM (ominous music here) will be here at the end of the month and it will be FUNSIES.  I even made sure to schedule Mama Murloc to visit during that time so I have a babysitter (this is a very clever ploy, no?).

I’m gonna try really hard not to food poison any of them with my cooking.   In the meantime, your homework is to meet a guildie IRL.

Spending Some Time in a Galaxy Far Far Away

It’s been quiet in Murlocville because…

We just got into SWTOR beta.  We’re spending a lot of our available game time playing it rather than WoW.  NDA is lifted.  And it’s pretty badass.

Will you leave WoW for SWTOR?

Uh, maybe?  ATT is leaving for sure and I am pondering.  There are various complicated factors involved, including:

  • Whether I continue to enjoy raiding in WoW in 4.3.
  • If I have time for both games (which depends on the time commitment of each).
  • Whether I end up liking SWTOR, and if so, how much.
  • What is going on in Eff.
  • Whether I can reconcile myself to the Mists of Pandaria.

If I do end up unsubbing to WoW, I’ll obviously let you know.

Do you have a SWTOR blog?

Yes, yes I do.  It’s called Hawtpants of the Old Republic.  Probably focused on healing (duh).  Not much there at the moment since I have barely played the game.

Ragnaros is a Stupid Jerk

There are only a few bosses in WoW that I’m just SICK OF.  Mimiron, that took weeks to kill.  Lich King which took over 100 attempts.  I looked.  My first post about the Lich King fight was August 18, 2010.  We defeated him November 16, 2010.  That is 3 months of… well Hell.

And now Ragnaros.

I know, progression takes a lot of tries and learning, but knowing that I’m in for a night of 10-15 wipes is really disheartening.  To answer Beru’s Question: Are 400 pulls fun? NO.

I feel like I have nothing new to write about because all I am doing is the same old thing week after week.  It’s like groundhog day.

Anyone else stuck on that jerky firelord?  Come, cheer me up.

Plagiarists: Will They Never Learn?

It was brought to my attention by Grimmtooth that a TGN-TV artist1  is giving away original art that definitely isn’t *COUGH* the Stained Class Series by Liala of Disciplinary Action.

Just so we're clear, I'm not taking credit for THIS here picture, that is clearly from icanhazcheeseburger.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s going to be posting about this… but this cannot be allowed to stand.

*edited to correct confusion re: TGN-TV and TGN*

  1. Ok, TGN-TV is not the same as TGN.  Yes, they sound the same.  Yes, this is probably intentional by TGN-TV.  Jerks.
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