Where is the line – and how do you convey that to new recruits?

We’ve had a couple of new recruits unceremoniously crash and burn due to making completely inappropriate comments in guild chat.

The problem is – every guild culture is different.  Our members definitely flirt with the line, but they know where the line is.  I’m not sure how a new member is supposed to know where the line is. The obvious answer is to shut up and listen for a while – and if you’re not smart enough to keep your head down and do just that, then you’re just too dumb for the guild!

I was trying to explain it to the husband, and finally I came to the conclusion that it is OK if the off-color statement stays in the game world, but is inappropriate if it is directed against a specific person or references RL too much.  I’ll give some examples:

OK: Jokes about in-game features

Example: “Look at my Giant [Penance]!  You have [Penance] Envy!”

Example: (on twins) “There were two balls coming right at my face!”

Example: “The boss’s crotch was right in my face and he didn’t buy me a drink first.”

Example: Racism against gnomes or other in-game races.

Not OK: References directed at harassing or insulting any given person or group (that get too “RL”).

Example: “Prove that you’re a girl!  Boobiepxplz.”

Example: “I’d be happy to show you what I’ve got (in my pants).”

Example: “I bet you’re one of those people with the stupid (insert opinion here) bumper sticker on your car.”

Example: Racist comments against real races (not gnomes, tauren etc)

Where does your guild draw the line?  How do you communicate that “line” to new recruits?

How to make your guild officers less cranky

Some people drive me up the wall.  Of course, I can’t tell them that.  I have to be diplomatic.  Blah blah.  So here are a few tips for staying on your GM’s and officers’ good side.

Follow the Guild Rules

This seems like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, there are those who think they’re special flowers to whom the rules do not apply.

I don’t care if you have two MILLION DPS wearing only a loincloth – you still have to flask, gem, and enchant (like everyone else) or you’re not raiding.

Read the forums

You don’t have to go there more than once every few days, but you do have to go there to read up on what is going on with the guild.

If you freak out over a guild change when it’s implemented, but it’s been up for comment on the forums for over a month, I don’t wanna hear it.  You had your chance to complain.  You snooze, you lose.

Don’t Cry Wolf

Not everything is a freak out moment.  Really.  If you are constantly complaining about every little thing, then when you finally have a serious issue, I won’t know the difference.

(Bonus points: see Bossy Pally’s article on complaining effectively.)

Don’t Hijack Vent in Raids

The raid leader is the leader of the raid (duh).  If you are not the raid leader, do not:

  • call for heroism
  • call for a battle rez
  • call a wipe

In fact, do not speak, except to say you are incapacitated.

Respect Other People’s Time

Your time is no more valuable than anyone else’s.  If it’s a 5 minute bio break, do not be the last one back every time.  Just because someone isn’t ready at the ready check doesn’t mean you get to alt tab out to update your blog, thereby delaying everything even more.

And, for the love of Pete, do NOT be in an instance at raid time and say “Sorry guys, I thought we’d be done by now, we wiped on the last boss, give me 5 minutes.”  No.  Fail.

What guildie stunts drive you crazy?

Oh the blogging pressure!

EEP!  Attention?

So I’m blogging along and I don’t want to say “HAY LOOKIT MY BLOG!” because well, I had like 4 posts up…

A week later I managed to catch the attention of Miss Medicina and then The Cranky Old Gnome… and my counts went up.  Then a few more bloggers added my little project to their sidebars (Aggro Management, Rejuvo,  Priest with a Cause, DPStree and Vailladin, from what I can tell from my dashboardy thing).

Yesterday Lissanna put me on her blog list and my hit counter went bonkers.  At least I think it did.  (I’m not very good with those silly tools.  To be honest, I have no idea how many people receive this blog via feed.)

Thank you all for reading my silly little blog!

Where to from here?

I feel like the “comprehensive guide” market is pretty much covered, and I don’t have much to add to it.  Nonetheless, I’ll try to keep my posts informative and somewhat entertaining.

Scolded for Fluff

Crankyhusband says to me last night “Booty calls?  Really?  That’s like Wow.com breakfast topic fluff.”  Hang… head… in shame.

A Haiku

People read my blog?

Now no more screwing around.


Booty Calls: RL first?

As I talked about earlier, it’s totally fine to bail on a raid for a “good reason”, but there are many gray areas of what is a “good reason” and what is not.

Is it ok to bail on an in-game event with little to no notice due to a booty call? On the one hand, you’re leaving 9 people hanging… but on the other hand, I know that booty calls for some of us nerds are few and far between.

Talk amongst yourselves!

For some people, the game needs to be easy

Is the game too easy?  Tobold, Gevlon, (Tobold again) and Rohan have all covered this topic last week… and here’s my take…

No, WoW is not too easy.  Not too easy for me.  Maybe for some, but not for me.

I’m massively uncoordinated.  Not a disability, just pervasive klutziness.

As much as I wanted to play video games as a child, I’d sit down at my Nintendo and fall in the hole time after time.  I never beat Mario. Any of them.  On any of the many Nintendo systems I owned as a child.

I practiced a lot.  I still failed.  I suppose if I had quit school and done nothing but play Mario, maybe I could have won.  Maybe.

I finally broke down and bought the game shark and cheated my way through, just so I wouldn’t have to be stuck on the monotony of the first three levels over and over.

So imagine my surprise when I could actually compete in WoW.  Not be the best of the best, but actually be “good enough” to “finish,” to even hit max level and reach the “end game.”

Why should “good players” be more important than me? Why should their enjoyment be valued higher than mine?  Do they pay more?

I’m posting to say “I count too,” just as much as Mr. Leet who thinks the game is too easy and whines about it.  Mr. Leet has had his impossible-to-beat games for years.  It’s my turn now.

Cranky relearns 2 disc and Shaman

I decided that I needed to take a break from all things tree and get one of the alts in shape.  I was debating whether to put effort into the disc priest or the ele/resto shammy, so hubby suggested I take them out for a spin for heroics.  Phail ensued.

Disc Priest

My disc priest has been my main since WOTLK came out, and I only swapped over to the druid shortly before 3.3 hit.  I think I just burnt out after pounding our heads against the Mimiron encounter and didn’t want to see anything related to that encounter ever again, including my own toon.

Playing disc priest felt comfortable yet slightly unfamiliar. Like getting together for lunch with a high school friend.  You have to dig in your memory for what to do, but it also comes back like muscle memory quickly.

Moar Buttons

According to my count as a druid I generally use 13 buttons while healing (including macros)  As a priest I use 17.

Holy Novaaaa!!!

After hearing Matticus talk about moving while casting holy nova as a viable raid strategy, I broke down and put Holy Nova on my raid bars.  And my first instance of the night was Culling of Stratholme.  Whoosh!  Zombie-B-Gone.


Oh I missed you guys.


Haste: EJ can Suck It

I know, I know, EJ says to stack haste up to 11% and I parroted that back to Mongrr at Save the Lightwell.

I was so wrong!  My priest has about 350ish haste and the druid has 650.  What a difference!  I felt sluggish and pathetic. It’s not about thoroughput, it’s about FEEL.  I felt like I was drowning in my pathetically slow heals.

Mana Regen

Apparently I had put all my stats into mana regen, which was over 800 out of combat.  Holy crap!  The druid’s is around 500-600.  Next order of business – shed some mp/5 for some haste.  I would kill for that kind of mana regen on the druid.

Humans are So Meh

Humans probably have the best priest racials at this point… but dang.  I’m so tired of looking at their bouncy perkiness.  Dorf incoming?


Whar’s My Healing Form?

I kept looking for my healing form.  Noob.

However, I was pretty dang versatile compared to a tree.  When we hit the last boss of Old Kingdom, I was able to easily crush my foes with shadow spells/penance while keeping myself shielded.  I have more trouble as a tree, as whenever I get out of tree form to use offensive abilities I get my face gnawed off, so usually I resort to kiting, healing, and waiting for the other group members to break me out.

DPS Potential (Offspec)

I suck at shadow, probably because it’s like guitar hero, and as we all know, I suck at guitar hero, leaving the priest an essentially only-healing sort of toon.


The shaman was my main in BC.  I leveled to 80 questing as Elemental and did a few raids.  I quit when I realized that I would just be healing those raids anyway and never get to DPS- and well, I discovered that shaman healing was no longer my thing.

Moar Buttons (sort 0f)

A lot of Non Healing Dealies to Remember

I forgot heroism.  I forget purge.  And even though they ditched and combined some totems, I think there are still 20 to take account of.

Fewer Healing Tricks up My Sleeve

I find that I have fewer spells to choose from and that is frustrating.  I found downsizing from a priest “bag of tricks” to the druid “bag of tricks” to be quite the adjustment – but downsizing to shaman was plain torture.

The Waltz Rotation

I get extra-special cranky when Blizzard tries to create a “rotation” for healers to avoid same-spell spam. I want to be free to tailor my spell to the situation, not be “encouraged” to use a certain spell because XYZ has procced.  This is why I hate the serendipity mechanic of holy priesting, and I really hate tidal waves.  Once my 2 tidal waves are used up, I’d better be casting a chain heal or riptide to get them back up again or I won’t get the most out of my heals.

(Why I think of it as the waltz – because you lead with the special spell followed by 2 little ordinary spells… BUM bum bum BUM bum bum… no?)

Movement Fights

Also,  as Codi points out, shaman suck for movement fights.  (Partially my perception on this one – I’m so used to running about with a druid now that standing still makes me cranky.)


I’m actually pretty good at the elemental rotation, and a resto shaman is pretty survivable using elemental spells (gear ovelap ftw).  I definitely prefer elemental DPS to shadow DPS, and vastly prefer elemental DPS to resto shaman healing.

Will I ever get to DPS on a heal-capable toon?  Will I ever get to DPS if I have another heal-capable toon?  Not freakin likely.

Will Healing on Another Toon Mess Up My Tree Mojo?

Part of being proficient in raiding is to be able to react swiftly without thinking.  It was a lot of thought for me to put myself in the mindset of the disc spells again.  It was surprisingly difficult, too, to  just slide back into druid healing after that brief jaunt on the priest.  Mostly, I kept fighting the urge to fling my frisbee of awesome every pull.


I don’t think any healer is any “better” than any other.  It’s what you mesh with.  I know shaman healers who think I’m absolutely batty for playing a druid because they just can’t “get” druid healing.

I may take a few more shots at priesting, specifically shadow priesting – but if my healing mojo takes any hits, I’m gonna quit that right away and level something innocuous, like a hunter, that has no danger of interfering with my heal-thoughts.

See also: Lissanna’s adventures in building a better resto shaman alt.

Addon: WoW Instant Messenger

OH EM GEE!  How did I live without this before?  Especially as a guild officer, I’m often juggling messages to multiple people.  This mod creates Instant Messenger style text boxes to keep your conversations organized.

No more mistells!  Let me repeat that – NO MORE MISTELLS!

You don’t lose your conversations!  When you’re done with a convo, you can just minimize it, but you can just reopen it later and pick up where you left off.  No scrolling back up through your other chat channels.  Keeps the conversation together and organized.

No more missing a tell while you’re afk! You come back to a nice tidy window and don’t have to worry that it scrolled off screen due to spam.

Cranky Reads

Posts you should totally read – but I couldn’t manage to incorporate them into my normally scheduled blatherings.

Light and Leafy talks about altering your healing efforts, consciously or unconsciously, depending on the attitudes of the people around you.

Paladin Shmaladin talks about how parents (and others in your household) may purposely sabotage your playing time, based on their value judgments on whether playing a video game is a worthwhile (or unacceptable) activity.

Altaholic Anonymous proves that you can still run Northrend heroics while looking faaaabulous in your hawt T2 gear.

Assign the player, not the class

When you have a small guild and a small healing force, you tend to know people’s strengths and weaknesses very well.  This sometimes leads to unconventional healing assignments based on what the player is best-suited for, not what the class is best-suited for.

Pally A has trouble changing targets and changing his focus.  To use his abilities to the raid’s advantage, he needs simple instructions.  “Heal Tank 1 and beacon Tank 3.”  As long as he has a job like that, he puts out spectacular numbers and the tanks don’t die.  But don’t ask him to “spot heal”, throw out a crazy cooldown on another raid member, or decurse.

Pally B has somewhat of a “hero complex.” He must be “saving” this one or that one from their own stupidity when he’s supposed to be tank healing instead of simply focusing on his assignment, sometimes to the detriment of his assignment, and leaving the raid healer with little to do.  Eventually I just gave up and put him on raid healing.  Though a pally, he’s an excellent raid healer, probably better than some AOE healers out there.  It just suits his temperament.

Shaman A rarely uses Chain Heal when assigned to raid healing, preferring to use LHW.  It’s totally fine to put him on tank healing.  In fact, he excels at it.

Sure, I could give Pally B a lecture on sticking to his assignment, or Pally A lessons on target switching (and I do).  It would make them better players overall if they were more flexible.  But in a raid situation, if we want to succeed, I tend to assign based on the strengths of the player, regardless of what the class is supposed to be good at.

How do you do your healing assignments?

I am fail with mods!

Har har, Beru set me straight that you can use Power Auras to put little icons wherever you want on your screen and configure it just like TellMeWhen.

Why am I using 2 mods when I could just use 1 – the one that is being regularly updated?  Because I’m a moron. Yay!

Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?  Configuring every char’s power auras!!  For each spec!

Wait that doesn’t sound like fun.  That sounds like suck.  I bet everyone else is going out on dates.