My thoughts on Celestial Focus builds

I was NOT going to do 18 points in the balance tree for 3% lousy haste.  3% is piddling.  18 points is huge!  Not gonna do it…

A week later I broke down and did it.

I don’t know anything about math.  Notice how there’s no math tag on this blog.  All I know is that hot damn, it feels snappy.  I don’t care about the theoretical HPS I can put out compared to my old build.  I only care that I feel completely on top of and in control of my heals.

I then downloaded the woefully non-updated (but still happily working) gcd and I was in business (I like it better than the quartz gcd ticker!).

In case you’re curious, this is my slightly unorthodox build (with glyphs of rapid rejuv, nourish, and swiftmend).  I heal mostly 10’s and get assigned tank healing and raid healing equally.  This build has strong hot talents but sacrifices some utility for more raw power in direct nourish/regrowth healing (I miss living seed and revitalize).

Addon: TellMeWhen

I love the mod TellMeWhen for tracking my healing spells.  I find it less “in your face” than Power Auras.  To me, when Power Auras lights up, it means “your ability is available use it now use it now!”  Unfortunately TellMeWhen was last updated in May, and kept causing me lua errors.  Which I ignore, but I’m sure they’re bad… right?

Due to my obscenely large blog reading list (which I haven’t figured out how to post on this page… yet), I found the TellMeWhen Fan Update!  It doesn’t cause the aforementioned yucky lua errors, perhaps because it allows you to show different bars depending on which of your dual specs you’re using.  Hawt.

Hello world!

Hee hee, my first post.  I’ll just leave the default heading.  Works for now.

Crankyhealer (that’s me) plays 3 healers: An awesome druid, a slightly less awesome discipline priest (until I can be a gnome, that is), and a semi-retired shaman.  Currently the druid is my main, but all of them have been my main at some point.

In real life: Married, 1 twigling who is 2 (“nooooooo”) and has a spidey-sense of when mommy is trying to raid.

Husband is the GM of our guild, which he inherited by some strange twist of fate.  He is a gnome mage and obsessed with all things gnome and is author of such infamous guild songs as “Gnomes aren’t so strange” (Home on the range) and “Frost resist oh frost resist” (Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree).  I’m the recruiting officer of our guild, mostly due to my inability to lead raids (healer tunnelvision!).

I read a huge blogroll – and I post all sorts of resources on our guild website.  And having a huge blogroll and starting to leave comments made me want to have my own blog.  Of course.

Now to format, though I know from my own RSS thingys that none of the formatting comes through in the feed.  It’s the thought that counts.