I'd better stick to healing

Last night, the husband purchased the “fun family game” band hero (which is like rock band, but made by a different company).

Oh. I. Suck.

I suck so bad that the game snarkily asked me if I needed to adjust for lag, because surely nobody could suck as badly as I did.  I resisted the immature urge to flip off the screen, mostly because my mother is visiting.

Meanwhile husband is jamming on the guitar and the drums, no problem.

Sigh.  At least the Twig likes the drums, and they are adjustable to Twig-height (gotta take super-cute picture of that).

My Grid Setups

Yum, grid plugins.  My security blankie.  Seriously, I’m one of those people who gets flummoxed patch day when all my mods are broken.  I’m helpless.  Wah, where’s my blankie?!

But hey, my neurotic need for addons may be useful to someone reading out there, so here goes:

Grid Plugins

Generally useful:

  • Gridstatusraiddebuff – shows raid debuffs
  • Gridstatusself – helps identify self in raid frames
  • Gridstatusmts– helps identify mt’s in raid frames
  • Gridautoframesize – resizes based on your group size
  • Gridmanabars – shows mana bars

Status tracking:

  • [priest] Gridstatusshield – estimates shield left (pw:S and divine aegis)
  • [priest] Gridstatuspwshield – Shows time left on your power word shield
  • [priest]  Gridstatusmending – Shows time left on mending and tracks stacks
  • Gridstatushots – adds functionality to hot tracking, including changing color of your own hots based on time left and tracks all hots on target. It provides support for using timers instead of boxes if desired.

Moar boxes/info etc:

  • Gridcornerplus – adds 12 boxes to your corners
  • Gridsideindicators – adds icons to the top, bottom, left , and right on your frames. In addition to the corners.
  • Gridindicatortext3– third row of text in center of box
  • Gridindicatorcornertext – so you can show cooldowns/text in your corners rather than boxes
  • Gridindicatorsidetext– same as above but text on sides.

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You don't deserve my Brez

Now that battle rez is on a 10 minute timer, and you can glyph out of using a reagent, every moron feels entitled to a battle rez as soon as he meets his unfortunate demise (most times due to his own stupidity).  Or maybe I’ve just grouped with morons lately.

Take the FOS pug I was in yesterday – the most recent offender, we’ll call him “PhailDK”, because he was pulling 900 dps in purples.  First he goes AFK mid-instance, instructing us to go on without him but not to kill the final boss without him.  Yes, sir!

Then he, of course, bites it by standing in front of Mr. “Face of Bo” (or whatever that dude is called – but he does totally look like the Face of Bo on Dr. Who) when the face is doing the “lazer beams from his face” special.

“Brez!” he orders.

Of course, I ignore this.  I’m busy healing the useful people in the group, who are perfectly capable of pulling their weight and not standing in bad stuff.

“Brez plz,” he whines.

“Just don’t release,” another group member informs him.


Wait… he was telling me to battle rez him, not because he thought he was essential to completing the encounter (haha) but because he was afraid he’d lose out on loot (that he didn’t deserve).

(For those following along at home, no, scorpion did not drop.  Sigh.)

Then, on HHOR (hate) there was the tank that informed me that I should battle rez the DPS who died on wave 7.  Well, yes, Captain Obvious, I do see that so-and-so is dead, and that I do in fact have the tools to fix that particular predicament.  I also should keep the rest of the group alive and even with my celestial focus and insane haste I just don’t have the spare few seconds to battle rez (and then top off the formerly dead companion before he bites it again).

Pop Quiz!

Question 1: Do you get a battle rez?

  • Are you a tank?
  • Are you a healer?
  • Are you really really important DPS without whom we might lose the encounter?
  • Are you a druid who can subsequently battle rez another fallen companion?
  • Did you die to unavoidable damage?
  • Did the raid leader tell me to battle rez you?

If you didn’t answer “yes” to any of the above, have fun staring at the floor tiles until the encounter is over.

Question 2: Who gets to tell the druid when to battle rez?

  1. The raid leader.
  2. The raid leader.
  3. No really, the raid leader.

Whee, I love quizzes.

Scorpion needle trinket thingy – my white whale

I ran HTOC every day for a month and marrowstrike never dropped.   The first day after 3.3, a staff dropped that was roughly as good.   “AHA,” I thought, “take that stupid HTOC.”   The next day marrowstrike dropped in a random pug.   Sigh.   It was still an upgrade over the staff.   So I enchanted the crap outta it… only to have an upgrade (orca hunter something-or-other) drop the very NEXT day out of Heroic Halls of Reflection (hate hate hate that place).

It looks like the needle encrusted scorpion trinket is going to be my next “marrowstrike”.   I’ve seen it twice and lost it twice.   The first time, it was to my own stupidity, not even rolling on it because a rogue guildie was all like “oooh”.   But the rogue was an alt – I totally should have rolled.   The second time I was outrolled by a DK.

I run that stupid instance every day, when I can.   Nope.   No scorpion.   When I see it again, it will be the next expansion.

Cheap and Lazy

I am just about the cheapest and laziest wow player you will ever meet.   Because I have a critter at home, and limited playtime, I have to prioritize.   This means doing the necessary legwork to be raid ready is just about all I can manage.

Flasks?   Yep.   Enchants?   Every damn one, even stupid sons of Hodir shoulders. Gems?   Only a noob doesn’t gem!

Multiple ground mounts?   Nope.   Epic flying?   Finally got that last week.   Achievements?   HAHAHAHAH.   Vanity pets?   You’re kidding me.

Given that, nothing irritates me more than Schmucko guildie saying “what achievement for a snazzy title should I work on next?” or “what proto-awesome-drakeything should I choose?”

My answer: “Find time to enchant your bracers or upgrade your T7 pants, moron.”   Ok, I didn’t actually say that in gchat to anyone.   But I’m thinking it… out loud… in the gaming “office” that I share with my hubby.   Usually he’s drowning out my protests with his “awesome ABBA tanking mix.”

My thoughts on Celestial Focus builds

I was NOT going to do 18 points in the balance tree for 3% lousy haste.  3% is piddling.  18 points is huge!  Not gonna do it…

A week later I broke down and did it.

I don’t know anything about math.  Notice how there’s no math tag on this blog.  All I know is that hot damn, it feels snappy.  I don’t care about the theoretical HPS I can put out compared to my old build.  I only care that I feel completely on top of and in control of my heals.

I then downloaded the woefully non-updated (but still happily working) gcd and I was in business (I like it better than the quartz gcd ticker!).

In case you’re curious, this is my slightly unorthodox build (with glyphs of rapid rejuv, nourish, and swiftmend).  I heal mostly 10’s and get assigned tank healing and raid healing equally.  This build has strong hot talents but sacrifices some utility for more raw power in direct nourish/regrowth healing (I miss living seed and revitalize).

Addon: TellMeWhen

I love the mod TellMeWhen for tracking my healing spells.  I find it less “in your face” than Power Auras.  To me, when Power Auras lights up, it means “your ability is available use it now use it now!”  Unfortunately TellMeWhen was last updated in May, and kept causing me lua errors.  Which I ignore, but I’m sure they’re bad… right?

Due to my obscenely large blog reading list (which I haven’t figured out how to post on this page… yet), I found the TellMeWhen Fan Update!  It doesn’t cause the aforementioned yucky lua errors, perhaps because it allows you to show different bars depending on which of your dual specs you’re using.  Hawt.

Hello world!

Hee hee, my first post.  I’ll just leave the default heading.  Works for now.

Crankyhealer (that’s me) plays 3 healers: An awesome druid, a slightly less awesome discipline priest (until I can be a gnome, that is), and a semi-retired shaman.  Currently the druid is my main, but all of them have been my main at some point.

In real life: Married, 1 twigling who is 2 (“nooooooo”) and has a spidey-sense of when mommy is trying to raid.

Husband is the GM of our guild, which he inherited by some strange twist of fate.  He is a gnome mage and obsessed with all things gnome and is author of such infamous guild songs as “Gnomes aren’t so strange” (Home on the range) and “Frost resist oh frost resist” (Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree).  I’m the recruiting officer of our guild, mostly due to my inability to lead raids (healer tunnelvision!).

I read a huge blogroll – and I post all sorts of resources on our guild website.  And having a huge blogroll and starting to leave comments made me want to have my own blog.  Of course.

Now to format, though I know from my own RSS thingys that none of the formatting comes through in the feed.  It’s the thought that counts.

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