By Popular Demand: Tracking Lifebloom (with GridStatusHots)


Time to talk about lifebloom tracking!  There are many ways to do it, depending on what your preferences are. Today we will talk about numbers, boxes, and icons.

With Numbers or Boxes – GridStatusHots

Download GridStatusHots

Configure your GridStatusHots Lifebloom […]

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Tracking Prayer of Mending in Grid Redux


This Guide Supersedes the Previous Guide.

Ok class, today we are going to learn about tracking Mending Frisbee using NUMBERS. If you want to use boxes, that’s cool too.

Shopping List What It Will Look […]

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Tracking Power Word: Shield and Weakened Soul in Grid Redux

Configuring Power Word: Shield

Since I published the last guide on this issue, one plugin has been abandoned while another stepped up to bat.  So, let’s try this for 4.0!

Today we are going to learn about tracking PW: Shield (and Weakened Soul) […]

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Grid for Priests: Tracking PW:Shield & WS with Numerical Countdowns

Please note that this guide is OUT OF DATE with patch 4.0.  CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED VERSION.

NOTE: If GridStatusPWSHield is not working with your version of Grid, Check HERE for a fix.

Ok class, today we are going […]

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